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TODD: I’m gonna welcome Firecracker to the show, and I’m gonna give Firecracker a timeframe because even us guide hosts have timeframes. Firecracker, first of all, welcome to Rush’s show. It’s Todd Herman, your guide host. I’m glad you called.

FIRECRACKER: You’re my hero! Rush is my hero! Jason is my hero. Mr. Ken, Mr. Snerdley is my hero. Let’s be clear about something. I’m not a competitor of Ms. Joyce. I was kicking and screaming yesterday!


FIRECRACKER: I heard every word she said. But let’s be clear: She’s my family! My husband heard me, everyone heard me, so I’m gonna say it like it is. I love you guys! She’s my hero. Miss Bess is my hero. Stop talking about defunding my heroes. My husband and I have been to all 50 states. We travel quite a bit; they’re standing next to me, the Border Patrol. President Trump —

I’m a Christian soldier Republican. I’m black-white-Indian. I shall stand! They ask me all the time — and I pray they are listening to me — because I’m standing no matter what. This is America. Stop the kneeling NFL! Stand up for our heroes. They did nothing wrong. They are not racist. They just love us. I’m standing next to them. I chase them like a puppy! My husband was listening thinking, “Firecracker, that was you yesterday.” I said, “No, she’s just my hero.” I keep standing with them.


FIRECRACKER: I’m in California. It’s Christian soldiers Republicans, but they were not put on their big boy pants. It’s not a difference in California. President Trump is on my gate right now, my community family gave me a flag. I shall stand next to God. I love you. I love you. Everyone freaks out all the time. I always tell them, “Why don’t you stand?” They ask me, “Where did it come from?” I say, “I was born into it, Jesus!” I’m a Christian conservative Republican. My family served this country. I don’t think so! This is America. The Border Patrol?

No! I’m telling you standing next to them too. I pray they’re listening. But everyone can actually do something today. I’m angry and I’m crying! They can actually take a trooper! Please come out and thank them. Stop talking about they’re trying to beat you when they’re not. They’re trying to do their job. What are they supposed to do here? They are supposed stand! They have to make a choice.

Their families love them too. So let’s be clear, America! This is America, no Third World country. If my baby had an amazing life in a free country, almost seventy countries (unintelligible), I shall stand for all the babies. And I’m so sick of (unintelligible) everyone talking about the babies with the white skin. They did nothing wrong. They were born. Jesus set that up perfect. We all matter to Jesus.


FIRECRACKER: So I shall stand. I freak everyone out when they see me. They’re like, “Aren’t you a hundred pounds?” I say, “I do not know, but I will stand for Jesus.” I bow down before him, and until I leave, I will stand! Rush is in glory now. Kathryn, you’re amazing. Mr. Snerdley, you guys are amazing! No one wants to talk about the elephant in the room, so I’m talking about it today.

I’m not a comparison to Miss Joyce and Miss Bessy. Amazing. But today, everyone can actually help everyone and actually love on my troopers! (crying) They are listening to this phone call! I called them and when I say I’ve been to 50 states, I mean all of America. They always say, “What does states mean?” They call me Firecracker, that little posse. I’m not stopping! I love you, sir. Do you want to ask me something or am I done?

TODD: Well, do you have any thoughts on people like —

FIRECRACKER: (crosstalk) and ask me.

TODD: Let me ask you this. Now, Firecracker, I do have some thoughts. I do have some thoughts. We got about a minute together ’cause your eloquence and your energy is awesome. It’s just awesome. I’m sitting here with… I got the Chris Matthews shiver up my leg.


TODD: So I want to ask you this. Do you have any thoughts on…? I just want to pick a name out of the hat like the gasoline. Do you have any thoughts on her? Well, she’s from California. Do you have any thoughts on Kamala Harris?

FIRECRACKER: Oh, absolutely! She’s wicked. I told them not to vote for her, and let’s get someone else. On Obama, I told them not to vote for him. I was born in Chicago! That’s the thing about this. I said, “This is gonna be the biggest race war ever.” My friends and family freaked out! I said, “I don’t think so.” I was born into it. That’s what I have on her. She’s wicked. Biden? I told my baby boy, “He’s not the commander-in-chief!

“President Trump is my commander-in-chief.” I shall stand. My family at the Trump rally… My husband put on a Superwoman cape. I cried so bad, they were like, “Firecracker, you’re freaking us out. You’re gonna be on front news!” I said, “I don’t care! I’m going to Jesus. I’m going to stand, period.

TODD: (chuckling)

FIRECRACKER: Anything else, Mr. Todd? I do love you. You are my hero.

TODD: Let’s say this. You know, here’s what I want to say. You mentioned the Lord’s name multiple times. You do know that I love the fact that you noticed that Jesus made us of all these different color. The Lord did that, and you know what he said, Firecracker? He said, “It is good.”


TODD: He said it is good that we have water and air and that it is good that we have the mix of personalities, yours and mine, and you’ve inspired a bunch of people. So for today, this is what we’re gonna do, Firecracker. Today, we’re gonna go thank a trooper. All right?


TODD: When this show is done, we’re gonna go out and thank a trooper, and then we’re all just gonna say thank you to Firecracker for being a positive, patriotic American calling this show, a God-fearing woman. We appreciate you, and I love you back. Thank you, Firecracker.

FIRECRACKER: You guys are my heroes. Please tell Kathryn, since Rush Limbaugh asked, she’ll chase him someday. My family is driving him crazy right now. I would have thought that ’cause we’re all the same. If we want to be successful, it starts with we are all the same.

TODD: Okay.

FIRECRACKER: I love you, Todd.

TODD: Very good.

FIRECRACKER: (call drops)

TODD: God go with you, Firecracker. That was… See, now, again, we can get these phone calls. Somehow the mockingbirds can’t find women like this who speak up for their country. Can’t do it. (interruption) What? Oh, I did. Someone just sent me a text. HA! HA! HA! The Maha may have heard that phone call in heaven in glory. Yes, indeed.

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