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KEN: So a moment ago we were talking about Liz Cheney, and like so many Republicans, she has mastered the ability to put Liz Cheney first and that’s not what We the People want. And I mentioned last hour, the biggest threat — it has been and it continues to be — are Republicans that pretend to support us and then stab us in the back, figuratively speaking.

The biggest mistake the Republican Party is making — and I know some of you pay close attention to Frank Luntz’s work. “Luntz’s work.” It’s funny ’cause that’s a mistake. But the biggest mistake so many of these people make is they get wrapped up in focus groups and opinion polls, and they’re always checking the wind — and the more you do that as a Republican, the less support you’ll get from We the People.

See, it’s about We the People. The mistake that the Liz Cheneys and the Chris Christies and Mitt Romney… I don’t even like saying his name. The mistake they make is they believe that they can just beat on Trump, and pathologically lie about Trump, and partake in the farce of an impeachment (the second impeachment, that was BS) and We the People aren’t gonna notice, but here’s the message that — and I believe this is what pollsters are missing.

And I bring up Frank Luntz ’cause I know he’s friends with McCartney — McCarthy, excuse me, Kevin McCarthy — and I know there’s the big “battle” now. The kabuki theater of “Republican leaders Cheney and McCarthy reaching boiling point,” according to NBC. I don’t believe a word of it. I do not believe a word of it. I think that… I think deep state, big party politics — Big Media, big corporate, social media — you’re all on the same page.

And here’s that page. I don’t care what I and the rest of what We the People have to say, and you’re dumb enough to believe that you could keep trying to railroad people and attack people — for example, Trump — and that doesn’t affect us. That was the biggest disconnect that happened with Republicans. They thought because President Trump rattled their cages and responded to the people so efficiently, that they can just slap ’em down.

But they’re not realizing, the more you go after Trump the more you’re dumping on the American people — and it’s amazing. And I think one of the reasons this happens is because so many of these people are so loaded. I don’t mean drunk. That’s a conversation for another day. I mean tons of dough. I think people like Mitt Romney — and I’ll throw Pat Toomey in there, Senator Pat Toomey from my state, Pennsylvania.

I think these people believe that. So who cares what the people think? There’s only 300-and-some million of ’em, and more than 75 million voted for Trump. “Like I care. I’m rich,” and that’s gonna catch up with you, and if it hasn’t caught up with you this week, it’s catching up with you politically. Now, as far as Liz Cheney goes, remember when she was a Trump supporter?

I’ll tell you when she was a Trump supporter: When it was in vogue to be a Trump supporter, when a whole bunch of Republicans were like, “Oh, my God, I made fun of Trump!” He captured the imagination of the American people. He’s making promises. This is as we approach the election; he’s resonating with millions of Americans from all different spectrums.

“Well, I better start kissing Trump’s butt, ’cause I’m gonna have to ride his coattails in,” and, wow, have you seen the down ballots from 2020? Did you see the people that rode into power pretending to be a Trumpster or, as someone put it — I just read an article; forgive me, I forget the author — being a TINO, a Trumpster In Name Only?

So people are either being RINOs or TINOs or some other things. We’re working on other acronyms as we speak. But pay no attention to this distracting theater. Well, I gotta tell you McCarthy’s really going after Cheney. Yeah, you’re late on that. You’re really late on that. Every single Republican who voted for impeachment for President Donald J. Trump should be, figuratively speaking, politically nonexistent.

You have to be very careful, ’cause I’m a conservative. So everything I say, I don’t get the benefit of free speech or a literal translation or anything. So if you voted for impeachment, I hope you realize how nonexistent you are to most Americans and how fleeting your power is, because we the people hold the power.

Now, we don’t hold all of it yet, but we hold enough of it. So this gamesmanship, you’re gonna remove Cheney from a chair, the Republican conference chair? Who cares? Nobody cares. No one should vote for that woman ever again. Let’s go back when we were getting a different set of propaganda talking points from Liz Cheney. Here’s Rush.

RUSH: Liz, somebody was asking me yesterday, “If Trump loses, what is going to become of the Republican Party?” You come from a family that could be said to be founders of the modern Republican Party. What do you think about what all’s going on these days with the party?

CHENEY: Rush —

RUSH: Just take it and run with it.

CHENEY: Thank you very much, Rush. I think that we’re always gonna be in a position as Republicans and as conservatives where we gotta be willing to stand up for our conservative values. And certainly, you know, at the top of that list is a strong national defense, the importance of a United States military that is superior to all others in the world. The extent to which, you know, this president has absolutely abandoned our allies.

We’ve got this huge threat growing out there in terms of radical Islamic terrorism and a military that he’s absolutely gutted. So our capabilities are decreasing almost as fast as our enemies are increasing. So it’s a very dangerous situation, and, you know, as Americans we’ve gotta make sure that we begin to rebuild and get our military the resources they need to defend us.

RUSH: We’re talking with Liz Cheney, who is on the phone with us today from Wyoming. There are interesting little… It’s a Bloomberg poll today that the Washington Post has referenced, and it’s got them very, very worried. In the poll, Trump is losing by the usual eight or nine points just like I think in the new NBC poll that just came out. I think Hillary’s up by nine in that poll, but they found a question here that really worries them at the Post. They presented two versions of America.

One, a country at risk in a dangerous world that’s in decline and no seeming leadership to get us out. The other, a vision of America that’s robust, an economic recovery that’s hunky-dory. In the Hillary Clinton version, everything’s great. Obama’s again great; we’re only gonna get better. Fifty-six percent of the people in this poll sided with the version of America that we’re not going in the right direction, we’re in a state of decline, and something needs to happen.

And the writer of the story said that, if Trump wins this, this poll question could be what it all the ends up being about. Well, now, you’re running for office. You’ve gotta get votes for people. You hear in the Drive-By Media that Trump’s got people like you down ballot all worried that his drag on the ticket and is gonna take people like you down with him. Is that a factor as a run?

CHENEY: Rush, in Wyoming there’s no question for us that Hillary Clinton would be devastating — and far, far worse than Donald Trump. We’ve gotta unify behind him and make sure Hillary Clinton’s not elected. I mean, she is a felon. She absolutely — I mean, as you’ve covered better than anybody else — clearly violated the law with respect to her personal server and her lack of willingness to take care of the national security information of the nation.

What’s been going on with the Clinton Foundation is absolutely crooked and corrupt. You know, she is a woman who has a long history of not abiding by the law and of getting away with it. There is just a level of slime and sleaze associated with the Clinton family, and we know in Wyoming we’ve gotta do everything possible to make sure they never get anywhere near the Oval Office.

KEN: Well, thank you so much, Liz Cheney for the 2016 talking points which helped you get elected. Look, she opened up her interview with Rush sounding just like her dad, Dick Cheney, “Conservatives are not warmongers,” and I’m just tired of that talk, that warmonger talk, and then the way so many GOP people went after President Trump, and every single time Republicans, RINOs in particular… Every time. Go back and check history.

Every time they had a real majority, like the one under President Trump initially — every time they had the power, the juice, the cabinet positions, and the leadership to actually go after the Clintons or John Kerry or Barack Obama or Joe Biden and I can go on — they didn’t do it because it’s all talk, and We the People are done with it. It’s just been talky talky talky.

That’s what it’s been. Every time you had a chance to step in, “Oh, yeah, Hillary’s a felon.” Well, then why hasn’t she been convicted? “Oh, yeah, they framed us. The whole Mueller thing was a scam.” Then why wasn’t it cracked open and people were put in jail? Because Republicans are no different than Democrats at the party leadership level.

You’re all on the same page. That’s what happened in 2010. That’s the great awakening. An outsider came in and looked at both of you and said, “What the heck are you people doing here other than getting rich?” That’s the truth. So there’s my feelings on Liz Cheney. I know I was very subtle, like so many conservative hosts are. I was just kind of… It’s hard to see how I feel about Liz.

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