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BRETT: This week marks Biden’s first 100 days. This Thursday is 100 days for President Biden, or as I’ve been thinking about it lately, I’ve been thinking about, “I can’t believe it’s only been 100 days.” It feels so much longer from the border chaos, to the remaking fundamental transformation of the economy, and all of that. It’s absolutely stunning. It is an absolutely stunning thing to behold.

And guess what? The polls understand that you don’t like it. It’s starting to be reflected in the polls. And, as we know, the almighty, highest authority in all of the world of politics is always the polls. You look at the numbers out there, people… Well, they think he’s okay on covid, but everything else he’s basically underwater.

Really, it’s incredible to look at these poll numbers for President Biden and the Biden-Harris administration. There was an 81-point gap on approval for Biden between Democrats who think he’s 95% awesome and Republicans who think he’s 14% awesome. That’s even wider than the 76-point partisan gap for the president back in April of 2017. That president was Donald Trump.

But Joe ran as a uniter.

Joe ran as a guy who could get things done across the aisle. Look at what’s happening on the border. By a 31-point margin, voters are saying border security’s worse than it was two years ago. Fifty-six percent (a majority) thinks Biden winning the election is completely or mostly behind the increase of migrants at the United States southern border, and 67% are extremely or very concerned about illegal immigration.

On the economy, two-to-one negative: 39% regard the economy as excellent or good; 69% say fair or poor. It’s little changed since the end of the Trump term when it was 33-66, but remember in January 2020 before the pandemic set in, 55% rated economic conditions positively. Joe Biden has supposedly triumphed when it comes to what it is that’s happening with coronavirus and the rollout.

But it’s not translating in the poll numbers to the broader issues. In fact, it was the House minority leader, Kevin McCarthy of California on Sunday, who characterized these first 100 days as a bait-and-switch. What was the bait? That Joe Biden would govern as a bipartisan. But the switch is, he’s governing like a socialist. McCarthy says he’s not had a single meeting with the president in the first 100 days.

Rush talked about this.

RUSH: We’re coming up on this mythical 100 days of the Obama administration. I’d like to refer to it, my friends, as “finals week,” and I put together a list of things that I have noted since the outset of this administration. I have just put a list here together in no particular order, just off the top of my head, of the things in this administration that have stood out to me since it began. Admiral Blair admitting the CIA received high value, lifesaving information from terrorists, while President Obama is condemning the same interrogations as immoral and counterproductive.

President Obama is throwing and has thrown grand White House parties with Kobe beef, a hundred bucks a pound, while telling the nation to cut back in order to survive the greatest economic downturn supposedly since the Great Depression, bowing to the king of Saudi Arabia, listening patiently and respectfully while a two-bit dictator lectures Obama — it was Daniel Ortega — with false charges for 50 minutes about the criminal country he leads, and Obama doesn’t say one word to object, one word in disagreement, does not stand up for his country at one point during the Summit of the Americas.

He has run around the world and apologized for the greatest, the most compassionate, the most innovative and freedom-loving country in world history. We had the nomination of tax cheats to his cabinet, including the man who oversees the IRS, five tax cheats in the Obama administration. We have Obama’s joke of a press spokesman, who makes a complete idiot of himself on a daily basis. He sends back a symbol of freedom, that bust of Sir Winston Churchill to Great Britain just after moving into the White House.

He wants nothing to do with it. He did of his own volition. They said you can keep it. He said no, we don’t want it here. They said put it in a different room in the White House. We don’t want it here, and sent it back to the British embassy. It was given to us, President Bush, after 9/11, by the Brits. He insulted the prime minister of England, the queen of England, with embarrassing, thoughtless gifts. We have the French president Sarkozy ridiculing Obama’s messianic complex, inviting him to walk on water at Normandy beach. We have Iran taking a hostage, an American journalist, as Obama promises better relations.

We have North Korea humiliating Obama with their missile launch. We have Obama putting the country in debt for generations to come while promising fiscal responsibility, offering up laughable budget cuts, banning lobbyists from his administration, while appointing them left and right. Openly lying that Caterpillar would hire up with the passage of his stimulus bill, then watching while that company lays off thousands after the stimulus bill passes.

He pledges to close the prison at Guantanamo Bay where I have a thriving merchandise business. But then he keeps it open with no plan for its future. Proclaiming total transparency, while keeping secret who got the TARP funds, when, where, why. Being incapable of communicating without a teleprompter, while the press declares him a Reaganesque, Great Communicator.

He attacks a private citizen broadcaster from the White House as part of an orchestrated plan to distract the country from legislation and policies we don’t want, which thus touched off a political firestorm, all of this while claiming to be a unifier. He makes a ham-handed attempt to nationalize the banks preventing financial institutions from paying back TARP money they don’t need or want.

He has made bad situations worse with car manufacturers, and the worst is yet to come. He has sparked hundreds of protests involving hundreds of thousands of Americans at tea parties regarding irresponsible government spending while his Homeland Security chief labels peacefully demonstrating Americans and veterans as security risks. Oh, yeah, moving the census over to the Commerce department to politicize that.

I mean, this administration has been one part joke, one part unbelievable, and many parts scary. Because while all this has gone on, this man is reported upon and reported to be the best president we’ve ever had, a shining light, a beacon, historical figure. His foundation is leftist. He identifies with anti-American politics. He laughs, he yucks it up with these people who hate our country. Sorry, folks, it’s just tough to stomach. Tough to deal with on a daily basis.

BRETT: It’s incredible because Rush took great notes on Obama’s presidency every day, and I can only imagine Rush’s notes that he’s making up above right now on President Biden’s first 100 days and what they include. The Associated Press runs an absolutely fawning breakdown. It’s embarrassing to read it. I almost had to read it under the covers in the dark with a flashlight.

So fearful was I that I was gonna be outed for reading this thing, “Biden’s first 100 days: where he stands on key promises,” and you go through this, and they break it down by subject. Climate change. He’s made seven promises; he’s kept four. What are the four? “Taking executive actions to reduce greenhouse gas emission.” That’s nothing. “Rejoin the Paris climate accord.” Okay.

“Support an amendment to the Montreal Protocol to curb hydrofluorocarbons,” so that’s just to support an amendment, “and to convene a world climate summit.” Yay, a Zoom call, where he was the only guy wearing a mask in the shot. On the economy and taxes? Well, he’s kept four of five promises: He extended a pause on student loans payments, okayed pandemic economic relief, reviewed the U.S. supply chain for vulnerabilities in key sectors, and has taken steps to strengthen, quote, “buy-American measures.”

Yeah, and leftists to raise corporate taxes. Oh, wait, that’s gonna have be on legislative. It goes on and on and on. On gun control, he’s 0-for-4. He has partially met the desire to send Congress a gun control bill, which will be rapidly rejected. He reauthorized the Violence Against Women’s Act, and to commission an attorney general report on restructuring agencies to most effectively enforce gun laws.

And then on health he’s kept five of eight promises. Mandating masks on federal property, rejoining the World Health Organization, support a hundred mass vaccination centers, vaccinate a hundred million Americans, deploy mobile vaccination clinics. Everything he’s done has been for show, and it’s cost us tons of dough — and this is not the way to go.

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