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TODD: Man, it’s not you, you are not crazy. We’re not the crazy ones. The world is being spun around in a psychological test of sanity. We’ll be the same ones. This weekend my pastor had mentioned that, like, you know, the left is so busily making evil into good that one day it will be a virtue to steal. I wanted to jump from my seat and say, “But, but, but Pastor, they’re doing that now. That’s a thing.”

Left Coast politicians are saying, “Don’t be bothered by looting. It’s a fine thing.”

Well, I mean, of course, if you are with the right groups. Now California is weighing “equitable math.” No, not bookkeeping where your columns equal out. Equitable math. Because obtaining the correct answer is racist. It’s a giant war against standards, and look, Rush valued intelligence and hard work. Above all, Rush was determined that being a lifelong victim or thinking of yourself as one is a way to be miserable forever. And Rush was aghast to see anyplace, but especially colleges, offering young people safe spaces from ideas.

RUSH: They’re demanding safe spaces at places like Yale and at Mizzou and many other college campuses. What are safe spaces? Where they are not subjected to people that disagree and where they’re not subjected to symbols that hurt their feelings, and they’re not subjected to negative comments, and they’re not subjected to jokes that they don’t like. In other words, they are shielded and protected from reality. They are basically — I don’t know any word to describe them but cowards. They’re just scared to death of reality. They’re scared to death of life. And they have been raised and educated to believe that it is legitimately possible to shield yourself from anything that’s upsetting.

And if somebody gets through that shield and succeeds in upsetting you, then they have to go. We’ve got to do something about them. We can’t handle symbols that offend us. We can’t handle speech that bothers us. We can’t handle actions. We can’t handle just the normal day-to-day aspects and characteristics of life. They have been shielded from them. I’m not talking about the leaders of this, the Black Lives Matter. These are hardcore leftist community organizers out of the Saul Alinsky, Barack Obama school, and they have manipulated these kids. They’ve recognized what they’ve got, and they’re manipulating them perfectly. They have turned them into their own little army.

This is going to change forever if people don’t get a handle on this. But right now, the adults are totally caving the politically correct crowd, including manipulative adults and shielded-from-reality students are running the show. The inmates are running the asylum. You know, I’m fascinated by cultural shifts, cultural evolution, ’cause I care about the future of the country. I’m very much concerned about the kind of people we’re raising, educating, how we’re raising them, how we’re educating them.

What kind of country are we going to have when these little brats end up becoming adults and someday become the targets of the kind of treatment they are handing out? These people are no more prepared for the realities of life anywhere in the world… In fact, they may be less prepared for it than people who are not going to college. I think college is regressing. It’s causing… It’s stunting the growth. I think it is giving these kids a false sense of their power and their security. I think it’s creating a convoluted and distorted version of what’s possible and what isn’t.

And I think it’s the exact opposite of preparing them for lives as adults, and I fear for what is going to happen when this country’s in the hands of people like this. Not just the manipulators, but the students as well. Jason Whitlock, of all people, has characterized it thus. “Young people — of all colors and economic levels — are not nurtured the way they used to be.

“They’re far more sensitive and vulnerable than previous generations. What rolled off our shoulders crushes them. They see themselves as unwilling to take [BS]. We see them as soft and unprepared for a world that has never once been fair or concerned with individual feelings.” I don’t subscribe to all of that, but I think it’s a fairly accurate characterization of many of the students, the joiners in these protests. Not the leaders. The leaders are a whole different ball of wax, just like it always is throughout liberalism.

The liberal leaders are a far different breed of cat than the rank-and-file followers are, and I’m talking about the followers here, the average, ordinary student getting caught up in all this. But it’s not getting caught up. I think it’s legitimate. I think they’re genuinely afraid. Somebody goes driving down the street with a Confederate flag flying from the car, and they get scared to death. They feel personally threatened. They demand something be done about it. And the school didn’t do anything about it, so the university president had to be fired.

They got scared with somebody driving around town with a Confederate flag. Well, no, scared or oppor… The leaders… This is any point: The leaders see an opportunity in this. I think there’s genuine fright over this. That’s my whole point. I think in some of these young people, there is a total inability to deal with anything that is outside their comfort level. What’s most fascinating is the way the adults are dealing with it. By adults, I mean, the faculty and the administration.

TODD: And Jason Whitlock, by the way… I was just reading this. He got either suspended or… (interruption) Yeah. Suspended, I think it’s from Twitter. Rush just mentioned him. He’s fighting. He refuses to take the knee to get his account back. What Rush talked about there is simply multiplying, now that you have the ability to simply say, “I am offended by a brown bag lunch,” and it is all about division. And we’ll talk more about this when… You won’t believe what’s racist next. We’ll talk about this next — and, by the way, when everything is racist, nothing is racist.


TODD: Just a little bit of just simple logic. May you draw this out. It’s symbolic logic, if you like. But if everything is racist, nothing is racist. And this plays against the hands that the left is playing and overplaying with the full and complete cooperation of the mockingbird media and so-called public health officials. Leftism has soaked into everything, and that’s of course, on purpose. That was the drive wass to make sure that happened. Cheese! This is from PJ Media.

Cheese is a racist thing. Matt Margolis, PJ Media, has learned that “[e]nvironmentalists in Brighton and Hove in England are trying to get more plant-based school meals, citing not only the environmental impact of animal agriculture and fishing industries, as well the apparent racism of dairy products.” When things like… When your life’s work can be deconstructed with a stupid, simple statement from some rodeo clown talk show host — if everything is racist, nothing is racist — you are standing on nothing.

So one of these leftists talks about “Arguably, there is a racist element to serving dairy too much because 65% of the world’s population are lactose intolerant, many from the BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) community.” Oh, wait. Did you know there’s a new acronym? Did you know this? BAME. BAME. Are you a BAME member? Black, Asian, Minority, Ethnic community, BAME. Are you a BAME?

I remember when BIPOC came out. I remember a meeting with some people in news and someone said “BIPOC.” I started to ask, “What does…?” And I went, “I don’t care,” not that I don’t care about the people. But the lady said, “No, what were you gonna ask me?” I said, “I was gonna ask you what BIPOC meant, then I decided I don’t care,” and people thought I was the rude one. BAME!

Now, let me prove my point about if everything is racist, nothing is racist. You try this experiment sometime with a little kid. Tell a little kid everything is a dog, and everything will be a dog. Don’t tell a little kid everything is hot, ’cause then they’ll never know what hot is and they’ll burn themselves — or if everything is down. If everything is food, nothing is food.

Cheese, math, giving the right answer in math… So when people like woman that Biden’s dementia has chosen to be U.S. ambassador to the U.N., Linda Thomas-Greenfield, says the U.S. was founded on white supremacy (big sigh), interesting thing that being founded on white supremacy made it possible to not only do away with the perversion of slavery, but to have black officeholders pretty early on — and black leaders pretty early on.

Interesting that, ain’t? They were either really bad white supremacists or really stupid people, and I don’t think the founders were stupid people. Of course, the cliche is (and it’s true) to judge people in our era with our rules at their time is nonsense. You must judge them at their time, and in their time, they led the way in ridding the world of slavery. They did. It’s what they did.

But the fact is, they want to see the world in a certain way. More importantly, they want young BAME members (such a terrible phrase) to believe that they’re victimized and that the only thing that can save them — the only thing that can save them — is someone like a Maxine Waters.

Can you imagine believing that your existence exists on Maxine Waters saving you or Joe Biden’s dementia? “I don’t know if I can live without Joe Biden’s dementia.” Pushing racism is at every level is a great tool of commission, and it’s an evil that the left employed. Rush Limbaugh abhorred racism, and how the left wants their followers to view everything through race-colored glasses.

RUSH: For all this talk about colorblind society, I think I am one of the few who actually live that. I mean, Geraldo Rivera, all the owners in the NBA are Jewish, who thinks like this? I don’t. But one thing I’ve noted to liberals, you are what you look like. Part and parcel, the first thing they see about somebody is their skin color.

Then they want to know the sexual orientation. Then they want to know the gender. And once they have the answers to all of those curiosities, then they group those people into whatever victim group here or victim group there. And then they begin showering them with two things: Sympathy and low expectations.

You’ve heard of the phrase, the soft bigotry of low expectations? That’s exactly what liberalism owns. They look at people based on their skin color, their gender, their sexual orientation. They see people who are incompetent, incapable of overcoming the odds because they’re such victims.

The rest of the country is so mean and so prejudiced and so racist and so bigoted, all they do is feel sorry for or think these people are incompetent, incapable, therefore liberals are needed to guide them through the rough patches and so forth. It really is a demeaning worldview. It’s a demeaning way to look at people.

And yet they, at the same time, are out demanding that we have a colorblind society. The last thing in the world they’ll ever permit is a colorblind society. f you remove from their arsenal the charge that their opponents are racist, you take away over half of their power. So they don’t ever want to actually be something that’s solved, and they don’t think it ever can be. They think it’s institutional and part of the founding of the country.

TODD: And just imagine this. If you’re a BAME member — Black, Asian, um, marginalized… I forget. Minority? Marginalized? But these terrible phrases for groups of people. BIPOC. If you’re a black person, just let me ask question. How do you feel when you know that leftists…? I’m not joking. This is not a joke. I can play you the audio.

Leftists are saying that being on time for meetings is white supremacy. If you are a black parent of black kids, do you sit your kids down and say, “Hey, listen, you don’t need to be on time when I call you. When I tell you to meet me in front of the school, let’s say at 15 minutes after practice or let’s say, you know, 5:30, don’t come on time ’cause that’s the white man’s game.

“Don’t show up to church on time. Don’t show up to your job on time. That’s…” No. That’s chaos. Oh, that’s right. Oh, that’s right. The whole point of tyranny and these rules that make no sense and this gaslighting — the whole point — is to create chaos, so then they can point back at the same and say, “See! It doesn’t. All the black people are getting…”

They’re late!

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