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TODD: Well, we were just talking about this guy earlier in the week, this guy who’s paid to pretend to be smart, Matt Yglesias. He’s the guy. (laughing) Rush responded to this. You know, Rush’s love of science. This guy’s a writer and editor, “Slow Boring” blog, he’s been at Vox, et cetera, Matt Yglesias. Listen to this bit of analysis. This is my Matt Yglesias voice. “Ah, the pipeline was — ah — Obama’s Katrina.

“If nobody died in Katrina, then everything was fine after two days of mild anxiety.” Man. Burning it up with some deep thinkin’ there. Do you remember when the media just loved every single time a retired military person had something to say about President Trump? They dove on it. Do you remember…? I cannot recall this guy’s name, and that makes me unbelievably happy.

I am so happy I cannot recall this guy’s name. My friends who served in the military, particularly those who served in combat described him as a paper pusher-type senior leader, just paid to push paper, and he was made to be a great hero ’cause he went to the Hill before they installed the militarized fence, and he “spoke truth to power.”

The behind the scenes people who worked for the guy in the military were saying, “What? You what? That’s a paper pusher!” But he was to be a hero. There are, according to the Epoch Times (which should change its name on radio to “e-poch” cause that’s how it’s spelled), “120 Retired U.S. Military Officers Warn of Conflict Between Marxism, ‘Constitutional Freedom,'” and among them are retired generals.

Conservative media will report this, and it kinda goes back to what we just talked about in the last segment. The mockingbird media is in on this trip of, they’ll treat some things, one way; another, quite the other — and it’s not just bias, it’s participation. It’s not just bias, it’s collusion. People are going to get to a point where they can’t trust anything and it all falls apart, and the media is pushing them in that direction.

Right? This is a dangerous thing that we have going on when now you have retired military saying (paraphrased), “We are about to fall into the grip of Marxism under Joe Biden’s dementia and whoever is, in fact, running things in D.C.,” because none of believe it’s Joe Biden. And here’s Rush himself, right? Despite all the efforts…

Despite all the things that Obama tried to turn the military into, into a Foreign Service organization, foreign aid or philanthropy, Joe Biden’s dementia is attempting to turn them into a social justice organization. In some degrees, he’s winning by hiring as generals — or rather, promoting as generals — people who will buy that nonsense, the social justice nonsense. Here’s the Maha himself reminding us of what the purpose of the military actually is.

RUSH: The president of the United States is the number one law enforcer. He is the number one defender and protector of the country, its people, it’s Constitution. And we just don’t see… By virtue of behavior and policies implemented, we just don’t see he recognizes that. Instead, we see a president who seems to believe he leads a country that has committed sin after sin after sin and must now pay a price for that.

What are we to think where we hear our own president say he doesn’t believe in concepts like leadership and victory and winning? What are we supposed to think? We’re not irrational. We hear a president say, I don’t believe in that stuff. That’s old-fashioned. I first heard him say it about Afghanistan in 2009 when he said (paraphrasing), “I don’t like this concept of victory. When I think of victory, I think of poor Emperor Hirohito being marched to the battleship Missouri, forced to sign surrender papers. That’s not who we are. That’s not American values.”

Is it not?

Long ago I reminded some people of some great works a former friend of mine and late friend, great Marine from Sacramento, California, B. T. Collins. He was a staunch Democrat but hated the anti-war movement, just despised it. And there was something going on at the time I lived in Sacramento, I forget what it was, he was inspired and motivated to write a letter to the editor in opposition to it.

It was about leftists not realizing the purpose of the military and what its objectives were so he spelled it out in a letter to the editor. He said: “The purpose of armies, the purpose of war is to kill people and break things. That’s what war is. You kill people and break things. And you keep going until your opponent surrenders and apologizes to you.

“And if you’re not committed to take it to that end, you don’t start it. And if you don’t understand the purpose of armies is to kill people and break things, then you don’t have one and you don’t use it. Because if you have an army and you send it to war and it starts killing people and breaking things and then you get upset and start pulling it back, you are irresponsible.”

And I think we’ve reached a point time in American cultural evolution here, as evidenced by what we see on campus after campus after campus, there’s the rampant ignorance of the purpose of war, the purpose of the military, the purpose of armies and how you define success in military involvement. You tell your average scared college child today that the purpose of armies is to kill people and break things and they’ll ask for the nearest phone book or phone booth if they could find one to go hide.

Well, we don’t have a leader who accepts the idea that the purpose of armies is to kill people and break things and to eventually win to the point where the other side surrenders and apologizes for what they did to start the whole thing. Because our president seems to think we’re responsible for starting these things, that we’re responsible for the existence of all of this anti-American evil out there because of our past transgressions as an unjust and illegitimately founded whatever we are, country.

So our president talks about not wanting to lead and not wanting to sloganeer and use terms like “leadership” and “winning” because that misses the point, that’s not what we’re all about, and we see that combined with other policies the president’s implemented, and I’m here to tell you being cared is the only common-sensical reaction. And wanting to do something in opposition to it, stop it and fix it and reverse it is also quite natural.

So the opposition to the illegal immigrants is nothing about Mexicans. The illegal refugees is nothing about bias against Syrians or ethnic bias, racist bias. It’s about love of country and a recognition that we are at risk in a dangerous world, and it doesn’t seem like we have a leadership too interested in defending us against what we see are not maybe possible threats, but they are real, they are happening, they’ve even happened on our own soil.

TODD: And you take the purpose of armies. Who knows the purpose of armies? China is doing a worldwide effort to make men more manly, literally, like having him go out and get naked, rolling in snow and combat contests and teaching them the arts. Well, in this country, we are doing everything we can to turn…

Well, men into women (if you think you can do that), and turn our military upside down into a literal social justice enterprise at the same time as we’re buying windmills made in Communist China under the tutelage of the Chinese Communist Party — and those are made by prison camp slaves! And Rush was always paying rapt attention to that details like that, like in this article about the actual job of an army.

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