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BRETT: The House of Representatives, for the second time, has passed a D.C. statehood bill. This is the second time they’ve passed this thing out. It is going to head up to the Senate, which has the slimmest of slim majorities for the Democrat Party with Kamala Harris being the tie-breaking vote. But the reality is, these folks over on the left, they’re goin’ for it. They are going for it.

Rush talked about all this and their approach in this call to action.

RUSH: Marik von Rennenkampff, State Department analyst and Obama Regime appointee at the Defense Department. In an op-ed for The Hill, this guy’s calling for Democrats to stop being cowards and to teach Republicans a lesson. If Republicans dare confirm a Supreme Court justice for the vacancy caused by RBG’s passing, Von Rennenkampff says Democrats must take off the gloves, and use fear-mongering to whip up their base.

He says the Democrats must immediately impeach President Trump — again — this time, on the pretext that Trump supposedly begged the ChiCom president to help with his reelection. Democrats have to hold hearings, they have to flood the zone with anti-Trump witnesses, he says. The Democrats should also grant Puerto Rico and Washington D.C. statehood, so they can seize control of the U.S. Senate by installing four new Democrat senators in perpetuity.

Democrats should also give big blue states like California more political power than states like Wyoming — which contribute nothing to our economy, he says — and the Democrats should enact what he calls an “ultra-constitutional” war on gun ownership and the Second Amendment. And to top it off, the Democrats should stack the Supreme Court by adding seats. Now, think about this. Marik von Rennenkampff is a “mainstream” Democrat. He was a high-level Obama Regime appointee — perfect example of tyrants-in-waiting running the Deep State, which Democrats claim doesn’t exist, while this guy is out proving it right here and now.

BRETT: I mean, look here’s the thing. (laughing) “Taking the gloves off.” What would taking the gloves off look like? I’d say you’ve seen a pretty good example of the gloves coming off from this party and the way they try to fight: Stacking the court, packing the court, all that sort of stuff.

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