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KEN: It’s Baracka Claus. Who else but Rush would have the guts to call Barack Obama Santa Claus and put it to music? The EIB Network. It’s just one of the many bonuses. And, you know, my dad told me — and I tell my sons — anything that the government gives you, it’s either recycled from tax money that you paid or tax money that your neighbor paid. That’s what you’re getting back from the government. So when you hear…

I hate those terms, “Government giveaway” or “free school.” Or, no, no, no, the government pays for all of this. No, no, no. Your neighbors do. And we’ve been taught by the left, we’ve been taught by Marxists — ’cause Marxists hate the wealthy, unless it’s them. So that’s why a John Kerry or a Barack Obama hate wealthy people that disagree with them.

They don’t hate wealthy liberals. You think they hate George Soros? No. But this is generation after generation. Just a little tweaking of the message, a little tweaking of we’re just gonna manipulate the definition of capitalism and this, that, and the other thing. So when Biden pitches $6 trillion in stuff last week, in gifts and we’re gonna give this free stuff, free day care, free this…

Everybody gets a hat with a propeller on it, everybody gets a jet pack for free, everybody gets to go to the Moon. The Club for Growth pegs this as a $123 trillion national debt. And all that stuff, all that fakery from Mr. Biden goes on their tab. You cannot spend your way to prosperity. This is a lesson we all learn from history.

Here’s Rush.


RUSH: There are a number of — well, a handful, four or five Republican elected officials who are — they heard me the other day say that as a political strategy, asking Democrats how they’re gonna pay for all this, I said I don’t think that’s gonna work anymore. Not as a means of persuasion. I don’t think it’s gonna make people not support what the Democrats are saying, the idea of having to pay for it.

And the reason is ’cause I’m not sure how well it’s ever worked, to tell you the truth. But especially now with as much debt, national debt, the annual budget deficit, I mean, it is clear that we don’t have any money, and yet we’re spending money like there’s no end to it. There’s no fiscal discipline anywhere in our national life. There isn’t any.

Certain people are not being given everything they want, but when it comes to overall expenditure, the government’s not cutting back on anything. We’re not acknowledging we have a deficit. We’re not acknowledging we have a national debt. Look at Obama. The first thing he does after being elected and inaugurated is come up with this magic almost $1 trillion stimulus. And nobody opposed it because we didn’t have the money.

Well, the Tea Party did, and they came to life, but Obama didn’t lose anybody that voted for him because of that. My point is, as a means of persuasion, demanding to know how the Democrats are gonna pay for it, it’s a logical question to ask, and economically it makes all the sense in the world. I’m simply talking about as a means of persuading people to oppose or question the Democrat agenda, how to pay for it, I don’t know that it works.

I’d love to be wrong about this. I think there are other ways of demonstrating we don’t have the money, what that means, because clearly not having the money is not stopping these proposals. If we don’t have the money, what is free health care for everybody? If we don’t have the money, what is free education for everybody?

If we don’t have the money, what is free health care for all illegal immigrants? If we don’t have the money, why is anybody proposing it? If we didn’t have the money, the Democrats wouldn’t be proposing it. They’re proposing this because it doesn’t matter whether we have the money, they’re gonna spend it anyway. Or they’re gonna make people think they’re gonna spend it.

They’re gonna make people think they’re Santa Claus. The fact that we don’t have the money is not going to stop Democrat voters from voting Democrat. But the results of not having any money, the manifestations of not having any money, we cannot provide health care for all, same quality, on demand. We simply can’t. Look at the lines that would result. Look at the people that wouldn’t be treated.

There would be subpar treatment. There would be unequal treatment. Some people wouldn’t be treated at all. It isn’t possible to do what they’re suggesting. Same thing with free education. The people that teach are gonna have get paid. Nothing is free. And yet they tout it as free, and they get votes because people believe that it’s not gonna cost them anything. So who it costs and how that affects people not paying for it is what our focus should be.

KEN: You know, that is so on point. And it’s the equivalent — and I told my sons this — it’s the equivalent of Joe Biden is gonna give you a credit card that someone else applied for and will pay. That’s all it is. That’s all it is. And Joe Biden and the left, they’ve been doing this for decades. They do this with every group they want to woo because their ideologies are so weak. So the big thing now is what?

More immigrants are allowed into the country, more refugees. I think it’s four times what it was just a few months ago. You know what’s going on at the border, and they’re all getting an opportunity to get benefits from you and me. They’re given all these different cards. And, see, you thought that the Democrats were just handing out the race card. No, no. No. They’re handing out credit cards, and then you and I get to make the payments on it.

It’s wonderful, and then they get the benefit of those people voting for them.

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