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BRETT: It’s kind of incredible when you think about the way Hollywood comports themselves. It’s the one industry in which the entire industry doesn’t get blamed when there’s awful behavior by people who are very senior in that industry. You go back to Harvey Weinstein, right? You go back to the #MeToo movement and all of the challenges that happened, but nobody ever said, “Defund Hollywood!”

Nobody ever said, “Shut down Hollywood!” Nobody ever said, “We’ve gotta get rid of Hollywood! These moguls have so much power; they’re abusing their power.” Nobody ever said that. And in fact, you actually have something called the Oscars that comes on TV once a year with incredible diminishing numbers.

I peeked in on it. I was stunned that there were no masks, as they were relatively close proximity. I would have thought it looked more like a Joe Biden car rally with everybody sitting in their Bugattis and Rolls Royces parked out in a lot somewhere celebrating each other. But the Oscars were on last night, and I think most of America just doesn’t care about Hollywood anymore.

If you think about it, in a lot of ways, well, Rush knew exactly what was going on.

RUSH: Award ceremonies are to liberals what the Fourth of July is to Republicans. You ever stop to look at it that way? All of these awards shows is where they get a national stage to trash America. And they make the most of it. And when they do, just like when the NFL had all of these people kneeling and so forth and showing disrespect, what happened to the numbers?

They plummeted. In the NFL they were trending downward anyway even before the kneeling began. And that might just have been cyclical. But the kneeling really iced it and made the drop significant and consistent. Well, Hollywood can’t say that. They can’t say there’s too many award shows. And they don’t even play the anthem at the Oscars, so there’s no way anybody can kneel. They just disrespect America for the whole show.

And I have to tell you, I’m long past the point of being mad about it. Been there, done that. It’s like the NFL, folks. When the whole NFL debacle began, I just got sad. Now, I’m not big into movies and Hollywood like I was the NFL. The NFL was a hobby. I loved it. I liked it. It was something I very, very much enjoyed and I just got sad when they drove me away, or when they allowed politics to creep in and the whole thing got corrupted and it was impossible for the NFL to remain, in my mind, what it had always been.

It’s just another area of America, another area of our culture which has now been corrupted and taken over by the left. It just made me sad. And the Hollywood is much the same way because these people are dumb. They’re just plain dumb. They’re stupid. They’re ignorant. Whatever you want to say. They don’t know what they’re talking about. The point of all this is they’ve got nothing, they are just angry as they can be, and the way this country is divided right now makes me sad.

I’m being flat-out honest with you. I read some of these comments that these people at the Oscars made last night. They’re just dumb. Beyond being politically leftist and so forth, the things these people think and the things that they say are just dumb. We are becoming more bifurcated, Balkanized, and divided. There isn’t any overlap, meaning there aren’t any areas in which we have much in common.

There isn’t anything that binds us together as Americans, because a significant portion of this country doesn’t even like the country anymore — and it may even be stronger than don’t like it. Some of them literally hate it. And then there’s a bunch of people that don’t hate or dislike but they join the cacophony of hate and dislike because they think they have to in order to stay relevant.

BRETT: You know, we know virtue signaling is absolutely required if you’re gonna be a success in Hollywood. That is an absolute, locked-in, baked-into-the-cake reality. You’ve gotta be able to virtue signal. You have to do it. When you get your award, you have to get up there and rant about this cause or that cause or this issue or why the country is terrible, all of that.

Well, I would recommend that we were gonna get around to the Oscars or the Emmys or the Golden Globes — the People’s Choice Awards is kind of different there. But when you look at these different awards ceremonies, where you’re gonna get lectured for 4-1/2 hours by people who literally read other people’s lines for a living or they write those lines for other people to say for a living.

I would like to marry the idea of what we see in professional sports, which is now super woke. I’d like to see this marriage and what you see in Hollywood with the big sports stuff. And I think there’s a couple of ways we can do this. Remember what happened with the NBA played in the bubble? All the players had different messages on the backs of their jerseys.

Why are these Hollywood stars and starlets standing there in front of us in these $5,000 gowns and $20,000 tuxedos ?Why’s there’s no signage? Like, I should be able to read, you know, a message on the front of the man’s jacket or the woman’s gown. I don’t mean to alienate anybody. It could certainly be the man’s gown and the woman’s jacket, but what I’m saying is, I’d like to know what the message is.

What do you represent? In fact, we should do this. When they bring the people up to speak at the Oscars, it should be just like the NFL. This would be perfect. It’d be just like the NFL. You bring them in, and when they come up to the stage… I’m gonna make up a name ’cause I don’t really keep up with all these Hollywood people. Gonna make up a name. Okay. John Smith. (laughs)

And John Smith is coming up to talking about the new movie Grazing in the Grass, something like that, and then they have a lot card that shows up on the screen, and it’s “John Smith, graduate of Juilliard, six 6’2″-175, won best supporting actor in supporter of Emily’s List and donated $50,000 to the save the aliens, the Save the Space Aliens fund.”

That would be a huge help because then we could see…. You know who the superstars are in the NFL football league right, ’cause you go, “Ah, he was a center at USC. I remember that guy. Aw, Trevor Lawrence is out of Clemson. He’s a quarterback. He’s unbelievable. He only lost like two games in his entire collegiate career. They were huge games, but he only lost two.”

You hear this, and you say, “Why don’t we do this for these actors? Why don’t we just…?” It’s gone flat. Nobody cares about these movies. Nobody watches half of these movies because like on Netflix or Amazon or this thing or that thing. Nobody’s in the theater. So let’s spice this up. Let’s get these folks to compete for who’s most wokeist.

“Took no salary for this movie. That’s good because it made no money, but took no salary for this film; instead, donated it entirely to Bernie Sanders to get him a new jacket.” It could be done, folks. We can do this. It’s a way to reimagine Hollywood. So, you want to reimagine policing? Let’s reimagine Hollywood. Maybe have it just go to pay-per-view.

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