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TODD: I didn’t know if it would be okay for us to go to this particular story. We had a discussion. It wasn’t heated because guide hosts, we’re just sort of a substitute part of the team. But I had some concerns. Joe Biden, his dementia, has had a meeting with the dictator of China and some other, you know, so-called dignitaries about the weather and about what we are to call now climate…

Is it…? I think they wound it back from “catastrophe,” ’cause that’s an awfully big word for Joe Biden’s dementia, so “climate change,” and I was uncomfortable with this whole topic ’cause, at the time, Greta Thunberg had not weighed in. And so respectful is Team EIB even with the guide host that they said, “Okay. Well, if you’re uncomfortable…”

Then I got word that in fact Greta Thunberg has weighed in. (laughing) So, I mean, you can imagine my relief. Because when you don’t yet have an opinion of a teenager who’s being exploited by adults on an issue like catastrophe of climate warming and changing weather or coolness and acid rain, what are you gonna do? Right? You don’t know where to take things.

There’s many things about Earth Day. (Today is Earth Day.) One of them is when you’re busily building a political movement that is to be a godlike device… We had Nancy Pelosi yesterday thanking George Floyd for sacrificing himself for her, which is not exactly the same (or even near the same) as the Christian belief and construct on that. Nancy Pelosi is not, in fact, mankind — or even kind.

You want your government device to be a godlike device. Why not have people worship the earth but skip the creator part? I want to have you do something here as we’re going to go to the Maha talking about Earth Day. Now, as you listen here to the Maha, see if you hear any comparisons as to how the left and the mockingbird media have used the covid flu.

RUSH: Climate change, climate — however they term it, however they categorize it and discuss it — gives them control over everything in your life, ladies and gentlemen. Everything. The first way they do it is they start out and they blame you for it. They blame you for destroying the planet. “The planet is being destroyed! We’ve got 30 years to save it, but you are destroying the planet.”


“By virtue of the car you drive. By virtue of your job, the Keystone XL pipeline. Your home. Do you have adequate solar panels or are you using fossil fuels? Are you not being responsible with your thermostat? Your business, your wealth is to blame. The way you get around. Your movement. Your diet. Your car.”

It gives them control over everything. That’s why climate change is never gonna go away. It gives them the ability to regulate every aspect of human life, which is their objective. And by blaming you, they give you redemption opportunities. Oh, yeah! They blame you for it, but you’ve got 20 years to make amends. You’ve got 20 years to redeem yourself. How can you do it?

Well, you buy the car they tell you to buy, or you eat the foods, or you don’t support various industries. It’s all-inclusive, folks. You become a climate warrior yourself. You become somebody that is hell-bent on saving the planet, making amends for your transgressions. And it’s really simple the way it works because everybody wants their lives to matter.

Everybody wants to matter. It’s one of the biggest psychological hit points that marketing people use. Everybody wants to matter! Most people think their lives get lost in a massive shuffle of humanity, that they don’t stand out, that they don’t really matter. It’s caca because everybody’s life does matter. But it’s easy for people to think their individual life doesn’t, like their vote doesn’t count.

“I don’t care, Rush. You could tell me to vote, but my vote doesn’t matter.” You know people that think that. So everybody wants their lives to matter, and here come the climate change people with an instant way of making your life matter. “You can save the planet!” How could you get any more meaningful than that? So it gives them control over your job, what kind of job.

Your home, your business, your wealth. How did you earn it? How did you maintain it? Your movement, how you get around becomes subject to legislation and regulation. Your diet! Don’t laugh. They’re serious about this business of getting rid of meat and the kind of car you drive. It gives them control over virtually everything. They’re even lying about certain things.

Biden’s climate adviser is a babe named Gina McCarthy. So Gina McCarthy said, “Climate is the most significant public health issue of our time.” Climate is what, folks? It’s heat, is it not? I mean, basically climate change is the out-of-control warming of the planet that’s gonna result in rising sea levels and the drowning of cities and the drowning of your house if you live on the beach.

It’s heat, is it not?

So here are the stats, and the source for this is the Centers for Disease Control. Heart disease kills 33% — 33% of deaths in America are attributable to heart disease — and 26% of deaths of all Americans are cancer related. Cold. People that die from exposure to the cold is 6.4% and increasing. The percentage of people killed by heat (i.e., they’re exposed to unhealthy high temperatures) is 0.3% — and declining!

Yet this babe, Gina McCarthy, went to the White House briefing room yesterday and said something provably false: “Climate change the most significant public health issue of our time.” I spent 30 years… It’s why I often say that I consider myself somewhat of a failure. I’ve spent 30 years trying to explain all this to people, and they still voted for it.

A bunch of people did, millions and millions voted for it. And furthermore, now that we’ve got a Democrat in the White House, now the Pentagon is free to be who it is. You know, we’ve talked about the makeup of the kind of people in the Pentagon. We have warrior generals; we have politically correct generals; we have generals who are used to fighting wars, defend and protect the United States.

We have generals who believe everything is political correctness. So the story from TheHill.com: “Pentagon Declares Climate Change a National Security Issue.” See? Climate change is everything. Now even the Pentagon, which is charged with defending and protecting the American people, the American way of life (whatever it’s to become), now claim that climate change is a national security issue.

TODD: Wind it back from what the Maha talked about and just examine some things. You have a real virus, SARS-CoV-2. Okay? It can make people sick. It’s age stratified: The older you are the sicker you are. Incidentally, one of the big markers of this is obesity. I think 80% of the people who’ve died from this have been obese and vitamin D deficient.

Now, that’s a real thing. But what were we told? Right? Despite 100 years of learning, scientifically rigorous study about lockdowns, they don’t work. We were told, “Stay home and stay safe,” and how many people just dove into that? Remember when in the first days of the lockdown, social media was just dominated by people with stay home, stay safe icons and people saying, “Stay the [blank] home and stay safe.”

Man, they were saving the earth. Then all of a sudden, from “masks don’t work,” now they are the saviors. There are songs about masks! I’m not kidding. There was a Catholic school in, of all places, a conservative-ish town, Spokane, Washington. The Catholic kids were singing songs iconizing their masks! Then it’s our movement, right? Remember it was to shut down the freeways.

Joe Biden wanted to have people have to wear masks in their cars because the freeways were federal property. Then we had… It’s not yet the food, right? But we had then wealth is being redistributed blatantly with the covid flu as excuse. You have the so-called governor of Michigan (laughing) who wanted to make emergency orders permanent!

You have the so-called governor of Washington state, Jay Inslee, wanting to make the rent waver permanent and succeeding in stealing the ability of people to charge rent for their property (their so-called property) for two years. So SARS-CoV-2 is a real thing. The response to it sounds a whole lot like what Rush just described as the response to the global warming idea, right? Doesn’t it sound similar?

So let’s continue to explore what Earth Day means.

Rush has great thoughts on that.


TODD: Longtime students, Limbaugh Institute, you’re gonna recognize this here Timber Update Theme.

(Timber Update Theme Song)

TODD: (laughing)

(Timber Update Theme Song)

TODD: Now, I’ve heard although I’ve not had it confirmed… Hold on. Tree’s falling.

(tree falls)

TODD: Whoo! I’ve heard but not had it confirmed that while that was going on the people playing the chainsaw’s musically actually carved a statue of the horseface-like John Kerry. Yes, we do that coming up. Let’s talk to Mark in Iowa City, Iowa. Mark, you are on the Rush Limbaugh program. Todd Herman, your guide host. Know you called yesterday. Glad we could get you back today, Mark. Welcome.

CALLER: Thank you, sir, for keeping the spirit of Rush on the air!

TODD: Of course. It’s my absolute honor.

CALLER: Yes. So my comment on the electric car push —

TODD: Yeah.

CALLER: — is that has absolutely nothing to do with the environment. It has to do with a continuation of the dumbing down of America. They’re all self-driving cars, and if you have a self-driving car for a couple years and it doesn’t kill you, you won’t know how to drive to the grocery store anymore.

TODD: That is a great point. That is a great point. And in retail or in grocery, food production they call it “distancing.”


TODD: They make food in ways that you can’t reinstruct it yourself, that you forget, oh, well, that’s an orange and an apple, you know, we don’t know how to make our own fats, et cetera. It’s a great point. Now, let me ask you and. What controls what will be the central brain that — or the rule set to the brain that controls these so-called self-driving cars?

CALLER: Well, that’s part of the push for 5G because in order to for the self-driving cars to work, they have to be connected to — I’m gonna call it — an uplink continuously because they have to know where they’re at. I’m sorry I said that. They don’t know where they’re at!

TODD: Ha! Ha! Ha!

CALLER: But they have to have the location updated constantly. You know, they’re very dangerous. They’re killing a bunch of people but that’s okay because they’re safer. But they will be linked to some central processor.

TODD: And here’s the piece that puts this all together for people. And I wrote about this five or six years ago. They are going to start with taxing you for every mile drive. This is already happening in western states — already — so that you turn your car on in the morning or it turns you on and it says, “Here’s how much a drive to work will cost today.” It could be a hundred dollars; it could be a thousand.

It doesn’t matter ’cause the goal is to make it impossible for you to have that freedom of movement. That’s step one. It’s clear as day. They’re already broadcasting this. Step two is, they’re gonna say, “Actually you don’t get to drive the direct route to work today it’s too full or ride the direct route. However, if you pick up two people on the way, you could go or you’re gonna need to go at a later time.”

And this is where the new cars, the update… This is where freedom of movement stops. And there are people say, “That’s… That’s… You’re just theorizing!” Nope! I’m looking at the way they’re laying it all out for us. There’s already a plan to turn a major freeway in Washington state into, quote, “autonomous only,” and believe it or not there’s conservatives behind this or so-called conservatives. So you are spot on, sir, from Mark from Iowa City.

Thank you very much for coming back to Rush’s show and for the great honor of having you on, and I’m sorry didn’t get to you yesterday. Glad you had you on today. Thank you, Mark. Now, there are some things about Earth Day that only El Rushbo discussed and disclosed to this audience. America’s Forever Anchorman reminds us right here about the true meaning of Earth Day.

RUSH: I think you can celebrate the earth every day. I think you can give thanks for the earth every day. You can take care of it, you can act as a steward of the earth every day. To act as though a single Earth Day — Earth Day, as it was established, is a political, quote, unquote, commemoration, holiday, don’t know if it’s a holiday, but it has a political objective behind it.

And it is rooted in an anti-capitalist political belief. It is designed to create in minds of young people like you that you in your natural state are destroying the earth and you must pay attention now to not do that anymore. And the way you can not destroy the earth is to do what Democrat politicians tell you to do and accept all tax increases to fix the damage that you’ve caused.

Now, Earth Day, April 22nd, just happens to be Lenin’s birthday. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence. Earth Day is April 22nd. Do you know what Lenin’s first name was? Do you know who Lenin is? Well, yeah, you might, you might. I am wondering, how many people in this audience, particularly the Millennials, even know who I mean when I say, “Yeah, Earth Day is Lenin’s birthday.” And then how many people know his first name? (interruption) You know his second name? Do you know his first name?

Vladimir. To the unsophisticated, Vladimir. And the middle name is Ilyich. V. I. Lenin, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. Right, exactly. Like Ernst Stavro Blofeld, it’s Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. Anyway, it was his birthday, and that’s Earth Day, is April 22nd. The first Earth Day was celebrated in Central Park, 1970, a million people showed up. They destroyed the great lawn. (laughing)

I’m not kidding, folks. It took years for the great lawn of Central Park to recover. And the Millennials much less not know who Vladimir Lenin, they don’t even know who John Lennon is. “Vladimir,” by the way, is Russian for “Lord of the earth.” Yeah. Earth Day is a political existence. The whole point of Earth Day is political. It’s part and parcel of the environmentalist wacko ecosystem.

TODD: So it was — and Rush talks about this, with Vladimir Lenin, or we could say the other way too. I also mentioned at the top of the hour that it’s quite clear that the mockingbird media members and the leftists and the statists and the technocrats, they want to be our gods. So why not have us worship rock and stone and saltwater and just skip the part of worshiping the creator who made it for us? It’s convenient when you want to be a demagogue.


TODD: Steven Hayward points out a piece in the Washington Post just slurpy, kissy to John Kerry on this Earth Day. Here’s a little NPR read here for you. “These days, Kerry, at 77 and serving as President Biden’s climate envoy, is flying commercial, catching red-eyes to Europe and meeting with leaders from France to India, trying once again to cement the United States as a world leader on climate action — and, not incidentally, salvage the fight he has long considered central to his own stamp on history. …

“[T]he assignment itself — helping to steer the nation and world toward a less calamitous future than scientists have warned awaits as climate change intensifies — is one he views as more critical than ever. … The man who was a military hero at 25, who was almost president, who served as a senator for 28 years, who thought his last public job was as secretary of state under President Barack Obama, will begin finding out this week what it might take to persuade other countries to emulate Biden’s ambitious climate goals.”

That’s the Washington Post with a news piece on John Kerry. Now, you want to know who still owns a good percentage of John Kerry? It’s the same man whose radio show is adding affiliates, whose radio show is adding advertisers (though he’s gone to heaven), whose radio show and his personality and his name are still being discussed in the mockingbird media as we proved earlier.

You know who still owns part of John Kerry? Rush Limbaugh does.

RUSH: This is Kerry, going in for a hunting license yesterday in Ohio. He’s going into a sporting goods store. This is what he said.

KERRY: Can I little me a hunting license here?

RUSH: Did you hear that? “Can I get me a huntin’ license heyah?” Can I get me a hunting license here? Now, ladies and gentlemen, we all know that John Kerry doesn’t speak that way. We know it. But that’s what he thinks the people in Ohio will judge him as a real guy, if he walks in there and says: “Hey, can I get me a hunting license here?”

I want to do a side-by-side comparison. I want these back to back, bam, bam, bam, bam, so you can hear the contrast. This is Kerry in 1971 — again it’s the Senate Foreign Relations Committee — testifying about the Vietnam atrocities followed with his trip to the sporting goods store to get a hunting license in Ohio this week.

KERRY 1971: How do you ask a man to be the last man to die in Viet’naaam? How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake?

KERRY 2004: Can I get me a hunting license here?

RUSH: There you have it. The new Jean-Francois Kerry, ladies and gentlemen, as he attempts to appeal to all of you Midwestern hicks. You Midwestern hicks that got gun racks in the back window of your pickup truck out there. It’s just amazing.

TODD: Oh, my goodness. Look, I remember listening to this radio program. I learned so much about Mr. Earth Day, John Kerry. In that piece from the Post, he’s flying commercial. Mmm-hmm. Yeah. He got caught not doing that. And then do they mention that he was not wearing his woke mask when he was flying commercial in first class and reading his newspaper?

I was gonna say, I remember listening to Rush’s program when John Kerry came out and saluted and said, “I’m John Kerry reporting for duty.” And you had a lot of people who served with John Kerry going, “What?” And I remember hearing the audio on this program, John Kerry, “In a manner reminiscent of Jen-jiss Khan.” And I remember people saying, “What?”

Everyone says “Geng-giss” Khan, but him? Again, the infamy of John Kerry pretending to throw his medals over the White House fence, and this Washington Post piece and the kiss-up… Just remind yourselves what we’ve heard on the program today, and remember that John Kerry can never again come out and say, “I’m reporting for duty.”

Because of the balance provided here, because of what Rush helped expose about him. And just also this comment about the deep state. What are we, a…? How many people in the world or in this nation — let’s just take this nation, 330 million people — and John Kerry can be the so-called climate czar? There’s no one more qualified than a man who married ketchup money! Got it.

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