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BRETT: We have heard some massive absurdities coming from the FBI in the last number of years. I mean, we only have to go back to the Russia investigation to hear the lunacy and the conspiracy stuff that they floated into. But this may take the cake. This may be the single worst blunder maybe in modern FBI history. Did you see this story from last week?

If you didn’t, you need to know about it. Remember the congressional baseball shooter? That’s right, that summer of 2017 when the congressional Republicans were out practicing at their ballfield prepping for the congressional baseball game. Well, Brad Wenstrup is a Republican for Ohio, and he revealed an utterly shocking fact.

When that deranged leftist, James Hodgkinson, opened fire on the congressional Republicans in 2017 nearly killing Steve Scalise from Louisiana — the whip, the GOP whip — the FBI ruled the shooting a suicide by cop! Even FBI agents disputed the ruling, and Wenstrup said, no. That’s what they did. They’ve defined it as a suicide by cop, despite the fact that the law enforcement officers that were there were in plainclothes.

So Hodgkinson brought a rifle and fired 136 rounds. He attempted to assassinate 25 members of the U.S. Congress, including the whip, and the FBI comes back and says, “Well, now, we think this was suicide by cop. He wanted to die! He was desperate. He wanted to die at the hands of police.”

Even though nobody knew that there were plainclothes cops there to protect Steve Scalise ’cause he was a leader in the party. It makes no sense. It’s crazy. Well, Rush talked about this. Bernie Sanders told his Facebook followers to fight back in unprecedented ways against Republicans who want to kill people.

RUSH: Bernie Sanders did a Facebook appearance last night in which — after the shooting of Scalise and others — Bernie Sanders is back at it encouraging his supporters to act in “unprecedented ways,” to fight back in every which way they can. You talk about tone deaf or you talk about having no concern about any of this. You talk about fueling the fire and throwing gasoline on it. Bernie Sanders has come along and done that, and he is gonna make it very tough. He had all these people stand up, “I’m not going to hold Bernie Sanders responsible for what that shooter did!”

Well, Bernie is making the case that he might want to be linked to the guy even more closely than he already is. This is Bernie Sanders. Remember, now, James Hodgkinson was Bernie’s biggest Facebook fan. When you read what Hodgkinson wrote in letters to the editor, when you read some of his other posts on Facebook, it’s clear that he was inspired by the words of Bernie Sanders. Nobody’s accusing Bernie Sanders of pulling the trigger. But I’ll tell you, folks, I hate this one-way street stuff.

You know, wherever there’s a mass shooting anywhere, the left wing — in their minds — is justified to start blaming anybody on the right for things they’ve done or said that nobody’s ever seen. And yet when there is perhaps a genuine linkage here between this guy’s mental state and media personalities and Democrat politicians? “Oh, we’re not saying that. We can’t go there! No, no, no. That’s very irresponsible. You can’t do that.” Well, maybe we can’t. You can, though, on the other end? And then people say, “Rush, this is not the way to fight this. This is just gonna continue the divide.”

I’m sorry, folks, it is the way to fight it. They’ve gotta be called out. They have got to be… You know, us turning the other cheek here has been going for I don’t know how many years, and it isn’t solving anything, and it isn’t changing anything. In the meantime, our culture continues to be debased. Our politics, everything! These people are politicizing virtually everything now, debasing everything. And it’s gotta stop, and helping stop it requires being honest about what’s happened.

So here is Bernie during a Facebook Live event last night. He and Elizabeth Warren (the Fauxcahontas senator from Massachusetts) took questions from viewers, and during the Q&A one of the viewers named Mary said, “Senator Sanders, how do we fight or stand up to stop this proposed health care bill? How do we get it examined? How do we stop it? How can a citizen stop this bill in the Senate? What can we do?”

SANDERS: When I talk about a political revolution, this is what I am talking about. We gotta stand up and fight back! We have gotta be involved in the political process in a way that we have never been before! Because what is happening now in Washington is unprecedented. So you have got to, Mary, act in an unprecedented way. Think big! Get involved in every way that you can. So, Mary, stand up and fight back in every way that you can.

RUSH: I don’t know if this is tone deaf or is this just arrogance. I mean, what is it? I mean, we’re always being told that we need to practice more sensitivity. Well, where’s the sensitivity here? Congressman Scalise is still in the hospital undergoing continued treatment, maybe even more surgeries. He is improving and so forth. A number of other people were shot. And here’s Bernie arguably throwing more gasoline on the fire. Now, after Bernie made that statement, he and Fauxcahontas continued to discuss it.

SANDERS: Thousands of people will die! There’s no question in my mind. What kind of crazy world is it —

RUSH: What?

SANDERS: — our Republican colleagues are so cowardly, are so frightful that the American people will learn what’s in their legislation, they refuse to have one hearing, one open discussion about it?

WARREN: I think it’s beyond cowardly. They know which side their bread is buttered on. They know what the Koch brothers want them to do.

RUSH: This is unbelievable. You have an unbalanced person like James Hodgkinson and he’s driving around and he’s already filled with rage, and he’s already filled with hatred, he’s already filled with self-loathing. The guy’s got personal problems in his life. He can’t control himself. He’s undisciplined. He beats up people in his family. He is constantly enraged because that’s where his party has put him, that’s where the media has put him. The media puts him at rage and keeps him there. And Bernie Sanders comes along, “thousands of people will die.”

This is a recurring theme of the Democrats and the media, that Republican policies are going to kill people. And we’re told that we’re the ones that need to moderate. We’re told we’re the ones that need to tone it down. We’re the ones that need to keep a sense of balance. This claim about Republican policy has been made about the budget, about school lunch cuts that were phantom, that were never there.

The Republicans have been accused of wanting to kill senior citizens, of wanting to kill women, of wanting now to kill sick people. Thousands of people will die? Sorry. That is the epitome of irresponsibility. It is dangerous.

When you consider how many untold thousands of loyal Democrats are running around out there in a state of mental imbalance, teetering on the edge, and they continue to be told that not just a political party, but all the people that vote for that party are out to kill them, are out to destroy them, this is hand in hand what I was talking about yesterday.

Bernie Sanders cannot enter the arena of ideas in debate. He will lose. Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, none of them can enter the arena of ideas and actually debate their ideas. They can’t defend their ideas. Their ideas don’t stand a chance if they are put forth and people are actually voting on them. So the Democrats have to destroy the credibility and the character and the lives of their opponents. This is their primary political weapon.

BRETT: Motive. Opportunity. You saw 136 rounds fired, and the FBI, at the end of all of that, says it was suicide by cop. It was suicide by cop. Makes you wonder what’s going on over at the FBI.

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