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KEN: When you go back to these mask policies, back to the very beginning — you know, back when they said, “We’re gonna flatten the curve! We’ll have this thing knocked out in three months and we’ll be back to normal,” and most conservatives with a brain said, “You know what? (laughing) Once you get this many grown-ups complying with such BS, you’re never getting it back. You’re never gonna have that freedom back.”

And here we are. Here we are approaching our second Mother’s Day, our second July 4th right around the corner, and we’re pretty much in the same spot, aren’t we? We’re in the same spot. Our governors and other politicians and everybody has got a say in this. The unions. The only people that don’t have a say in this are We the People. Have you noticed that?

This is why I wanted to go back to Karol Markowicz’s article about the damage that masks have done to kids. Now, we don’t have enough time in this show to share all the damage, especially to the younger kids, like the 7- and 8-year-olds out there playing T-ball in 80-degree weather that can’t breathe when you’re running the bases for the first time.

But she brought up the fact that the CDC just issued “camp guidance.” How about that? Boy, they got their hands in everything, don’t they? Even though they’ve contradicted themselves for months, she writes, “The camp guidance — clearly written by someone who has never attended summer camp and isn’t even mildly aware of what goes on there — suggests kids be separated by three feet at all times, and six feet when they’re eating.”

Now, I just think that’s me. I mean, look, we have two teenaged boys. I’m pretty safe three or four feet away even if they’re chewing with their mouth open. But sometimes, there’s stuff flying. “The CDC maintains that vaccinated adults who work at these camps should continue to be masked — and, of course, kids should wear masks, too.” This is an absurd call.

“The people making these absurd calls will be sitting in air-conditioned offices, while your children and their underpaid counselor will be needlessly sweating under their masks playing color war in 90-degree weather,” and Karol Markowicz says, “Don’t listen to them.” Now, if you really want to follow the science, I would agree with Karol. I don’t know if you heard earlier today, and it was such a great comment on Fox this morning from Pete Hegseth.

HEGSETH: Of course they want to continue to wear the mask. It’s the ultimate virtue signal! It’s almost like the new MAGA hat of the left, like, “I will mask; you won’t,” right? “I care so much more than you do.”

KEN: That is the most Dana Perino has ever laughed in one segment. So that’s one of the reasons I suggested we… No, Pete’s comment was great, but she’s got a nice laugh. Very, very authentic, Dana. Think about it, though. When you think of how things on the left start with a bogus scientific argument backed up by fakery, you know, they’ll bring in experts like Stephen Colbert, Joy Behar, Brian Williams.

You know, they all know about masks and virology, and then it morphs into — and you’ve heard this; Joe Biden said it over the weekend — wearing a mask when you’re told is the patriotic thing to do. No, I’m gonna disagree, respectfully. Can I call you Joe? Joe, respectfully no.

That’s the compliant communist thing to do. We’re a free country. We’re free men and women. We have a Constitution that proves it. Now, guess who was on the cutting edge of societal evolution back in 1993, and Rush was calling out how the ribbons and the role they play fit into the left. Here’s Rush.

RUSH: I, because I’m wearing these ribbons, I care more than any of you about anything.

AUDIENCE: (laughing)

RUSH: And these ribbons say so. I want you people sitting at home and you people in the audience, look down at your lapel right now.

AUDIENCE: (laughing)

RUSH: When you look down, what do you see? You don’t see anything, because you’re not wearing any ribbons. It means you’re a bigot, it means you’re a racist, it means you’re a sexist, it means you’re a homophobe. It probably means you’re a white guy, it probably means you’re a European, and you and you alone are responsible for all the ills of America. But I’m not, because I’m wearing these ribbons.

AUDIENCE: (laughter)

RUSH: I care more than you.

KEN: Yes. That was from one of the funnier episodes of Rush’s TV show. And does he or does he not nail it every step of the way there? Think about the absurdity. That’s what award shows are. Award shows — and did you see how the latest Academy Awards, like one of the lowest…? I think it was the lowest rated in history or whatever.

There was one speech I personally enjoyed ’cause I’m a big Tyler Perry fan. I think he’s a wonderful individual and I think he does great work, and you may have noticed how ironic that this woke idea was churning around on the Rush show years ago, but even Tyler Perry called it out, and he said — and I was so impressed by this.

I played it on my show in Pennsylvania. He made a very quick speech about how he was raised, and he said people talk about stopping the hate. We need to stop hating white people, black people, police officers. And he just went through a whole bunch of people that we should not hate. And it made total sense.

And within seconds on Twitter, the left started attacking him because he dared to say we shouldn’t hate white people, we shouldn’t hate Mexicans, we shouldn’t hate black people, we shouldn’t hate anybody. There’s too much hate. Why are we hating the police? And that’s what probably triggered a lot of the left. And the irony about that is, crime is through the roof right now.

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