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TODD: Remember a few weeks ago — I guess it was about a month ago — the New York Times tried to write… Actually, I had the honor of… I hadn’t been in a New York Times hit piece in a number of years. They tried to roll me into a piece on the so-called disinformation that they ran about the same time where they had run a tiny little correction to say, “Oh, Brian Sicknick, the officer,” God rest him, comfort his family, “in Washington, D.C., wasn’t actually beaten in the head with anything.”

For weeks they told us that he had been beaten in the head with a fire extinguisher, and his friends and family had to picture that in their minds and now we’ve learned officially that Brian Sicknick, officer — God rest him, comfort his family — died of natural causes not related to any injury January 6th. So now we know.

But, look, give the Democrats a break. It served its purpose. The purpose could be to say to John Roberts, Supreme Court, “You can’t hear election fraud causes! There was an armed insurrection attempt,” oh, wait, it wasn’t armed, “and an officer was beaten to death!” Oh, wait. No, he died of a stroke, and so they paddle this stuff all back.

Right, and the Supreme Court has rejected another challenge to the Pennsylvania election results. Those are blatantly illegal. Unconstitutional. The state legislature did not change the voting rules in Pennsylvania to allow that mail-in voting. That was done with the stroke of a pen. So we’re back to yesterday we talked about activist judges that…

An activist judge is someone who says, “I don’t care what the law says, what the Constitution says. I know what I’m supposed to do for my party,” but the media also, the mockingbirds, told us, ” Sicknick! Sicknick! Sicknick! Armed insurrection! Armed insurrection!” They never took that back. How many times did Rush try to get the GOP to understand they will never get fair treatment by the mockingbird media members?

RUSH: Forcing them to change, making them change, having them see the light so that they change on their own, that isn’t gonna happen. New York Times isn’t gonna stop being New York Times, and CNN isn’t gonna stop being CNN. What has to happen is that more and more people are persuaded and informed to not believe what they see or hear from any of these mainstream media outlets.

TODD: And also find the channels that don’t do this. The coverage of the Derek Chauvin trial, there are local sources who have actually covered the detail and the nuance to the case. They really have. They’ve covered the defense the position and it’s great to see, because an informed populous doesn’t turn to victims of mainstream media rioting.

Right? Find that as we wait now, this case is in the hands of a jury who knows United States congresswoman wants blood unless they convict on second-degree murder! Let’s talk to Jim in Kansas. Jim, you’re on the Rush Limbaugh program. Todd Herman, your guide host this week. Glad you called, Jim. Welcome.

CALLER: Hey, thank you for taking my call. Hey, I wonder if Auntie Maxine could be brought up on charges of like jury tampering or something because what she said was a direct threat to the court. She was talking to the jury and to the judge, and she said, “We want what we want or else.”

TODD: Well, I do —

CALLER: I’ll take the answer off the air.

TODD: Wait. Don’t do that to me! I want to say something to you.

CALLER: (laughing)

TODD: Jim, I appreciate you being quick. I know that we get short on time. I just — wait — are you the guy who found out she became a Republican?

CALLER: No. I’ve been a Republican since —

TODD: No. I know you have. I’m saying that Maxine, you know, she has that waiver. Remember that whole thing about jury tampering that has that asterisk next to it that says, “Unless you’re a Democrat” right, in the law?

CALLER: Yeah. She’s not a Republican, so she can’t be charged.

TODD: But you bring up this great point, because they did it to Trump. They panicked over Trump. They went apoplectic over Trump. It’s a great point within Jim. Thank you for the phone call. This is exactly what Rush was just saying. That’s exactly what he just said, and… Oh, man. There’s no program like this program for getting in the ears of people in journalism.

They’ll never admit it, but they listen, because of the footprint that Rush created, the size of the audience you and he created together. To journalists: Do you really want to further burn down your profession by not treating Maxine Waters to the same treatment that President Trump endured? Please don’t confuse flyover country with dumb-dumb country.

We’re not dumb-dumbs.

We’re not even dumb.

We watch and we’ve seen the way you cover him versus her and on a range of things.

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