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KEN: One of the biggest lies is the climate hoax, and why I say that is, ever since the climate fear, the climate terror — which, technically, you could say started in the seventies, and then it just got punched up in the nineties and, et cetera — every decade, pieces of it fall apart. Yet every decade the news media embraces it because that’s what they’re told to do by the left.

Because the further you embrace it, the further it becomes part of the culture, even if it’s wrong. That’s my biggest bone to pick with most people in the news media and most people in academia. If you would just say, “Aw, we were wrong. We corrected that. There’s a new textbook next year.” But you don’t. You will cling to that stupid hockey stick graph. You will cling…

You will cling to every false premise and fallacy right up to corrupt scientists and paid-off researchers and rigged results from climate change testing and beyond. The history of global warming is not universally agreed upon. There’s a professor, Dr. Steven Koonin, and he’s at NYU. He was the undersecretary for science in the U.S. Department of Energy under the Obamassiah.

You may remember him. President Obama. He has a new book called Unsettled, and it’s about climate debate. Now, I know that bringing up the D-word probably triggered a lot of leftists, ’cause I know the debate is not permitted even near you or on your platforms. But when you do the research — and the research isn’t playing, you know, an old DVD of Bill Nye the Science Guy.

When you do the research, you’ll see that heatwaves in the U.S. are now no more common than they were in 1900. The warmest temperatures in the United States have not risen in the past 50 years. Do you see how that totally blows up scaring your children at school, scaring your grandparents? Scare, scare, scare. Greenland’s ice sheet isn’t shrinking more rapidly.

It’s no different than it was 80 years ago. So they say something’s gonna happen. It doesn’t happen. The news media never called them on it. “An ice age, a heat warming! The oceans are gone. New York’s gonna be underwater, the temperatures will be this! There will be no food left. The population’s gonna overtake the earth by 2000. We’re all gonna die!”

Remember some of those in they were run by major magazines. They were on the front page. They’re on cover the major magazines. So they make the mistake, and then all the people with common sense — which is most Americans and legitimate scientists and researchers — go, “Wait. It didn’t even happen. You know that didn’t even happen. Algore is just a windbag worth a billion bucks.”

And there’s more than one of those, by the way. That never even happened. But they never say that. You don’t see people coming out; saying, “Algore was wrong. Uh, this global warming chart was wrong! This movie was incorrect.” You’ll find all of it still in the schools, and so part of me gives the left credit ’cause you guys will keep a lie alive until it sucks the life out of everybody.

You will keep it going, and that’s what they’ve done, and yet book after book after study after study, high-profile people with credentials have come out and said, “You do realize they’ve been playing us with this?” “The net economic impact of human-induced climate change will be minimal through at least the year 2100.” So I think we need to teach the third graders to be terrified.

Do you see the absurdity here? Every major prediction made by Algore and the IPCC, the United Nations, never happened. Never happened. But they’ve been jerking us around for how many decades? It started in the seventies. “You know, if you don’t do this to your car, we’re all gonna die. If you don’t do this with carbon, we’re all gonna die.” Rush speculated on just that point a couple years ago.

RUSH: The United Nations estimates the economic impact of climate change will reduce the economy by 10% in 80 years. They don’t know this! The economic impact of something in 80 years? Come on, folks! This is just clearly outside the realm of human ability and human knowledge.

Look. There are two kinds of climate change. There’s the kind of climate change that happens and it’s happening all the time. It’s never stopped happening. And then there’s another kind, and that’s man-made, and that doesn’t exist. “Rush, I can take a flamethrower out there and melt a snowman.” Yeah, but you’re not changing the climate, you’re just melting a snowman. “Yeah, but if that flamethrower is exemplified by all the people in the country turning on their -” doesn’t matter. Can’t do it.

Because you people, whether you know it or not, you’re talking about the weather. The climate people love to tell you that the climate and weather are two different things, and yet they’re the ones that use weather abnormalities to sell climate change. We have no control over the weather.

The United Nations doesn’t have the slightest idea what the world economy is gonna be in 80 years. If they have anything to say about it, they’re gonna destroy the world economy in 80 years because they’re a bunch of communists. Now, I may be speaking in expansive generalities here, but I’m not wrong about the impact of communism on things. It kills!

Communism kills economies, it kills people, it kills incentive. It is designed to do that. Communism is designed to make an entire population powerless to resist its rulers! Communist leaders love communism because it creates a harmless and incapable population. It takes everything away from them. It takes economic strength. It takes guns. It takes standard of living. It takes life expectancy.

Communist leaders love communism because communist countries cannot resist it. They cannot overpower it. They cannot conduct revolutions against it. All they can do is leave, which is why communist countries build walls around their countries and cities to keep people in. The idea the United Nations can come along and predict what the economy’s gonna be in 80 years because of some mythical prediction of what’s gonna happen to the Earth because of climate change, to me, is just ridiculous.

KEN: And there’s another book out. I want to tell you about it. I love books that are current and well researched, and here’s one of ’em, and if you follow the climate controversy — and Rush covered so much there, and I can’t help but wonder… I used to say this all the time, even years ago. Someone needs to take a clip or audio bite of that like Rush Limbaugh and take it into a freshman college class and play it and then debate it, and either prove or disprove it.

Do you know that never happens ’cause that wouldn’t be permitted? But what is permitted — and I know this. They’ll play An Inconvenient Truth starring Algore as part of an assignment for high schoolers. It’s a lie. The chart was a lie. The graphs are a lie. The experts were compromised. Some of them weren’t even experts.

It’s like that lie, 99% of blah, blah, blah, believe this. Here’s a book I’m about a third of the way through now. It’s called Green Fraud: Why the Green New Deal Is Even Worse Than You Think. It’s by Marc Morano, the best-selling author of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change, which I think is a brilliant reference guide, and a brilliant man has written forward for this book.

His name is Mark Steyn. Perhaps you’ve heard of him. And it is good. And, you know, Mark has also… He’s authored books too. He’s another expert on the BS of the climate hoax. But everything Rush said is exactly what is part of almost every leftist philosophy. It’s not designed to empower you. It’s designed to take away your control and your freedom. Whether it’s about health, whether it’s about the economy, whether it’s about the environment, whatever it is, you come out of it weaker, less money… Well, unless you’re Algore, less money, less control, and less freedom. That’s the danger of communism.

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