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KEN: Let’s go to Richard in Texas. Richard, you’re on the EIB Network.

CALLER: Hey, I just want to say I want to thank y’all very much, ’cause every time you put Rush on the radio, I forget he’s gone. I love him so much. I’ve been listening for a long time. I saw him on November 5th, 2011, and something Obama said that he didn’t know Obama said. So he sent me an iPad, too, and a case of his tea — and a book, An Army of One — and I was so thrilled to have something with his name on it.

KEN: Wow!

CALLER: But I had a young man stay with me, and he stole that iPad from me, and I’m like… Ugh!

KEN: Ugh!

CALLER: It wasn’t so much the iPad. It was the fact that I had EIB and Rush Limbaugh signed on the back of it.

KEN: Aw.

CALLER: But every time I hear Rush, every time I hear his voice it’s like he’s not gone. He invented this game. He was the best at it. He was always right when he predicted trouble with products, and I love him.

KEN: Yes, he did. He opened the doors for many, many people. Thank you so much, Richard. That was a beautiful call. I can’t believe someone stole iPad. (Sigh) Well, make sure you go back to RushLimbaugh.com, ’cause as I was scrolling through it here during the commercial break, that thing we had on yesterday, masks are the new ribbons — that hysterical sketch that Rush did probably 20-plus years ago on the TV show — you gotta check it out.

There’s a funny picture of him, and he plays that character so well when he puts all the ribbons and stuff on. But you talk about a person that is really paying attention to the direction and the greatness of America, but also the culture. And, like Richard said — and I feel the same thing when I’m listening to other guides. I hear a Rush segment, and you, for that moment, it’s almost hard to believe that he’s moved on, and we’re thrilled that you’re still here.

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