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TODD: Imagine that you’re a rancher in Quemado, Texas, and you decide to walk your property to go make sure your property is secure, being cared for; there’s no problems in your fence line, et cetera. And you come across, on your property, a baby — naked and crawling in the dirt.

A total of seven children under the age of 7 are crying on your property, left there probably by coyotes, human traffickers. All of this, all of this is to gain political advantage for the left. Bodies equal power. Gavin Newsom knows this. Jay Inslee knows this. The so-called governor of Oregon, Kate Brown, they all know this.

Bodies have dollar heads attached to them. They have congressional votes attached to them. They have walking around monies attached to them. That’s why this is there. And, of course, the Democrats intend to turn them into voters. Today, Ted Cruz… I think it was yesterday. Ted Cruz offered an amendment to their automatic voter registration scheme.

Hey, let’s just make people prove they’re American citizens. Nah! Nah! We don’t want to do that. This is what the plan is. It’s economic. It’s votes. And who hurts? Little babies crawling in the dirt. By the way, you seen little babies crawling in the dirt in the drug camps of Los Angeles and those cities as well, left in the same lack of regard for their lives.

So how can Joe Biden’s dementia possibly allow all of this? Let’s hear from the Maha on what the Democrats and the party value above all things.

RUSH: Politics is its own business, and saying we gotta get the politics out of it something? Democrats have convinced a lot of people that they are not political. This is the thing that… I realized this I don’t know how long ago, but it’s a very long time ago. When I hear young people or anybody, say, “You know, I wish they’d stop arguing.

“I don’t want to hear about politics,” they have no idea how much of their world is politicized. They have no idea how much political influence is being used on them. Yet they believe that they aren’t involved in politics, that they’re apolitical, and that the only people who are “political” are the Republicans. “The Democrats’ motives are pure, they’re just trying to help people, but it’s the Republicans are always trying to stop them!

“They’re always arguing. The Republicans are never cooperating, never getting along.” For example, they don’t see global warming as a political thing; they see it as “science” and just trying to save the planet. And since they hate politics, they hate anybody who stands in the way of doing good things in the era of science. It’s been a frustrating thing to me to encounter it so much, because the key to having everybody understand who the Democrats are is to get them to be able to see just how political they are and what their politics is.

Politics is about winning and losing, like everything else in life. You know, you compromise with a family member. Maybe you have to have to compromise with the boss or whatever. But politics, it’s about defeating. The things that you stand for in politics are core, principled beliefs, and you don’t compromise those.

You try to beat back the things trying to destroy what you believe in. Politics is not about compromise. See, that’s another thing. The left has really succeeded in convincing all these low-information people that all politics is is compromise. “The Democrats, Obama just want to compromise, but, damn it, these Republicans just gotta stop the hatin’! They just gotta stop the hatin’!” They’re the architects of it.

TODD: No one really in America believes that you walk past little babies crying in the dirt, and yet I’ve 10 it in Seattle and drug camps where cops have come upon, I’m saying, little babies as everyone around them is collapsed, you know, on heroin or whatever it is they’re collapsed on. They get walked past all the time.

This is not a good treatment of the least of these, and I believe there will be judgment. Joe Biden’s dementia and the party are assuring, they are putting out the very economic mechanisms and messages that say, “You must push little kids onto the landed of a farmer,” or rancher, I should say, Texas. Sorry to say farmer. I understand that.

It can be an offensive phrase to ranchers and likewise to farmers. The cruelty is on the part of the people who endorse the cruelty, who invite the cruelty. It’s a known dynamic that will exist until we sometime or other get this idea that, “Hey, maybe if there were only these things called fences and laws and people who will enforce them.”

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