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KEN: Now, Foot Locker has given $200 million in donations total to Black Lives Matter — $200 million donated to BLM, and then… I don’t know if you’ve been following along. I think someone needs to… I’m not being derogatory when I say this, but I’m being serious. There’s a channel for everything. There is a channel for everything.

Someone needs to start a Riot Channel, and you can just click on it, and you can just punch it in. “Minnesota,” whatever. You know, “Milwaukee,” wherever, to keep up with them, ’cause riots or rioting is a major plank of the Democrat Party. It’s the one thing that leftists do well. They can plan and execute a riot better than anybody. You know how you have that friend?

“We’ll have Becky plan the party. She’s awesome and she’s got everything you need.” Well, that’s the left. That’s the Democrats. “We should have what’s his name… You know, if we’re gonna go to Minnesota, we should have what’s his name, ’cause, yeah, he can get the bricks, the pallets, the frozen cans, the soft drinks! He breaks up the blocks. He puts them in the van. He covers them with a tarp. It’s perfect!”

So, Foot Locker stories in Minnesota have been looted, the Foot Locker that gave $200 million to Black Lives Matter. Despite the company doing that, they just looted them again. This is the second or third time Foot Locker has been looted. There’s no sense to what’s going on, and the reason there’s no sense is that with Black Lives Matter, facts don’t matter. Now, moving along to Dallas.

Last night in Dallas, Black Lives Matter protesters took over a restaurant while people were eating dinner. It was very peacefully. It was almost a candlelight vigil, but not quite. They were chanting, “Who burned [dirty word] down?” “Who burned [excrement] down?” and “Silence is violence! Why the [blank] are you quiet?”

RIOTERS: Who burns s(bleep)t down? We burn s(bleeped)t down! Who burns s(bleep)t down? We burn s(bleeped)t down! Who burns s(bleep)t down? We burn s(bleeped)t down!

KEN: Well, and that brings us to what today… I’m sure you got the message there. You can see the passion and the planning that went into it. It’s time for our midweek Democrat vocabulary lesson. Now, last week we learned what the word “infrastructure” meant, and that would be any damn thing that the Democrats say it is. Today, we’re reviewing the word “riot.”

Now, the leftist term “riot” has been used throughout the ages from Baltimore to Atlanta to Newark. In Baltimore it was called, “These are just people that want to be heard.” Rioters are just protesters. So “riot” is an energetic protest whenever leftists do not get their way or when a sports championship. I always thought the rioting was funny when they won.

Did you ever see that? You know, they go to the city — now they’re the world champions — and they’re burning it to the ground. There’s no pleasing these people. You just got the fill in the blank trophy and you’re gonna tip over cars? And one other thing. Who in the heck was looting the dollar store? Did you see that in Minnesota? They were looting the dollar store, and one of my producers said, “Well, maybe it was the toilet paper.”

But I understand Foot Locker. No looting should be done. I get the flat-screen TVs and the backing your truck up and getting appliances. Dude, it’s a dollar store. Unless it’s movie candy. It’s very interesting. And Rush saw this game years and years ago, and we always hear, “What does the news do? Their job is to tell you whatever’s happening around the country that’s in flames or exploding or falling down is peaceful.”

But that has turned into over $1 billion in insurance damage.

Rush said it this way…

RUSH: “$1 Billion-Plus Riot Damage is Most Expensive in Insurance History.” I want to read this. This is in Axios. And they’re all excited. They think this is great. The insurance industry is getting soaked. And they love it. They love a gigantic American corporation or industry which they believe rips everybody off, the insurance industry.

So, here now, the insurance industry, after the death of George Floyd and all the riots in all these blue states and cities, and Axios claims they have an exclusive here. “$1 Billion-Plus Riot Damage is Most Expensive in Insurance History.” And listen to how they write this.

“The vandalism and looting following the death of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis police will cost the insurance industry more than any other violent demonstrations in recent history. Why it matters,” says Axios. Well… “The protests that took place in 140 U.S. cities this spring were mostly peaceful -”

“Mostly peaceful” led to the most expensive insurance payouts in history? How does that work? They were “mostly peaceful, but the arson, vandalism and looting that did occur will result in at least $1 billion to $2 billion of paid insurance claims — eclipsing the record set in Los Angeles in 1992,” after the Rodney King imbroglio.

Now, why it matters, folks, is because we, the consumers, are going to end up paying higher premiums for our own insurance, not to mention we’re gonna have to pay higher prices for things because every business and company is gonna have to pay higher insurance premiums themselves. But I’ll guaran-damn-tee you the 20 years old at Axios don’t know anything about insurance except that they’re supposed to hate it. And that they’re on their parents’ health insurance plan, so it’s not even a responsibility that they have. They just love it that some industry is getting soaked.

But how in the world can you claim that riot damage of 1 billion to $2 billion, most expensive in insurance history, is the result of mostly peaceful? Mostly peaceful demonstrators. It’s just such a crock. Think Portland where they had riots every night for a hundred nights in a row. From NPR News: “With violent crime on the rise in Minneapolis, City Council asks: Where are the police?”

These people are just flat-out stupid. The Minneapolis city council president, Lisa Bender, she was all over MSNBC arguing with great praise just a few months ago that calling police when somebody busts into your home comes from a place of privilege, white privilege. She wanted to abolish the police department, start over. She’s young, and she’s white. Now, city council president, now she’s complaining that the police are not arresting enough people and crime is going up. I’m not making this up. I literally am not making this up. This is how dumb and stupid these people are.

A great example of the chickification, by the way, of the culture. But, I mean, for crying out loud. I know you think I’m making it up. I am not. The Minneapolis city council is mad. Where are the cops? They got rid of the cops! They said having the cops able to come to your house is white privilege, it’s unfair. They’re part of the defund the police movement. Now they wonder where they are.

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