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JASON: Hey, don’t forget, I remember a couple of weeks ago when I was sitting in the Attila the Hun Chair, I had the honor to talk with Kathryn Limbaugh, because Friday she’s continuing to recognize the hard work, sacrifice of individual business owners right here on the Rush Limbaugh program. They rolled out the Great American Business Award.

Now, this was an idea, as you know, started by Rush in response to the struggle that so many small businesses face. Unlike Fortune 500, woke corporations, so many small businesses face real struggles. And I will tell you, it’s a great award and well-deserved one, and I’m so glad Kathryn’s continuing with this. So, you can nominate yourself or a business you think is worthy of recognition by Kathryn Limbaugh.

Just go to RushLimbaugh.com. That’s RushLimbaugh.com. You look for the tab at the top of the website labeled “Nominate,” and then you nominate your business or your favorite business, small business, and you tune in on Friday on the Rush Limbaugh program right here on this station, and you may get recognized. I just love that.

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