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TODD: Let’s pay attention to some things. Since Rush has gone on to heaven, the following things have occurred. His Sullivan Group accuracy rating has gone up because of the predictions he made have happened. For instance, he said this is gonna be another hoax, this thing with the Russian payoff to the Taliban. He said, “This will be seen, proven to be a hoax.”

He was right.

Sullivan Group rating goes up.

Yesterday, we announced a new affiliate in Atlanta, Georgia, on Rush’s program. His program is adding advertisers since Rush has gone on to heaven, and on this morning’s CNN New Day, cohost Brianna Keilar spoke with USA Today Washington bureau chief Susan Page about her new book, which is a love letter to “Madam Speaker: Nancy Pelosi and the [Legions] of Power.” Oh, pardon me. Lessons. During a discussion about Pelosi tearing up President Trump’s State of the Union address, Keilar says, “There’s no way this was planned. You don’t think this was something she just decided in the moment?”

PAGE: I don’t… If she told me that she didn’t decide finally to do that until the last moment she was steaming. The honor he awarded to Rush Limbaugh during that speech really — really set her off.

TODD: It should have set her off, but not to rip up the speech with the names of veterans in it, families. It should have set her off because there was a self-made man who predicated his entire career upon relating honestly with us, who never shifted his principles — who never, ever shrunk in the face of an onslaught, even from Barack Obama, the president of the United States, who attempted to ruin this radio show.

Rush delivered a lesson for the ages when he told Obama, “You’ve never given me anything. There’s nothing you can take from me.” It was a most extraordinary moment, and she knows that she’s not that person. But even today, they can’t let go of Rush. Well, neither can we. But we’re still celebrating the same principles. Nancy Pelosi’s principles shift around.

If there is systemic racism — and, by that, I mean this. Racism is a human failing. We have a lot of failings. Racism is one of them. There’s very few people who are hard-core racists or racists at all, but it’s a human failing. Systemic racism is a dodge. It’s just a way to say, “Well, it’s so bad, it’s — it’s in the walls! It’s — it’s sunk into the walls. It’s like an odor. It’s — it’s — it’s airborne! It lives in the concrete of buildings.”

But if there is systemic racism, Nancy Pelosi is the embodiment of it, having been in government all these years.

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