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BRETT: I don’t know if you heard last week, but it was a big, big story. Caitlyn Jenner is going to run for the governorship challenging Gavin Newsom there in the beautiful state of California, a state that I once lived in and one that Rush lived in, obviously, for a very important part of his life there in Sacramento.

Well, here’s Rush’s thoughts on Caitlyn Jenner.

RUSH: One little thing I want to run by you here regarding Caitlyn Jenner. I’m not gonna tell you where this comes from, ’cause I don’t want — other than to tell you it’s a Republican blog — well, yeah, it is. Conservative Republican blog. I just want to run this by you. And you tell yourself what you think. With the momentum from this announcement and affiliation Caitlyn Jenner inadvertently gave the Republican Party something it desperately needs more of: Street cred. Simply put, Caitlyn Jenner gives the Republican Party a sense of humanity because Bruce Jenner came out as a Republican back in, what, March or April, and we assume that since Bruce Jenner has become Caitlyn Jenner, that she’s still a Republican.

Caitlyn Jenner inadvertently gave the Republican Party something it really needs more of: street cred, an understanding sense of humanity. If the Republican Party overall was to warm up to these differences and use them as a broader tool to crush problems, not people, problems that really mattered, like insurmountable national and student debt, ever increasing national security threats, and domestic encroachments on constitutional liberties, Democrats would stand no chance.

The passage here, what this means is that Caitlyn Jenner as a Republican proves to people that the Republican Party is a party that loves humanity, has now acquired and achieved street cred, and if the Republican Party could do more of this, warm up to these differences and use them as a broader tool to crush problems, not people, because, as you know, what the Republican Party does is crush people, but if the Republican Party could take this endorsement by Caitlyn Jenner and use it to illustrate they don’t crush people, that they are human after all, that they instead will crush problems, the Democrats wouldn’t stand a chance.

BRETT: There you have it. This is about control. This is all about control. The Democratic Party… It’s gonna be fascinating as you watch this with Caitlyn Jenner taking on Gavin Newsom. They will turn Caitlyn Jenner into just like the second coming of the greatest villain of all time. It’s just gonna be an incredible thing to watch play out there.

But one of the overlooked stories coming out of California — and it’s something that’s not looked at a whole lot, and it ought to be considered a whole lot more — is this idea that the state of California produced the most Trump voters in the country. Just based on population, just based on how many people came out and voted for Trump, California had the most Trump voters.

And this momentum to try to recall Newsom, by the way, I think is a huge story that ought to be looked at because while it’s likely to maybe not be successful, you never can forecast out accurately what people will decide to do in the privacy of that voting booth or the privacy of that ballot-harvesting center (chuckles) or whatever it is we’re looking at. Oh, it’s gonna be something really fun to watch. I hope California gets liberated.

I know what it’s like to live behind the blue curtain.

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