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TODD: If you live in a fiscally responsible state and you live a fiscally responsible life, this should be a little frustrating to you. This is a continuing series on the shell game, the swindle of something called “federal monies.” This is the greatest shell game that has ever been played in the history of economics.

It dwarfs everything. The federal government and people like Gavin Newsom — who is, of course, mobbed up to the federal government — intend to invent and print and borrow what some people would consider to be “money.” Other people would consider to be symbols on paper or a series of zeros or placeholders within a computer system — in other words, air.

And with that, they intend, in the case of Gavin Newsom, to buy his defense against a recall effort. We talked about this yesterday or the day before, that Gavin Newsom in California wants to give people earning, I think, less than $75,000 a year — plus undocumented families — monies just because of the covid. On a nationwide basis, there is an effort to take monies from responsible states and to put them into the retirement coffers of not just irresponsible…

But criminally irresponsible pension managers in blue states where you have people — and you’ve retired municipal workers pulling in $350,000 a year for the hard work of not working. The problem is the taxpayers are on the hook for that. We promised to give that to them, and I guess we must be true to our word, although (laughs) the government has no problem coming to us and saying, “M’yeah.

“We know we promised that whole freedom thing and freedom of religion and freedom of the press and all that. But come on, man! We can’t keep all our promises.” The swindle of the federal dollars works like this. We’re so used to hearing on our local news (impression), “Local officials say the surplus of federal dollars will be helped to ease the impact caused by the pandemic.”

By which they mean, the impact caused by the medically useless, deadly, politically advantageous lockdown of churches, school children, children, and very small businesses. Not Big Business. Come on, man! So you’ll hear news stories like this saying, “Local officials say federal dollars will help make up the deficit.” No. No. One dollar from the state is sucked up and it goes to back to Washington, D.C.

Let’s follow that dollar off the top of my head. People get paid money to suck that dollar up. They have a pension based upon that dollar. They have vacation time based upon that dollar. Then there are people who are paid to count that dollar and the other dollars. They have pensions and vacations. Then there are people who are paid to put those dollars into accounts and then to steer those dollars back to the states, the many states.

But not before they get paid! So to make up the difference, they turn around and borrow once again — almost a theme of the show — being dependent upon countries that don’t mean us well (or at least the governments thereof don’t), the Chinese Communist Party and other parties that don’t have our best interests at heart. We borrow from them to make up that difference.

So then that dollar comes back to the state, and let’s say it looks like $1.13. “Oh, it’s a surplus!” No, it’s a shell game, because the $1.13 has attached to it rules and diktats invented by the people behind Joe Biden’s dementia. And yet it’s the blue states that are going to be bailed out with all of this. But it’s completely normal! This isn’t the sign of any form of structural economic concern whatsoever that we’re teetering on a $200 trillion deficit.

Not to mention this. I love this. If you’re an accountant or a business owner who’s had to deal with accountants or a tax lawyer, just know this: The United States, when I say $200 trillion in debt, I’m talking about the actual debt, the unfunded liabilities! Those are the books you keep in the back room. Those aren’t the books you show the accountants. This is mob stuff, guys.

“Hey, Tony, the IRS is comin’. We show ’em the good books or the bad books?”

“Show ’em the public books!”

“What are you, weird?”

But it’s normal. Now, I could make this all complicated. Or I could just say this. Listen here to Rush Limbaugh describe precisely what the left would do under cover of covid.

RUSH: These blue state governors are keeping their states shut down, and they’re demanding that the red states that are going back to work pay for them, red state governors like Kemp in Georgia and elsewhere who are opening up — Florida, DeSantis — trying to get businesses back up and running, restaurants, you name it.

These blue state guys are sitting around keeping themselves locked down crying, “It’s so unfortunate, we’re in such bad shape.” And they’re demanding that the federal government, which means tax revenue from you, be used to prop them up and support them.

You know what I would do? If I lived in California, if I lived in the state of Washington, if I lived in New York, if I lived in Massachusetts, you know what I would tell these stupid, idiotic governors? I would say no property tax if I can’t work. No tax of any kind if I can’t work. If you’re gonna prevent me from working, I’m not gonna pay you a dime in taxes. How can I?

But they’re gonna be out there demanding taxes, collecting taxes, property taxes, while preventing their own citizens from working. Gavin Newsom — California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Colorado, and our legislative leaders, meaning in California, have joined together to ask the federal government for $1 trillion to protect our schools, our public health and public safety services. Without federal support, says Governor Newsom, states will be forced to make impossible decisions. These are blue states. They’ve been mismanaged. They have been run by a bunch of incompetents.

They can’t print money. They’re out of it, and they’re looking at this arrival of the virus as an opportunity. It’s no wonder they want to crash. They figure that’s the only way that they’re gonna ever be able to find any hope of being made whole, coming up with money to fund their pension obligations and all that is gigantic federal bailouts.

In case you’re just joining us. Governor Newsom of California has demanded — requested — essentially a trillion-dollar bailout.

He has said without federal support, California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Colorado will be forced to make impossible decisions. They can’t survive. We can’t survive, he’s saying, without a trillion dollars of federal money to protect our schools, our public health, and our public safety services. Now, what’s obviously going on here is these states…

As blue states with Democrats having run these states for who knows how many years, they’re in horrible fiscal and financial shape. They have unfunded pension liabilities that they’ll never be able to pay. They have spent money buying votes, buying welfare. They’ve just spent money that they never, ever were gonna see generated by economic activity and taxes.

They see the arrival of the virus as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have their states crash with the virus taking the blame for it happening, instead of them and their predecessors and their policies being the reason these states crash. So that’s why they want the economic slowdown to keep on. That’s why these blue state governors are gonna keep their economies locked down and shut down.

They know their states… This is gonna happen to them at some point. They want the virus getting blamed, so that they will get a federal bailout, or at least have an easier shot at it. So let me tell you what I think, since you’re right; I didn’t close the loop on this. If the — and look, I know this is easy for me to say, ’cause I don’t live in one of these states.

I don’t live in California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Colorado, and many of you do. But if these people, these governors of the Democrat Party are allowed to crash their states’ economies in pursuit of a federal bailout and if they get that bailout, they are not going to change at all. They’re gonna keep coming back for bailouts.

They’re gonna keep running their states into ground. They’re not gonna learn a single thing about it.

TODD: And they have. And just for fun fact, in case you don’t know, Washington states at this point that Rush just mentioned, the so-called governor there, Jay Inslee, has literally no plan to open. He’s too busy seizing control of churches by edict. Pretty remarkable.

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