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KEN: Did you ever think millions of Americans would be so comfortable with surrendering their rights, releasing their rights, complying to the most ridiculous things and then either nodding in agreement or ignoring the most overreaching things? And I think back to how President Obama was surveilling the news media and wiretapping and surveilling and tracking people that he shouldn’t have been.

Well, like President Donald Trump, to begin with. And that was an outrage. If anybody else did that, they would have been charged with all kinds of things. And no one really cares. That’s the… Well, I know you do. You’re listening, obviously. But the fact that we can’t get the FBI to care, that’s… That’s another thing that’s kind of frustrating. But, again, we are in the majority. Over 80 million of us reelected Donald Trump. That’s what I believe.

That’s what Sidney Powell believes. So that’s a good thing. The downside, though, is how powerful we have allowed — and this didn’t just start with Obama. This started decades ago. This was pre-Bush. Okay? Pre-Iraq war. However, after 9/11, it was on steroids. Remember right after 9/11? Remember right after 9/11, then it was, “Well, because of this, we gotta do that.” Okay.

And we all thought Obama was gonna come in and do what? We all thought he was gonna come in and push back on that rascally George Bush. He actually gave more teeth to the Patriot Act. Remember he was gonna close Gitmo? How did that go, by the way, closing Gitmo? Yeah. So here we are again.

Now, though, the landscape has changing, and so much of what we used or claim to have implemented to target our enemies (either on American soil or on foreign soil, et cetera), we’re just going after Americans who disagree with us. Now we have organizations that have way too much power because we are focused on operation bills and absurdities. I don’t know if you heard this, but “ICE investigators used a private utility database covering millions to pursue immigration violations.”

Here’s Rush.

RUSH: Here from the Washington Post: “Most Americans Back NSA Tracking Phone Records, Prioritize Probes Over Privacy — A large majority of Americans say the federal government should focus on investigating possible terrorist threats even if personal privacy is compromised, and most support the blanket tracking of telephone records in an effort to uncover terrorist activity, according to a new Washington Post-Pew Research Center poll.”

The numbers are 56-41. Fifty-six percent support the government doing whatever, whenever, however. Forty-one percent oppose it. “Fully 45 percent of all Americans say the government should be able to go further than it is, saying that it should be able to monitor everyone?’s online activity if doing so would prevent terrorist attacks. A slender majority, 52 percent, say no such broad-based monitoring should occur.”

Now, did we see polls like this from the media even after 9/11, 2001, or after other terror attacks? I don’t know; maybe we did, but I don’t remember them. But all of a sudden now, in the midst of all of these scandals, PRISM, Verizon, all this stuff, now we’re getting polling data that shows a vast majority support it, and not only support it, but want more of it. More Americans back government tracking than they did in 2006 when word of this first came out. Even though we’ve been told, the president has told us the War on Terror is over.

But the Washington Post claims that it’s because of Obama being president. “With a Democratic president at the helm instead of a Republican, partisan views have turned around significantly.” This is hilarious, for instance, from the article. “Compared with a 2002 Pew poll, Democrats are now 12 percentage points more apt to support the government’s monitoring of all e-mails and other online activity if officials say that it might help prevent terrorist attacks.”

So if the government says they’ve gotta do it, it’s fine with us. If our government tells us that they’ve gotta sweep every bit of online data, it’s fine with us. Apparently the only right to privacy Democrats now believe in is the right to privacy that allows for universal abortions and over-the-counter morning after abortion pills for everybody. But the important difference to bear in mind here is that we now know that Obama is targeting Americans, and we’re getting these polling results. These polls would make sense if the American people were being told that all of this data mining were focusing on foreigners and Al-Qaeda and external threats, but we’re not being told that.

We’re being told bluntly, with no attempt to hide it, that it is Americans’ data which is being mined. It is Americans who are being targeted, which Bush never did. But it looks like the Democrats are fine with that, according to this poll in the Washington Post. As long as Obama is targeting the right Americans, like those dangerous Tea Party people, then everything’s fine with these Democrats. Just amazing.

That’s the Washington Post version of the poll. I’ve got the Pew Research Center version of the poll in this next story. “Majority Views NSA Phone Tracking as Acceptable Anti-terror Tactic.” But it breaks down along party lines. The Democrats, a vast majority, are all for it, doesn’t matter, doesn’t matter what the details are. If it’s the Obama administration doing it, then they’re all in.

KEN: You know, it’s interesting, because Rush had an uncanny ability to explain how history repeats itself and to predict the behavior of leftists, which, one thing about leftists — and you gotta give ’em credit for this — they’re consistent. Whether it’s a socialist, whether it’s a Nazi, whether it’s a communist, consistency. Now, on top of those problems — and we saw what Obama was doing then. Imagine what has happened since January 6th, since the fake insurrection.

Remember the massive armed crowd of Trump supporters that have been called terrorists? There were no guns, no weapons, by the way. No weapons were found, and the majority of people arrested were leftists and Antifa. In fact, the cases are falling apart on a regular basis. Four or five cases a week are falling party. (impression) “I didn’t… I didn’t see… I didn’t see that on Snopes.” ‘Cause Snopes is for dopes. The whole reason January 6th happen is so the paradigm can shift.

So Biden can say, “You’re a terrorist because maybe you have a rebel flag on your car or you wear a Trump hat or you have a big Trump sign on your yard. We gotta key an eye on you.” So that’s what makes this even worse. You have these giant, institutional bureaucracies that were designed — many came of age during and after World War II — to protect all of us from outside threats or external threats that ended up inside, like Russian spies or spies from China that are sleeping with Eric Swalwell.

We don’t know the amount officially yet. But he is on the Intelligence Committee, so I’m sure someone will find it out and shred it for us. We thought it was for that. No! No! Obama was real clever. He designed this apparatus so the FBI will cover for him and target his political enemies along with the CIA and DHS. Well, for that matter, anybody. The DOJ. That’s the scariest thing. Once you give away your rights, you will never get them back.

It’s a fact. It’s historically proven.

Once you say, “Okay, I’ll never say this again, I won’t talk that way. I’ll never say that,” you’re never gonna say it again. Once you say, “I’ll wear a mask to the beach,” besides looking like an idiot, you’ll never, ever be able to go to the beach bout checking with someone, “Do I need a mask?” “Yeah, ’cause I heard there was a shark warning.” “Should I wear a mask?” And then the redefinition of terms. Terrorism is no longer terrorism. Terrorism is anytime a political opponent gets a liberal upset, and then (blowing up sound), there goes social media.

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