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TODD: The left and their friends and coworkers in mockingbird media members, the percentage of mockingbird media members have figured out a great mental unlocking system, and it’s fear. It is just absolutely pressing fear. I think we talked yesterday on the show about losing your car keys and I was saying, “Hey, if you lost your car keys,” and that’s horrific and frustrating and it puts you in a disordered thinking state, “imagine what it is like not be able to find a cop when you really have to have a cop,” or a fireperson.

You’ve got to have a firefighter; you can’t find one. And the keys to the cops, to the fighter, right, it’s a graduated state to fear. And I think that what the mockingbird media members are doing is they’re saying, “Can we do with the Orange Man Bad phenomenon…? Can we do race in the same way? Can we get what we want by scaring people and putting people in a state of trauma about race?”

And I think what the left wants is they — and the mockingbird media members — is they want people never to be able to rest, never to be able to. You know, “Don’t let your opponent up. Don’t let them rest! Never let them strategize.” Gee, who said that? Who said that in terms of organizing? I can’t recall, and the signs are everywhere, from the way that they disproportionately focus on the shooting of unarmed black people in interactions with companies, and that disproportionate focus creates a disproportionate perception.

People are scared to death. “My kid could be next because 10,000 unarmed black people are shot every year by cops,” when the number is 15. They do the same thing with the covid flu. “My kid could die!” Mmm? It’s much more likely… If your kid is, you know, below the age of 11, your kid is far more likely to buy from a dog bite. But it gets people in these states of fear, and now we can have lockdowns, right?

So I think what people are observing — and I know this is a bit of a theme for this hour — is I think the more aware we are that we’re dealing with people who have been legitimately traumatized, it’s easier for us to have some kindness in dealing with people and trying to help them through this. Because yelling at them and arguing with them is not gonna get us where we want to go.

But being able to say to them, “I can see that this is really scary for you. I can see that you are really afraid.” Right? Look, fear is powerful. Their emotions are real, even though they’ve been lied to and propagandized. I mean, this is a great example of the fact that leftists want people trapped in their feelings and like a carnival mirror house version of America, just as this protester’s knowledge of the Constitution portrays, right here in audio sound bite number 6.

PROTESTER: It’s hard to say, because (pause) the problem is we have a white supremacy problem in this country, and it was written into the Constitution. And until that Constitution is changed, it’s hard to say where we’re — where we’re headed. It’s hard to feel like there’s gonna be justice in this country ever for people of color. We’re standing on stolen land right now.

TODD: And the Constitution has been changed. (laughing) It has been changed. The so-called three-fifths, you know, person compromise has been changed a long time ago. That’s a traumatized woman. Traumatized people don’t think of the fact that, well, the tribes fought over land. They were fierce warriors, and many of the tribes are proud of that. I mean, this is all leftism, and it’s all central to them being able to continue their failed policies. Rush in fact predicted what leftism would do in America, and in June of 2020, the Maha provided us a play-by-play to the ruin it continues to pour down upon us.

RUSH: There also, ladies and gentlemen, you know, one of the themes that I have been on for a long time, but I’ve been intensely trying to drive home a point for the last two weeks, three weeks, and that is the utter failure of the Democrat Party to come through for its constituents. You’ve heard me say this I don’t know how many times. Maybe you’re a little tired of hearing me say it. The Democrat Party has been promising utopia. And yet where is all this police brutality happening? In Democrat blue states.

It’s so bad that they’re now seriously gonna defund police departments in Minneapolis, in New York, and in California. Liberalism is on record here as a total failure, folks. Socialism on record, on display, is a total failure. The Democrat Party, which is the home of all of that, on display as a public massive failure. Everything they have been promising their constituents are things for 50 years their constituents still have grievances about, their constituents are still complaining.

The point is that the Democrat Party, as it is constituted and as it is functioning today, all of this that’s happening that’s in relationship to the George Floyd murder, it’s all a failure. The fact that George Floyd was murdered is a testament to the failure of liberal Democrat politics. Where did it happen?

This kind of racism and bigotry and ugly behavior by the cops, the Democrats are supposed to have fixed that, right? I mean, that’s what the Democrat Party promises. There isn’t gonna be any of that stuff anymore. There isn’t gonna be any meanness. There isn’t gonna be any extremism where Democrats run the show, where Democrats rule the roost because that’s where there’s gonna be fairness, and equality, and sameness and all that.

And yet the worst examples of Americans’ depravity, the worst examples of America’s economic failing, the worst examples of America’s lack of morality are to be found right smack-dab in the middle of Democrat Party institutions, platforms, and existence.

So, these protests, I don’t care, peaceful or otherwise, they are demonstrations against failed Democrat blue state governors. They are demonstrations against failed blue state mayors and city managers. We’re being told that all these protests are aimed at us, us Republicans and us conservatives, but we didn’t do anything that’s made them mad. That stuff’s all happening in blue states. Minnesota, Minneapolis-St. Paul, liberal blue states, liberal blue cities running the police department. This is not supposed to be possible with Democrats running things. But, look, it is. And it hasn’t changed in 50 years.

All of these protests from sea to shining sea, coast to coast, are in response to deplorable and failed Democrat, liberal leadership. And you need to take note of this. It should result in these people getting fewer and fewer and many fewer people voting for them because they’re failures. Donald Trump is not responsible for whatever grievances these people are marching against. Donald Trump wasn’t there when George Floyd died. Donald Trump wasn’t anywhere near when that went down.

I would be mad too if I’d given these people 50 years of my money and 50 years of my vote in exchange for a promise of access to power, an end to racism, no more cops harassing me. I’d be livid too. But somehow they have convinced African-American voters that their problems somehow magically have become Donald Trump, who’s been president for three years of the 50-plus years these problems have existed. Anyway, I’m a little long in this segment, but it was worth it. I’m sure you will agree.

TODD: (chuckling) One of my favorite sentences from the Maha was “I went a little long in this segment,” and we all agreed! We all agreed. I think one of the dynamics that’s occurred

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