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KEN: Nikki Haley… She’s regarded as the frontrunner of the 2024 GOP presidential contenders, okay? Now, I go back and forth. I was a huge Nikki Haley fan, but I do go back and forth a little bit because, you know, there’s kind of an ebb and flow of her support and/or relationship with President Trump. But, anyway, earlier this week she answered a question:

“Would you put your name in the running if President Trump chose to run again?” and she said, “No, I would not run,” reinforcing the notion that she believes it’s still President Trump’s party and her chances of running and winning are greatly diminished if Trump chooses to run. Here’s what Rush had to say about Nikki.

RUSH: Nikki Haley makes it clear to me that the Republican Party is Trump’s party. Nikki Haley’s change in tone and outright support for Trump is proving his impact on the party. Nikki Haley’s change in tone and apparent outright support for Trump proves his impact on the Republican Party because everybody thinks that she’s seeking the Republican nomination in 2024. She’s denying it, but that’s what you do in politics.

Now, I don’t know Nikki Haley’s heart. I’ve never met her. I don’t know if she has evolved in her respect for Trump’s political acumen, implementation of conservatism in unconventional ways — and that’s what Trump is. He’s a nonideological implementation of conservatism. He’s not an ideologue, but he’s got lot of common sense, which is what conservatism is.

KEN: And talking about Nikki, again, her story is so incredible, and I think she has said so many great things, and I have not read her book out — read her book yet, rather — but it is out, or it’s coming out. But it’s the way that she and just a handful of other Republicans were kind of waffly around January 6, and they were waffly around the election, which I believe was a fraudulent election. See, conservatives, we don’t really beat around the bush.

When someone says to me, “Do you think Biden stole the election?”

“Uh, well… Uh, let me… Y’know, you have to realize that, uh, you know, there’s a lot…”

Yeah, he stole the election! Have you seen him? Have you seen him try to make a sentence? Have you seen one of his rallies? Of course he stole the election. We’re just trying to figure out how it happened. That’s the difference, and I… When politicians start to hem and haw, I start to worry — when they say, “Well, you have to understand, sometimes elections get stolen.”


KEN: I love it when this happens, and it happens regularly on the Rush Limbaugh Show on the EIB Network. There’s a discussion or something — maybe with a caller, maybe Rush’s words of wisdom — and then within seconds, you’re just scrolling through social media during the commercial break just to see if something broke — like maybe Kamala Harris is now president — something changing quickly, you know?

Anyway, we were just talking about how I and probably 85-90 million other people believe that there was fraud in the election and that’s how Joe won, and here’s a Rasmussen poll. Here’s a survey right here: “By a margin of 51 to 44%, voters said it was likely that cheating affected the outcome. That included 74% of Republicans and 30% of Democrats. Forty-seven percent said it is likely Democrats stole or destroyed ballots for former President Donald Trump to help Joe Biden win.

“That included 75% of Republicans and 30% of Democrats. An even 50%, said it was unlikely that ballots were destroyed.” So the worst thing you have is half the people surveyed — and I understand it’s a survey, and, you know, surveys can be spun different ways, and I’m sure it was down in the fine print it tells you how many people. Let me see here. It’s usually like a thousand and they’ve called, et cetera, et cetera.

But the worst thing there is half the people said it’s “unlikely ballots were destroyed.” Well, you know there’s a lot more to this fraud than ballots, and that’s… It will be coming out. You know, it’s coming out now piece by piece. There’s things going on in about six states right now, and no one’s covering it. Unless you’re a geek like me or maybe a fellow student of history and you’re following it. But it’s happening right now, and that’s something that we have in our favor.

You know how Hillary went around and…? Well, she went… She ran for president, what, five times? And then the last three times, she ran, every time she loses, “Well, that’s because people are sexist, and I think it was stolen.” And then at one point somebody said Hillary lost ’cause people are racist, and that I didn’t understand. She’s an independently white, wealthy woman. I don’t know. But she didn’t have any proof.

We have proof. When I say we, I’m talking about people that are pro-Trump and believe in Trump and voted for Trump. We actually have proof. And the reason I think the proof we have is so powerful is every time we try to share it, somebody attacks us. You put it on Twitter? You’re gone. You want to go on a show and talk about it? You’re not gonna come on.

That’s what tells me there’s something to it. ‘Cause if there was nothing to it, the left would let us all embarrass ourselves, right? They’d say, “Oh, my gosh. We counted all votes. Ha! Biden won by a landslide.” But they have not recounted any votes yet. That’s something else that people don’t know. People are under the impression that there’s been audits and recounts and reviews and cases and… No.

None of the evidence has been allowed to get out in the news media, and no judge has taken it yet. That is probably the biggest con job in the history of the United States — and by law, you have to keep federal election records for 22 months. So this could play out for more, for a longer time. That’s why they said 20 months, because eight months into it, if you find a truckload of this or tinkered-with computer over here, you have some recourse.

And in some states, they’re destroying the evidence. Anyway, it’s gonna be very interesting as we approach 2022 and 2024. Some of the funniest people I know are Never Trumpers — funny in the sense that they can’t explain why. Have you ever asked somebody, “Oh, I hate Trump! I hate him.” “Why?” “I just do! You know?” (laughing) It’s like, do liberals just stop growing at age 11? They’re in the middle of a tantrum at age 11 over, I don’t know, a broken toy.

And then boop! They stop growing and now they’re 58 years old and they’re running a major company. The same tangent. People like John Kasich or that flake Flake. What’s Flake’s first name, Crash? I always forget. Flake Flake. Anyway. But…? (interruption) What is it? (interruption) Floyd Flake! Who the heck is Floyd Flake? That’s not his first name, is it? I don’t think so.

But that’s very funny sounding, and it also employs alliteration. So Rush had a great… He showcased a great story that was actually in the Washington Examiner which is kind of ironic, because that’s… They’re the people that just posted the poll on how so many people believe the election was stolen. Here’s Rush sharing that on Never Trumpers.

RUSH: Fascinatingly funny story here in the… It’s all over the place. My copy of it here is in the Washington Examiner. The reporter here is David Drucker, and the headline: “No Primary Challenger: Never-Trump Republicans Resign Themselves to Clear 2020 Path for President” to win the Republican nomination. You know, Trump has never slipped below 70% approval among Republicans, and he’s really not even close to 70% now. Trump’s approval rating among Republicans is among the highest in modern-day American politics.

Trump’s approval number among Republicans rivals Reagan’s approval number in Republicans and George W. Bush’s, and so there isn’t any empirical data out there that would suggest that the Republican Party needs to nominate something else. But here come the Never Trumpers (again and again and again) thinking, “We’ve gotta nominate one of us! We’ve gotta nominate somebody. We’ve gotta stop this guy,” and they just can’t get it done. In the first place, they can’t find anybody. Number two, there isn’t anybody who wants to take on Trump.

Some of the pull quotes from this story: “Many Republicans are uncomfortable with Trump and view the former vice president, an old-school liberal, as an acceptable Democrat, at least compared to the modern liberals that comprise most of the rest of the party’s crowded field.” See, and that is the problem. Biden is an… To the Never Trumpers, Biden is an acceptable Democrat.

Trump is not an acceptable Republican. And it boils down to the fact that (impression) “Trump doesn’t have the proper civility and he doesn’t have the proper decorum, and he doesn’t have the proper character and he doesn’t have the proper sophistication. He doesn’t meet with the demands of us in the Never Trumpers.” And these are people with their attitudes who are one of the reasons the Republican Party has continued to lose in whatever fights we found ourselves in. The culture war fights, the ideological battles, battles over the economy and so forth.

The fact that we’ve got some Republicans who think Biden is an acceptable alternative to Trump, because they can’t find anybody like Biden in our party to run against Trump? They really think Biden would be an independent actor in office? They really think Biden is not your typical, left-wing radical Democrat like all the rest of them are in the Democrat Party? They really think that he would be a JFK-like Democrat, not controlled by the radicals who are now the mainstream base of that party?

Are these Never-Trump Republicans that obtuse? Are they really that blind? They really don’t see? I think it’s the case. One of the problems that we’ve always had — and I know I’m speaking for lots of you. Over the course of years, we have had elected Republicans, and we’ve had not even elected Republicans — conservative guests on cable TV, conserve think tank-ers, you name it — and they’ve always given the impression that they understand who the left is and the left’s gotta be stopped. When time comes to do that, they never do.

In fact, they choose to get along with them, and they become part of the same Washington culture and establishment. And they don’t understand the frustration that results from that. Never any criticism. Never any attention. That’s what Trump does, and that’s why people will never abandon Trump is because he’s the first guy that’s come along who, A, recognizes the political enemy and does not blanch or flinch, and is constantly throwing things back in their face and not letting them get away with all the character assassination, the slander and the libel of conservatives.

And yet these people can’t handle it because (impression), “He doesn’t do it with the proper decorum. He doesn’t do it with grace, and he doesn’t do it with civility. He doesn’t do it with sophistication. So we in the Never Trumpers we have to find somebody who has all these wonderful characteristics because it’s the only way we can triumph.” And it’s not the only way you can triumph. In fact, you’re not gonna triumph with just that in your arsenal.

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