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BRETT: I am Brett Winterble, your guide host today on the Rush Limbaugh Show, and it is a real treat for me to welcome Kathryn Limbaugh back to the program. Kathryn, how are you? It is so good to talk to you.

KATHRYN: Well, Brett, great to talk to you and everyone as well. I’m doing well. Very good. Thank you.

BRETT: You know, I’m aware that coming up tomorrow and Saturday is two months since we lost the most amazing man in all of our lives. And, you know, I just wanted to say how much we obviously miss him, how much the audience misses him and how much we’re thinking about you and the family. And it’s been an amazing time to see the outpouring of folks coming to support him, to talk about Rush.

You narrated a very poignant, emotional, special tribute to Rush, a beautiful one-hour program on video that was made available first to this audience, Tribute to Radio’s Greatest of All Time, Rush Hudson Limbaugh. Thank you for doing that. Can you talk a little bit how this came together and where the listeners can watch it?

KATHRYN: Absolutely. We really wanted everyone to be able to be a part of Rush’s life, beyond the radio and the current times. We wanted to go back to his early days when he first started — when he first had the idea of what he wanted to do — to being a deejay on to winning the Medal of Freedom.

So, we really just took a look back at his life through the eyes of his friends and family and people that he worked with, and it was wonderful. It was great to hear people commenting on Rush in different ways, talking about his love of golf, or talking about his career passions, or talking about everything that he had to do to get to where he ended up.

So, it was wonderful — and definitely, if you haven’t seen it, please do. It’s called Radio’s Greatest of All Time, which of course is fitting for him, and it is available at RushLimbaugh.com. We wanted to first air it there so that all of you could see it first.

BRETT: It is an amazing journey, and there’s so much warmth in it. It is absolutely remarkable. You know, over the years that I worked with Rush on the show, you know, his passion for life, for everything was so present. And to see it translated out by this testimony is absolutely remarkable.

KATHRYN: Well, thank you so much. It was wonderful to do, and everybody that was a part of it really contributed in a significant way, and we encourage you to see it if you haven’t.

BRETT: Absolutely!

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