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TODD: You know the two-tier justice system? This is a play right now in New York. A New York judge has dismissed the NRA’s bankruptcy case, meaning that they want the NRA to be stuck there forever. Rush talked about this case last year, and he asked us a question about Antifa and Black Lives Matter, Inc., whether those two domestic terror groups make the case for a strong NRA.

RUSH: This New York state attorney general, what’s her name? Letitia James. So she’s been hyping this press conference all day today, at 11:30, but she didn’t tell anybody what it was gonna be about. So at 11:30 the thing starts, the Drive-Bys the whole morning are thinking that this is it. How many times have they thought this? This is it. Today we nail Trump. This is it. Today we find out Trump’s been lying about his financials. This is where we find out that Trump is a criminal. This where we find out this, that, and the other thing. So she starts her press conference, you know what it is? Just listen. You want to talk about a Drive-By Media letdown. Try this.

JAMES: They used millions upon millions of dollars from the NRA for personal use, including for lavish trips for themselves and their families, private jets, expensive meals and other private travel. Wayne LaPierre, Woody Phillips, Joshua Powell and John Frazier instituted a culture of self-dealing, mismanagement and negligent oversight at the NRA that was illegal, oppressive and fraudulent.

RUSH: That’s right. With gun sales at a record, gun sales are a record high right now, and it makes perfectly understandable sense with all the rioting and lawlessness and the Democrats talking about defunding the police, here comes Letitia James announcing a lawsuit against the NRA in New York state. When’s the last time you heard anybody talk about the NRA, even the Democrats? It’s not on their radar. The Second Amendment’s always there but they got some distractions in their way.

This was a huge letdown for the Drive-By Media.

They were convinced that she was gonna announce some case against Trump. I think as usual we’re being played, we’re being manipulated by the Democrats and their friends, their buddies in media. So I think this going after the NRA has something other than going after the NRA to it. They’re serious, I mean the babe is serious about going after the NRA ’cause they hate the NRA, but it’s not gonna stop people from buying guns.

But the bottom line is they didn’t go after Trump, did they? She let everybody think that’s what was gonna be announced, and not a word was said about it. By the way, wouldn’t you say that Antifa, the rioters, Black Lives Matter, are they not making a case for the NRA? Why do you think people are arming up? Why do you think people are buying guns left and right? Democrats want to defund the cops, and people believe they mean it.

Democrats, you’d better figure something out fast. You start talking about this nonsense, you know, you think you’re just playing to your Twitter base, but Twitter is not America. Twitter is not even close to being America in terms of majority. And you think a majority of Americans want to get rid of the cops? How does that jibe with people going out and buying guns left and right and right? We got more people buying guns for the first time than ever before in this country.

TODD: Hence, it’s going to continue, because the destabilization of America continues.

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