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Brett Winterble Stack of Stuff

Apr 16, 2021

Topics Discussed on Today’s Excursion into Broadcast Excellence
  • RushLimbaugh.com: A Tribute to Radio’s Greatest of All Time – Rush Hudson Limbaugh III
  • RushLimbaugh.com: A Message to Millennials: Lose Faith in Obama, Not the Country – 04.25.14
  • RushLimbaugh.com: The Riots Are an Offshoot of the Democrat Party – 06.02.20
  • RushLimbaugh.com: Democrats Redefine Packing the Court – 10.12.20
  • RushLimbaugh.com: Trump Is Filling Vacancies, Not “Packing the Court” – 10.13.21
  • RushLimbaugh.com: Andrew the Pious – 01.10.13
  • RushLimbaugh.com: Barack on Wokeness and Michelle on Whiteness – 10.13.19
  • Commentary: Obama’s Staggering Record of Failure – Peter Wehner
  • AP: Police: 8 dead in shooting at FedEx facility in Indianapolis
  • Chicago Tribune: Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot says video of Adam Toledo’s fatal shooting by police ‘incredibly difficult to watch,’ calls for peace as city braces for its release
  • Star Tribune: Derek Chauvin tells court he will not testify; judge unexpectedly resuming proceedings this afternoon
  • New York Post: Bernie Sanders breaks with the ‘Squad’ on defunding the police
  • The Hill: Progressives put Democrats on defense
  • Politico: Pelosi dismisses progressive ‘court packing’ legislation
  • New York Post: Pelosi rejects fellow Democrats’ ‘court-packing’ bill, will not bring it to vote
  • The Hill: Conservatives slam ties between liberal groups, White House
  • Politico: Documents reveal massive ‘dark-money’ group boosted Democrats in 2018
  • Politico: Liberal dark-money behemoth raised nearly $140 million last year
  • PJ Media: Here’s Proof Kamala Harris Doesn’t Care About Kids Suffering In Border Facilities
  • Breitbart: Governor Pete Ricketts Declares Nebraska a ‘2nd Amendment Sanctuary State’
  • WND: Prof rejects calls to resign after rebuking his ‘woke’ university
  • Daily Wire: 14 Times Democrats Admitted Court-Packing Is A Terrible Idea
  • FOXNews: Indianapolis FedEx facility shooting leaves 8 dead, gunman’s identity unknown
  • Brett Winterble of WBT-AM&FM/Charlotte guided today’s show. Check out Brett’s Stack of Stuff — and remember, Rush 24/7 Members can enjoy all three hours of this or any broadcast via audio streaming or as a podcast.

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