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TODD: Just imagine the jury room and imagine the emotion and the concern, because there was not just Maxine Waters — and we will get into Maxine Waters. You will hear Rush explain (chuckles) Maxine Waters and how to deal with her. You’ll also hear Rush explain the psychology behind riots, which any thinking person expects. I just take myself inside this jury room and what they have to walk through.

The jury instructions are on the charge with which Maxine Waters has demanded a conviction lest there’s more “confrontational” tactics. And, by the way, she’s being defended. There are (laughing) members of the mockingbird media — we’ll get to this — who have jumped to their offense. “Of course we should be more confrontational!” So I take myself inside this jury room as they’re told Maxine Waters, a U.S. representative, has basically said, “Your cities will burn unless I see a second-degree murder conviction.”

And then there’s the rule of the law and the jury guidance we shared with you yesterday. Second-degree murder involves someone who unwittingly causes the death of another while engaged in a felony. I don’t think Derek Chauvin was engaged in a felony. Then I think of the jury balancing two potential tragedies. One is convicting Derek Chauvin of a crime he did not commit.

I’m not saying that there aren’t lesser charges that they can consider. But Maxine Waters has said it’s all-in or the cities burn. That’s effectively the message she sent. It’s had an effect on the trial. You’ll hear from the judge. Not in this trial, but he said this may give grounds for an appeal. This may give grounds to toss the whole thing out. I think of the participants. I think of the defense attorney.

Just imagine this. Just remember this. When we had people who are likely terrorists and turned out to be terrorists in Guantanamo Bay, there was a contest between the big, important law firms with the beautiful marble floors — and they are gorgeous floors, and they keep ’em so clean and tidy. And the views from the conference rooms, they’re stunning. They had a contest.

“Who will represent the terrorists for free?” Now there’s no contest to represent Derek Chauvin. There’s one man who’s doing that. His defense attorney is doing it. One man. Everybody deserves a defense. John Adams said that, to paraphrase, when he made a controversial decision to defend a redcoat, because everybody deserves a defense.

I think as a jury, the two possible outcomes: They convict Chauvin of second-degree murder is the letter of the law is he didn’t commit second-degree murder, and the tragic outcome is that Maxine Waters gets what she wants (which is more riots), or Derek Chauvin is convicted of something he didn’t do. I don’t think he committed second-degree murder.

I think there’s enough reasonable doubt on this. But I just imagine being in that jury room. Power Line blog reports that public officials in the areas have sold their homes at a loss because they fear what will happen to their families. I do think of the Floyd family, and I think of losing someone that way. And I’m always struck by the concentration on the nine minutes, and how many nine-minute segments of George’s life were there, Mr. Floyd’s life.

Where one could beg him, “Please, please, please, please. Please get him treatment, George. Please.” It’s a tough thing if you’ve ever had to put a loved one in treatment or begged them to do it. It’s horribly difficult. I think of them. There’s anything… I don’t know them. I don’t know their hearts. I don’t know their souls. But will the burning of the cities help them?

Will it not create more circumstances like George’s circumstance where he grew up? I think of the cities right now that are creating more George Floyds. New York just… No bail! You just leave. You just flee. You just go. There’s no consequence for a crime. There’s drugs widely available. I think of the cities where you could walk outside and raise your hand, and you get fentanyl and meth and heroin. What’s that like for an addict?

I think of the people who are going to riot, and they’re responsible for their decisions and the violence and the ruin and the destruction — and most of them are adults, and they’ve been traumatized by a media, because I think of the newsrooms. I think of the CNN newsroom and the excitement, rubbing their hands together. “We might get to see some stuff tonight!”

I think of the James O’Keefe audio. “Oh, yeah, we don’t talk about the downside of Black Lives Matter, Inc., ’cause that destroys the narratives,” according to O’Keefe’s audio. I think of the efforts to only look at the one side of Black Lives Matter, Inc., the so-called positive side of it. And I think of the people who will riot tonight, and I think of the trauma they’re put through by a media that pretends that George Floyd circumstances happen every day.

And then I think of America’s enduring anchorman. He was pained at the George Floyd video. He was so pained. You remember. You remember Rush, right? I also remember him talking about the reality of riots, of all the talents the Maha had, his understanding of human psychology was perhaps his most potent gift from God. Listen to Rush explain the psychology of need behind riots.

RUSH: They’re given a sense of purpose. They’re made angry. They’re told their country hates them. They’re told their country wants no part of them. They just little percolators of anger and frustration. Meanwhile, none of any of these bad actors, it seems… I can’t find accurate records of how many arrests there have been — and this has to stop.

The federal government has the authority, they have the ability to arrest people and get this stuff shut down, and it’s time that somebody acted. It’s time that this stuff was shut down. Police are standing down. It looks like in these blue states the acting philosophy — Mr. Snerdley, correct me if I’m wrong. It looks like they’ve taken a page out of that former mayor of Baltimore’s book.

“Give ’em space. Give ’em space.” The theory is, “They’ll burn themselves out. Go ahead and let ’em have at it. Burn down a building, burn down a block, blow this up, blow up that cop car, set that on fire, and they’ll eventually burn themselves out, just run out of emotion.” That’s not how this is gonna go.

They’re not gonna burn themselves out. They’re not get rid of all their pent-up emotion. That’s not how to deal with this! Can you imagine the old days, “You know what? Let’s just let Capone keep doing what he’s doing, his booze-running or whatever. He’ll eventually get tired of it, and then we’ll move in.” “Let’s let Al-Qaeda go. Stop trying to stop Al-Qaeda. We can’t stop anyway and eventually they’re gonna burn out. Let’s just let them get it out of their system.” This seems to be the way many of these blue states are dealing with this.

TODD: From the jury room to Derek Chauvin’s mind to the emotions and the weight on the Floyd family. Is it gonna help bring George back, Mr. Floyd back, if the cities burn? To the shop owners… I just… I’ve seen it so often on the West Coast that people who live in their stores, upstairs from their stores, are asking themselves, “Wait. What…?

“What did I do to George Floyd? What have I done to the black community? W-w-what have I done to deserve my business being destroyed?” In West Coast cities, and I’m sure the same is true in New York and Chicago, the police are so taxed that business owners will often watch from home as their business is destroyed and they watch it on their security cameras.

Then I think of the biggest radio audience in history and what would happen if we just prayed that none of that occurred or that people would see the error and that a spirit of peace could come. Do we have that in our hearts? God could make it happen. Do we have that in our hearts? I pray most of all for the safety of every person who’s trying to conduct justice. What a position to be in. You’ll hear Maxine Waters. It’s a call for blood. You’ll hear the judge’s response to this when we continue.


TODD: From a somber opening. It’s a somber occasion. Get ready to see here. To this, just… You know one of the really brilliant things that the left constructed was making whataboutisms a bad thing. You know that. You hear that from left. (shouting) “You’re dying a whataboutism. Don’t have whataboutisms!” Let me give you a whataboutism and why they’re important. Here’s a whataboutism.

“Huh. Today my left arm is numb and my neck hurts at the aorta, and I’m slurring my words. It wasn’t like this yesterday. (slurring) Is there something wrong with me?” And your doctor says, “Uh, it’s whataboutism. What are you doing here? We don’t do whataboutisms.” In other words, the left cleverly tried to outlaw, emotionally outlaw consistency.

Let’s transport ourselves to another world where Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis or Ted Cruz or Tom Cotton showed up at, let’s say, January 6, right after that. Just after that happened, January 6, let’s just say that they went to right where that happened and they stood there and said, “We need to get more confrontational. We need more confrontation!”

Let’s say that they did that right outside a jury, as a jury was hearing indicated related to January 6. Imagine! Well, that’s what Maxine Waters did in Brooklyn Center. Now, as we listen to these bits of audio we’re gonna give here, I want you to keep in mind a number of times (chuckles) CNN and their partners in the Democrat machine demanded President Trump be impeached for criticizing judges, and listen to the extraordinary exchange between Derek Chauvin defense attorney Eric Nelson and Judge Peter Cahill.

NELSON: Now then we have some U.S. representatives threatening acts of violence in relation to this specific case. It’s mind-boggling to me, Judge.

CAHILL: Well, I’ll give you that Congressman Waters may have given you something on appeal that may result in this whole trial being overturned.

TODD: If there is an appeal. (chuckles) Now, Eric Nelson, who — by himself, as I understand — is defending Derek Chauvin with a jury that has not been sequestered! He was saying, “I got an alert on my phone a U.S. representative is basically threatening violence.” Does anyone see CNN, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, The Hill, the Seattle Times, the Washington Post coming out and saying, “Well, this is — this is — this Is impeachable?” Nah. C’mon, man! No.

So Judge Cahill does not think Maxine Water’s conviction on second-degree murder will bias the jury but he is not happy with her at all.

CAHILL: I wish elected officials would stop talking about this case, especially in a manner that is disrespectful to the rule of law and to the judicial branch and our function. I think if they want to give their opinions, they should do so in a respectful — and in a manner that is consistent with their oath to the Constitution to expect a coequal branch of government. Their failure to do so I think is abhorrent, but I don’t think it has prejudiced us with additional material that would prejudice this jury. A congresswoman’s opinion really doesn’t matter a whole lot.

TODD: (laughing) It’s incredible that isn’t focused on. Now, Matthew Dodd — you know him? — wants more confrontational riots. Seriously, this dude sounds like all the leftist mayors who were all for the violent riots until the lobbying of their condos are burned (Ted Wheeler) or their houses are doxed and BLM and Antifa show up and make threats, Jenny Durkan. Listen to Dowd demand for confrontational tactics.

DOWD: I actually just listened to Maxine Waters. And of course, we all have to be cognizant of what we say. I don’t think what she said in any way should — we should criticize her for. Of course, we should be more confrontational. That doesn’t mean we should be more violent. The only thing that led to the civil rights legislation that finally passed in 1965 was, you know, nonviolent protests. And so I think that’s where we’re gonna end up today. The Republicans seem to me on the complete wrong side of history of this.

TODD: And Rush had a great idea for dealing with Maxine Waters and people like her, and I can bear witness this stuff works.

RUSH: Well, there’s any number of ways to deal with people like Auntie Maxine. The one thing that you have to realize is approaching her seriously on this and attempting to hold her accountable as a congressman to whatever ethics or laws that she has sworn to defend, I mean, she’s out there inciting mobs.

To go after her on that basis I guarantee you would be a losing effort simply because the first time anybody tried it, you know what the retort would be. “You racist pig. The woman’s only doing what she thinks is best. How dare you.” And it would start anew. I think the best way to deal with Maxine is to laugh at her. Now, don’t misunderstand me. I’m not not taking seriously what she’s advocating.

But even Pelosi has seen the necessity of swatting away what Maxine is suggesting. Pelosi realizes that Auntie Maxine is not going to deliver them the House majority. And in some cases it may be best to just leave Auntie Maxine alone and let her go. Just let her continue to descend into whatever pit of insanity that she’s descending into. Just stand aside.

You know, there’s an old adage. When somebody’s making a fool of themselves, stand aside and let it happen. And that may just apply here to Auntie Maxine. There’s also another old rule of thumb. Never get into an argument with an idiot, because people watching will not be able to tell the difference in you and the idiot. But on the other side of that, this is serious. This woman is promoting and inciting mobs. Are we just supposed to stand by and let it happen?

This is an age-old question, how to deal with this kind of attack, these kinds of insults and assaults. I think the proper way depends on each individual case. There’s not a blanket answer to how to deal with these kinds of things. In Maxine’s case, she’s clearly an order of fries short of a Happy Meal. I think the more she’s left alone and maybe even encouraged, the more effective opposition to her will end up being.

TODD: Short of fries? (laughing) How many short? She’s clearly an order of fries short of a Happy Meal. That’s Rush’s enduring wisdom. I can tell you laughing in the face of these people works. Now, what’s gonna happen when Black Lives Matter hears this?


TODD: I want to remind people of something. I am aware that H.R. 1, this so-called For the People Act… This ridiculous federal takeover of elections, if that passes, we are in the most dire of possible circumstances. If they pack the Supreme Court, we are in the most dire of possible circumstances in this. We don’t need to win this second. The left is already beginning to eat the left.

We need to continue to stall them while we have great governors like Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott and Kristi Noem in many ways, great governors, who are standing up to the march of the left, saying, “We’re going to be Second Amendment sanctuary zones.” They are protesting, protesting, and we have never seen the left’s a legitimate protest go unmolested.

It is always turned into a drive for power for the elites every time. Communism is no different. Look at Patrisse Cullors, the cofounder of Black Lives Matter, Inc., purchasing a $1.4 million home. That’s a good… She’s a well-trained Marxist. The Marxist leaders always get that. Look at the Castros. They take what people believe is legitimate…

Communism is not legitimate, but they take it as legitimate and say, “This is for the people’s rights!” It’s hijacked, and the elites end up in charge. Conservatism is the opposite of this. (laughing) If we win, you win. And like I said, Rush said he was in the free speech business. The show was entertaining with him. It was informative with him like no other. And it was also an ongoing protest against leftism.

But unlike the left’s theft of legitimate protests, Rush’s show was never hijacked.

RUSH: The Minneapolis police didn’t arrest the officers involved at all — not very soon. Well, you know the George Floyd story. So legitimate protests — and they were legitimate. Legitimate anger, legitimate, “We’ve had it up to here” were hijacked. Legitimate protests became opportunities for rioters, looters, Antifa. What began as protests became hijacked by organized leftist organizations who were allowed to push out of work protesters from protests to anarchy. There was looting before Antifa arrived, but nothing like we saw over the weekend.

And while this is going on, you had to look far and wide to find any leadership in cities and states. National Guard should have been activated as soon as the first riots began. It was stunning to me how many nights in a row this went on, and every night here comes television, whatever network to televise it like it was its own sporting event with very little serious effort engaged into stop it. Blue state governors let fires burn. Business districts were damaged. Even the mayor of Atlanta had had enough, went on TV and said, “Just stop.” She ripped into these people, said, “You didn’t do this after Martin Luther King was assassinated.” Which is true.

You know, go back to 1968, the Democrats lost big because they were seen as tied to this stuff. And I’m gonna tell you, you Republicans out there, if you’re worried about the election in November, don’t be. Just figure out a way to tie all of this to the Democrat Party because that’s where its home is.

What you’re watching in all these blue states when you watch these riots, you are watching the Democrat Party’s chickens come home to roost. This is what the Democrat Party has been guaranteeing will happen for 50 years. They’ve been lying to their voters. They have been lying to the American people. They’ve been making all of these exorbitant promises that never can come true. And every time that becomes obvious, what do you end up doing? Blaming Republicans for people’s misery. Blaming Republicans for whatever racism, bigotry, homophobia, whatever else is out there, blame the Republicans for it. And they always get away with that because of their sycophant buddies in the media.

But this is exactly what you get when you promise utopia and the moon to people for 50 years. And you don’t even come close to delivering. And then one day the country elects somebody who really causes some great economic activity to happen, people create new wealth, new opportunity, unemployment goes way down, and because you believed in what the Democrats said, you’re not participating in it because you’re waiting for government to make you rich, you’re waiting for government to do something for you. So then you get even angrier when other people are doing well and you’re not. Time to blame Trump for it all.

But this is what you get, the Democrat Party, unchecked power, 50 years.

TODD: We’ll continue to track, of course, the unchecked power of the mob that we hope is checked in Minnesota.

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