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BRETT: A lot of talk about the supermoon. Everybody’s talking about the supermoon — the supermoon, the pink moon, the supermoon, all that stuff that people having looking at and trying to digest. Rush had thoughts on the supermoon. Here’s what he said.

RUSH: Have you ever heard of a supermoon? You know what it is? Supermoon is when the moon is closest to the earth, that it’s almost ever been — in this case, the closest in 60 years. Oh, yeah! The tides are gonna flood marinas! We might get earthquakes, moonquakes, who knows? “On March 19th, earth’s moon will be at its closest point in 18 years, and the event was dubbed a supermoon by astrologer Richard Nolle in the 1970s,” and all kinds of things are possible.

Tidal surges, magnitude five or other higher earthquakes, even volcanic activity is possible because of the supermoon. Well, we survived it 18 years ago and I dare say most people never even knew it was going on 18 years ago. But this guy, Richard Nolle, is out there warning everybody now that it could be disastrous out there. If it were hurricane season, I don’t know. We might not survive.

That’s how they do it. Everything’s crisis. From what you eat to where you go to where you drive to what you wear when you drive, it doesn’t matter what it is. (laughing) I just got an e-mail from somebody in Rio Linda thanking me for… (laughs) thanking me for telling them what a “supermoon” is.

This person in Rio Linda thought a “supermoon” was when a fat guy drops trou, and they’ve often wondered (ahem) what it had to do with that. They’d been hearing about the supermoon in two days, and they wanted to know (laughing) where the guy was gonna be. So they (laughs) feel properly informed now.

BRETT: Oh, that’s awesome. That’s the best.

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