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KEN: I am of the belief that political correctness has brought this country to its knees, literally — if you’ve ever seen a ballgame now — and figuratively. We have been put on our knees, because political correctness is another way of saying, “No free speech for you,” and that’s part of the word games and the many games that the left plays. “We get to do this. We get to throw a brick, we get to burn this down, but you’re not allowed to have a Twitter account.”

You see how it works? Yeah. All you have to do is follow along with the narrative, and this is what really worries me, because now we have — and this just broke — a bunch of corporations and CEOs that have signed a letter. It’s in an advertisement. New York Times and Washington Post today. Yeah, including General Motors, Netflix, Starbucks, Amazon, BlackRock, Google, Berkshire Hathaway. Yeah, Warren Buffett even signed it.

And it’s a statement. Now, listen carefully to this because this is where the word games come in. It’s a statement that opposes “restrictive voting bills.” So first we have the news media and probably every Democrat I know, both personally and through the media, lie about what the voting law in Georgia really did. They lied about it. They said stupid things, divisive things — angry and hateful things — like, “This is the twenty-first century Jim Crow,” or as Biden said, “This is Jim Eagle!”

Corn Pop! Wet leg hair! That’s what he said, when we figured it out. But how does this happen? I mean, these are smart people. (laughs) Warren Buffett is a financial genius. How do they get roped into this? Well, the good news is this: I think America is starting to see through this ridiculousness. Now, there was another ad that you’re not gonna hear much about, ’cause that’s how it works. You only hear the narratives.

So that’s in the New York Times and the Washington Post and all these people, “Well, we better… We better advertise so everybody thinks we care deeply, and we’re all woke and everything. Okay?” But nobody’s talking about the group of black ministers and pastors. They published a full-page ad against the Biden administration and former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams because they said they were…

Stacey and Joe — if I can call them that. They feel like friends, don’t they? Stacey and Joe have been lying through the teeth about the law. It actually makes things easier for people to vote, easier than Colorado, where the Major League Baseball moved, right? The majority of Americans support voter ID. Seventy percent of black voters support voter ID. That’s not important. It’s not part of the narrative.

Now, in the ad in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Conservative Clergy of Color accused Biden and Abrams of lying about the new voting rules passed in the Georgia Election Integrity Act of 2021. But that didn’t stop Will Smith, who I’m a huge fan of. He just took… He just pulled his… He’s making a movie in Georgia. Lot of people make movies in Georgia.

And I’m a huge fan of Tyler Perry. I think Tyler Perry is a genius. I pray that Tyler Perry isn’t going anywhere, ’cause he’s got major roots in Georgia, and he has a wonderful studio there. But Will Smith is pulling out of Georgia over the voting law, which I would bet… Now, I would never bet against Will Smith ’cause he’s… He could probably win the bet.

You know, he’s just got too much money. He would keep upping the ante. I’d say, “I betcha 20 bucks,” and he’d go, “How about 20 million?” and I’d have to walk away. But I bet Will Smith has not even read the Georgia voting law. I bet you most of these people have never read a voting law. This is very, very simple, and Rush spoke of it often. It’s identity politics. Here he is.

RUSH: So, ladies and gentlemen, the Constitution is the single undying idea, unifying idea that binds us together. And here’s the left, the American left believing the Constitution is divisive. This is why we can never agree with them, it’s why there isn’t any common ground. I mean, if we’re gonna take a look at the Constitution, and they see it as a dying relic that is anti-democratic and — in fact, you know, they call it anti-democratic when it is, in the sense that the founders did not want to establish mob rule.

The founders didn’t want to establish a situation in the U.S. Senate where the senators from California could render the senators from Wyoming irrelevant on every vote, why even have a senator from Wyoming. That’s why they did it is to give equal representation to everybody in the country. And most of these people doing the complaining are minorities in one way or another.

And they don’t have the slightest understanding that the Constitution of the United States is the greatest document ever. The greatest document ever written codifying and underscoring the powers of people in the minority. This is the lone document in the history of nations that has given and granted powers and representation to minorities, not to mention enumerating their right to free speech where the government cannot shut up them up, the government cannot tell them what they can and cannot say, the government cannot infringe on their liberty.

The Constitution gives us the first 10 Amendments and the Bill of Rights so that even a unanimous vote in Congress is not enough to strip those God-given rights away because the rights enumerated in our Constitution don’t came from government; they come from God. It is a document for all time. And the fact that the American left now wants to use it as a building block to begin this process of eliminating the role of elections because they simply can’t win every one of them — do not doubt me this is where we’re headed.

And I’ll take this a step further. When we talk about the left and their grievances, what really are they? Where are we at this stage in our culture and society with all of the division, the lack of unity, seemingly drifting further and further apart. In my mind, there is a single — well, it’s more complicated than this, but there’s a really good, primary reason for all of this. And I believe that it all began with the idea of multiculturalism, because that is what has led to identity politics.

And identity politics has become so overwhelmingly the tool of the left, the identifying aspect of liberalism, that it shuts off all other information, debate, discussion, conversation. When you tell people that they don’t have a prayer because of their skin color, when you tell ’em they don’t have a prayer because of their gender, when you tell them they don’t have a prayer because of their nation of origin, and that’s what the United States means, when you tell them the deck is forever stacked against them because of who they are on the surface, well, no wonder you create a bunch of angry people.

But this devotion the left has to identity politics is really the modern root of — as I say, it has various layers, and it’s a little bit more complicated than that. But perhaps you’ve heard of this psychiatrist or psychologist Jordan Peterson out of Canada who is taking audiences by storm. I’ve run name recognition tests by people. Some people have heard of him; some haven’t.

But one of the primary things that he apparently is opening people’s eyes on, young people in audiences, he’s finding a way to eliminate their devotion to identity politics. And when that happens, when you get rid of identity politics and all of its trappings, when you’re able to get people to stop thinking they’re screwed because of their skin color or they’re screwed because of their gender, when you’re able to convince people that that it doesn’t matter, you’re then able to open their minds on ideas, you’re able to have conversations with them, if you’re able to blow up the identity politics.

This is why the left is so desperate to cling to identity politics as the great dividing line. They’re using it to convince more and more people — that’s how they’re making people victims. It’s how they’re converting people into victim status. It’s how they’re persuading people to join the victim parade. And victimhood all comes from identity type characteristics. Your sexual orientation, your sexual preferences, your skin color.

And if it’s anything other than white, including female, if it’s anything other than white, then you have been victimized by the most unfair country on earth, and you must do something about it. Hence all of this stuff on college campus about exploring and obliterating white privilege and trying to convince as many white young men and women that they’re guilty just because they’re white and they’re guilty because their lineage traces to the founding of the country … which of course established a discriminatory power structure of only for primarily white men.


KEN: What Rush said before the break, again, it was brilliant — and on top of brilliance, it was courageous, when you think of all the people that are woke and they walk on eggs because they don’t understand what free speech is — and they’re afraid of what people might think, what people might say, what people might do, what people might spend… And that’s the problem.

If we could just get those people to stand down because they’re making things worse — and that goes for Republicans, Democrats, whatever. If you’re not that clear, if you’re a CEO — and I’m not gonna mention a company — ’cause I’m not that dumb — on national radio. But if you’re the CEO of some company and you’re… You don’t know the facts and you don’t have a clear sense of whatever’s going on, you shouldn’t speak, because it hurts your employees.

It hurts your bottom line. You may think because Don Lemon or someone on Good Morning America or Anderson Cooper says, “You know, companies better start doing this or else!” No. Those are two people. We’re millions. We the People are millions and millions and millions of people, and people have seen it (snaps fingers) like that.

When we decide that is a good company; that is not, or we trust this company’ we don’t trust that company, you feel it that afternoon. This is why I don’t understand all these companies with the Georgia thing, with the voter thing and all these woke companies stepping into the BLM breach. Why are you doing that? You don’t know the facts!

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