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BRETT: Those are just absolutely remarkable stories. We have Zimmerman Meats out of Summersville, Missouri; we have Julie Welch’s Oak Knolls Manor, LLC; and, of course, Patty and Rick Kline, Sittler Golf out of Pennsylvania. Remarkable stories all.

KATHRYN: Yes — and, like I say, we received thousands of nominations, and we’ve gone through a lot of them, and every story is as remarkable, to be completely honest, and it’s very difficult to choose. But I know that’s what we have to do.

BRETT: Yeah.

KATHRYN: So we have picked a winner for this week, which will be the second Rush Limbaugh Great American Business Award, and that recipient will be receiving, one, the award, but also a $25,000 grant.


KATHRYN: And I just wanted to briefly explain, again, that Rush set aside a fund specifically for this award. So there are going to be additional recipients, and each will receive $25,000 from Rush that he set aside early in the year.

BRETT: Fantastic. That is remarkable, and it’s really demonstrating the commitment he had to that super huge, important endeavor, that being the great American businesses out here. So do we have a winner?

KATHRYN: Yes, we do. (laughs) So today, for the second Rush Limbaugh Great American Business Award recipient, it will be Jon and Lindsey Cartwright of Zimmerman Meats, who we spoke to first today.

BRETT: A compelling story, a family business — and it is proof, Kathryn, that your dreams can come true if you’re just willing to pursue them and put in the hard work.

KATHRYN: That’s absolutely right. Congratulations, Jon and Lindsey — and thank you, Lindsey, for nominating your husband and telling us your story, and I’m sure it’s inspired a lot of others listening.

BRETT: And thank you so much for allowing me to participate with you today, Kathryn, on this very special endeavor. It’s the highlight of my week and month to get to spend time with you, making these dreams come true for these hardworking businessmen and women.

KATHRYN: Well, thank you very much, Brett. It’s a pleasure to be here.

BRETT: Likewise. I appreciate you. Have a wonderful week and I look forward to getting back together with you again soon.

KATHRYN: Thank you. You all as well. Have a great weekend.

BRETT: You as well, Kathryn. Kathryn Limbaugh, ladies and gentlemen. Plenty more straight ahead. So happy to see these dreams getting to come true.

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