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TODD: Greg from EIB came up with this: No more callers, because the Biden administration changed all the words, all the phrases for what we call illegal immigrants. Now it’s noncitizen or migrant. They changed all these words — and while we’re getting caught up in language, more people continue to flood the border. Agents are encountering a record number of family and kids. Hannity interviewed former President Trump last night on Fox, and he said, among other things, that all Biden had to do was leave his policies in place and the situation wouldn’t be so dire.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: All he had to do was leave it alone. If he left it alone, we were setting record positive numbers, and people would have to come in legally. And, you know, the other thing that people don’t talk about: Human trafficking and drugs. That’s doubled, tripled, and quadrupled coming in because that’s pouring in right now. Drugs are pouring in. We had it so tight, we were doing so well, all he had to do was leave it alone.

TODD: Rush talked about the language aspect of this when Biden was VP with a caller back in 2010. This may be where another historic Rushism was born: Undocumented Democrats.

RUSH: Mike in St. Louis, you are on the Rush Limbaugh program. Hi.

CALLER: Rush, you’ve mentioned many times that if the illegal aliens were Republican voters, they’d be out of the country by now.

RUSH: Uh, yep.

CALLER: Heh. And, you know, as you always say, words have meaning. So that’s what led me to start thinking of illegal aliens as illegal Democrats.

RUSH: Works for me. Your memory is right. Here’s the thing. If the polls said that 70% of illegals are gonna vote for Republicans, the Democrats would have already built a high-speed railroad train all the way down to Peru to get ’em out of here. They’d have been long gone years ago.


RUSH: There’s no question. So you want to call ’em illegal Democrats just to make the point.

CALLER: Just to reinforce in some people’s mind who think that it’s not kind the way we’re treating them.

RUSH: Well, they’re only here for a better life.


RUSH: Okay. I like that. Undocumented Democrats, ’cause that’s really what they are.

CALLER: Uh huh.

RUSH: They’re undocumented Democrats. They’re future Democrat voters. That’s why the move is being made. Largest voter registration drive in history. You have given me an idea. Undocumented Democrat. That’s what they are! Right on, right on, right on.

CALLER: (chuckling)

RUSH: Way to go. Mike in St. Louis. Excellent idea.

TODD: Memorialized. You, Mike, program participant, helped Rush invent a word.

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