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TODD: The EIB Network is gonna introduce a new podcast series in May. It’s hosted by James Golden, who you know as Bo Snerdley, the Official Program Observer, the show’s call screener — also, at one point, the Official Obama Criticizer. He may well be the most informed human being on behind-the-scenes activity of Rush’s radio program.

The podcast is called “Rush Limbaugh: The Man Behind the Golden EIB Microphone,” and it’s gonna be on iHeartRadio or wherever you find your favorite podcast. It takes you behind the scenes for an intimate look at the way Rush operated and gives you a sense of how Rush changed America as we know it with that Golden EIB Microphone.

This debuts less than a month from now on Wednesday May 12th. It’s sponsored by Tunnel to Towers and MyPillow, two sponsors of this radio program and friends of EIB.






Just as a personal note to this, James is one heck of a storyteller. You are gonna love this. It’s going to be a treat.

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