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TODD: Have you seen anyone in the mockingbird media or even non-mockingbird ask about Joe Biden’s cognitive abilities? And in a serious sense, that’s… Look, if we remove ourselves from politics — and that’s too hard to do. It is. It’s a horribly difficult thing to say to somebody, even to say, “Are you sure that you can still drive?” ’cause we’re meant to be free.

We’re designed to be free human beings moving about as we wish, and people have had those conversations with loved ones. It’s hard to have those conversations, and I know that the mockingbirds will bend over backwards to do anything and everything they can to help the people who are running Joe Biden achieve the ends that they seek because they’re partners in the effort.

They’re fellow travelers as it were. But is anyone seriously asked this honest question? Joe Biden didn’t meet with the Japanese premier; Kamala Harris did that, and Kamala Harris is in charge of the border. But Kamala Harris has not gone to the border, and Joe Biden, when he meets with the press, is reading from guidebooks — and someone somewhere is making some decisions.

Who is it? From time to time, you see Biden wanting to, as the left would say, lean into things. I always think about that event at the hardware store, which was just a photo-op, and Biden was walking around, and I don’t know what the point of that was. “Look, he’s out he’s in a hardware store! He must be okay. He’s buying hammers and such.

“I mean, who would let someone who’s not okay buy a hammer or a saw or sharp things? I mean, you know, there’s sandpaper! He could hurt himself.” He’s in a hardware store, and the photo-op is wrapping up and there’s some guy there, wasn’t even a journalist who wanted to say something to Joe Biden and the cacophonous sound of his handlers screaming, “Press, press, press.” It’s because he may have spoken something. Who’s running things?

It’s a serious question, because now you have Biden, and you have to wonder, which is the moment of lucidity? Which one is the silent lucidity? Someone somewhere just connected that to a band, Silent Lucidity. So you have Biden saying two things at once. Right? We had the 2012 version. We had the recent version. This is Biden in clip number 8 talking about what he said about Osama Bin Laden.

BIDEN: I said along with others, we’d follow Osama Bin Laden to the gates of hell if need be. That’s exactly what we did, and we got him.

TODD: So we could count along together. That’s just… From clip number eight to this next one, we go back to 2012 in clip number 9.

BIDEN: I said, “We owe the man a direct answer. Mr. President, my suggestion is, don’t go. We have to do two more things to see if he’s there.”

TODD: Okay. So in the midst of two clips, which is eight years, nine years, the story has changed, and my question is: Did it really change in his mind? Really. Because people like Hillary Clinton lie all the time. Joe Biden lies all the time. But you don’t lie about things like that or, “My son was the attorney general of the United States of America. My deceased son was…

“Before he was the, uh, before he, uh, invented the, uh, Apple Fuji Macintosh machine, then he was the attorney general of the United States. And, uh, such and that television show he had where he put people in… What? Desert islands.” No. That didn’t happen. Dementia is not funny, but I’m asking: Who runs the country? That’s all… I’d just like to know who runs the country.

Do you remember back in the day that Obama had a fishy squad, a squad called fishy? If you see something fishy about Obamacare, report them on social media? Will Barack Obama start a truth squad to counter Biden’s dementia? Rush reminded us what Obama said about Biden’s reluctance to capture or kill Bin Laden.

RUSH: You know, there’s only one guy who said we shouldn’t go get Bin Laden. You know who it was? It was Biden. Vice President Biden. I have the story. It was an ABC News story, and it’s from January 30th of 2012: “Joe Biden Advised Against the Osama Bin Laden Raid.”

Not Mitt Romney.

Not John McCain.

Not Jimmy Carter.

Joe Biden is the only guy that said: Don’t go get Bin Laden. And Obama’s out there ticking off everybody with this. So, you know, we are our choices, folks. Barack Hussein Obama chose to figuratively parade Osama Bin Laden’s dead body around the public square in an attempt to bring singular glory to himself. How pathetic. The guy they had to drag off the golf course. The U.K. Daily Mail, there’s all kinds of blog stories today, Internet stories with the picture of that great group of courageous heroes in the Situation Room watching the raid take place.

The only person in that room who looks like she’s even emotionally involved at all is Mrs. Clinton. She’s got her mouth covered by her hand. Her eyes are wide open. It’s almost like she saw Bill come home at six o’clock at night for the first time in a long time. She can’t believe it. Everybody else is just sitting there staring, and Obama is slumped down.

He’s sitting lower in his chair than anybody in the room.

They hustled him in from the golf course, they put a “I’m president” jacket on him. He’s got his white golf shirt buttoned up to the top underneath it, and he’s looking there. “Yes, Mr. President, this is a video feed of a military operation taking place that Mr. McRaven authorized two weeks ago that we decided to just go ahead and do it,” is what that picture looks like. And this is Obama’s kickoff to his campaign for reelection.

TODD: The description. Did you get it? Ha-ha-ha. Even in serious moments, man, I’m telling you, it’s such a different thing to. You know, I experienced Rush my whole life as a listener. It’s such a different thing with headphones on. Did you get the line, he talked about this serious issue? It’s almost like he’s talking about Mrs. Clinton.

“It’s almost like she saw Bill come home although 6 o’clock at night for the first time in a long time.” Politicians lie all the time. Hillary Clinton lies. “I remember on 9/11, I was wondering where Chelsea was because, you know, she was overseas, and I was so worried about her, and they went and checked her schedule that, no, that…”

You have a public schedule, Mrs. Clinton. She wasn’t. They lie all the time. But is this lying? With Biden and this cognitive decline, these are serious questions. Someone is the — as Joe would say, “the operation.” The operation being the United States of America. That operation. Maybe he doesn’t remember who that is. It’s not to be cruel. It’s a serious question. Who’s running things?

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