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TODD: John Kerry, in more testimony — this with the House Foreign Affairs Committee — denied that he is giving Iran’s foreign minister information about covert Israeli operations in Syria. Now, surely John Kerry who was breaking the law –engaged in diplomacy when he was not, in fact, a government official — telling Iran and the world, “Ignore Donald Trump!

“We’re gonna do everything but, you know, mess with votes to get him out of there.” So this question from Representative Scott Perry, a Republican from Pennsylvania, to John Kerry. “Did you provide information to Mr. Zarif on Israeli operations against the Iranian-backed terrorists during or following your tenure as secretary of state?”

KERRY: On no occasion. Never.

PERRY: “Never.” So Mr. Zarif is a liar?

KERRY: Mr. Zarif may be (pause) confused or incorrect or he’s trying to embellish his — his… What I read about that article said that he was portraying himself as out of the loop, and whatever — and quite emotional, apparently, is what I read.


KERRY: And I’ve seen him be quite emotional, and I can’t vouch for why he did or what he said. I’m just telling you that didn’t happen. End of story.

TODD: Wow! Quite emotional. (impression) “In a manner reminiscent of Genghis Khan. … Is this where I get me a hunting license? … I’m not tossing my metals over that fence. Anybody got some metals I can borrow? Climate change is a catastrophe in waiting for the world; that’s why I flew on a on a private jet to accept an award.

“Now next time I flew, I flew on a commercial jet, but I took my woke mask off.” Yeah, he’s a believable guy, that John Kerry. The Maha did this or March 27, 2015. The Maha loved to take a phrase, rearrange it, and own it. Often he did this to prove a point in just one or two words. Here, Rush explains the fraud of Obama and Iran using just such a technique.

RUSH: Barack Hussein O came into office claiming and promising to transform the United States of America, and he had said on many occasions he wanted to do it in a Reaganesque way. Not as Reagan did, but he wanted to be as effective as Reagan. One of the reasons the left hates Reagan is because of his effectiveness. Reagan did — for the eight years he was in office and many subsequent years — truly transform this country. And he did it with conservatism.

Now, the left hates that, but they nevertheless marveled at Reagan’s ability to do it. Obama’s made no bones about the fact that he hated what Reagan did, what Reagan stood for, but he marveled at Reagan’s ability to do it. And we are witnessing every day the transformation of this country. Be it Obamacare, be it the labor force participation rate of 92 million Americans not working but still eating.

Be it open borders and a welcome mat to anybody who wants to come into the country and make them instantly citizens, no concern for assimilation because — as part of the transformation of America that Obama envisions — we must dilute what is known as the American culture. Now, previous decades of immigration were noteworthy because the immigrants that saw entry to the United States wanted to become Americans. They wanted to participate in the land of the free, the home of the brave.

They wanted the freedom that we, as natural born citizens, had. So whether they came from Italy, whether they came from Poland, whether they came from Ireland, wherever they came from, they maintained their origins and their identities. But they became Americans. They learned to speak English. It became their primary language. They did everything they could, because they wanted to become Americans. That’s what’s out the window, among many other things.

Now there is no distinctive American culture, and to the extent that there is, it is being impugned and blamed. American culture is said to be the reason we’re hated around the world, and that’s what Obama is trying to fix. He wants us to be loved and respected and adored. And to do that, we gotta sweep away the old America. Racism, bigotry, sexism, homophobia, all of that! We’ve gotta broom it.

We’ve gotta welcome everybody that wants to come in because virtually everybody denied entry to this country probably has relatives who built it, in Obama’s world. The transformation of the United States is most recently underway in the nuclear negotiations with Iran. To put it in a nutshell, the manifestation of this particular transformation is the conversion of Iran to an ally and Israel away from allied status. I think there’s no other way to look at this, given what we see, given what we learn, given what we read each and every day.

This administration is going out of its way to befriend Iran. This administration’s going out of its away to facilitate the Iranian pursuit and acquisition of nuclear weapons. It is clear that this administration believed that Israel is the only nation in that region with nuclear weapons is a destabilizing agent and one of the reasons why there is so much discord, and it is thought that if the Iranians get a bomb…

“Who are we to say that they can’t have one, anyway? We don’t have that right! That’s not what America’s role in the world is gonna be anymore, as per the Obama transformation.” This is major. This is a huge reversal. To treat Iran, the nation that has long been acknowledged as a state sponsor of terrorism, a worldwide sponsor of terrorism, now is an ally?

TODD: There it is. End of line. This is how he did it, the Maha. Obama wanted to reverse Reagan on Iran: “Trust, but don’t verify.” What are we seeing John Kerry? Trust me (laughing), just don’t verify what I’m saying.

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