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JASON: You know, I’m gonna play a clip here about what Rush said about Google years ago. But it’s not just Google that is leading the charge or Apple and Tim Cook leading the charge on boycotting Georgia or corporate wokeism. It’s all of them. It’s all of them. I remember talking to one Government Affairs or PAC director during my Senate race last year.

(laughing) I called them and said, “How about, you know, a meeting and I’ll tell you why a growing economy with low taxes and the rule of law and private property’s the best thing for your company, competition?” “No, we’ve already contributed to your Democrat opponent.” “Well, you haven’t even met with me. I didn’t even announce my candidacy yet.”

“We don’t care. We just support incumbent Democrats because that’s the safe way to go.” You know, corporate America in Minnesota was away out ahead of everybody else. I don’t care whether it’s General Mills, where my Senate opponent used to work, or whether it’s Ecolab or 3M or Medtronic or you name it. The businesses, the big public businesses — part of the Minnesota Business Partnership — were all in for BLM.

I personally know of a guy that quit the partnership because of this, but they’re few and far between. Corporate America is gone. So when I joke about “the double Irish” as I did last hour — the double Irish being if you made a foreign profit in say, Ireland, and you wanted to repatriate that back to Germany. For a German company operating in Ireland, Germany didn’t tax you twice.

You already paid your Irish taxes. But in America, prior to Trump and what we did in Congress, if you made that money in Ireland as foreign profits and you brought them home, you were double taxed. You had to make up the difference between our top rate of 35% and whatever the foreign tax was. We were the only country to do that.

What we did in the Tax Cut and Jobs Act was we lowered that rate to 21% and said, “Bring the profits home,” and $1.6 trillion came home. Now Biden wants to undo that with his infrastructure package. Now, the knee-jerk reaction to most conservatives is, “Hey, you can’t do that!” But you know what? I’m starting to rethink this.

I am done carrying the water for corporate America, after what Delta and Apple and the corrupt Major League Baseball did. Here’s Major League Baseball running around the country for decades demanding that you taxpayers build their stadiums — which they did in Minnesota and across the country — and then they decide to lecture you that a voter ID law is somehow racist!

How ironic. How ironic. The Masters stands their ground, holds their own, does a wonderful ceremony with Lee Elder, and then an Asian-American wins the Masters through merit. Hideki Matsuyama. It was a great Masters, by the way, and that’s the way to do it. They didn’t back down. Major League Baseball did because they’re cowards. They are cowards — and so are their fans, by the way.

I hate to say that, because many of them listen to the program, but I get so many angry Twitter feeds from, quote-unquote, “sports fans.” ESPN and the sports community might as well just be an arm of the Democrat Party. Let’s be honest about this — and it’s too bad, but it’s true. Anyway, Rush’s take on groupthink as a gateway to totalitarianism. Hit audio cut 13.


RUSH: What’s happening at Google is an example of what’s happening on college campi everywhere. This demand for diversity and so-called tolerance is actually leading to the destruction of free speech, and the guy that got fired at Google is making it very plain how things operated out there, and he’s essentially saying the same thing.

Just to give you a taste here, the Google employee that wrote the manifesto ended up getting fired is named James Damore. And he spoke with the psychology professor at the University of Toronto. Jordan Peterson is his name, and the professor here has a YouTube channel. So James Damore agreed to be interviewed by Jordan Peterson, and during the interview Damore — the engineer fired — talked about the reason he wrote the manifesto.

DAMORE: I’m not just attacking diversity. I’m just attacking the fact that we can’t honestly discuss any of these issues, and that that is actually hurting the problem.

RUSH: You see, they can’t discuss. They can’t be open about what they think. They have to follow the Google groupthink or they’re going to be canned. They’re not allowed to dissent. And yet these are people claiming to be the greatest defenders of the First Amendment and free speech.

These are people claiming to be the bulwark and the saviors, and yet if you don’t say what they want to hear or what they agree with, you will be shut down, you’ll be shamed, and you’ll be fired. This is how it begins, folks, and it’s already begun on several college campuses and at many institutions of the left.

The way you end up losing freedom of speech is not by the protest march, but actually enforcing no freedom of speech and only tolerating certain speech, under the guise of diversity or what have you. That’s how it happens, and it is in the process of happening. And you can look at surveys of Millennials on college campus.

You’ll find a shocking percentage of these young people who think that it’s perfectly fine that speech be policed so that feelings are not hurt and so that people aren’t offended, and they’re perfectly fine with it — and that’s how it begins. Of course, all of this is happening under an umbrella that people think is ultimately good and positive and compassionate.

“We are preventing people from being hurt. We are preventing people from being offended. These speech codes and this discrimination against certain people is a good thing.” That’s how it always happens. Always under the guise of goodness, do people lose liberty and freedom.

That’s how it happens — and then after a certain passage of time, that’s when the powerful forces of government begin to enforce the speech codes with the use of force. But in the early stages, it’s very seductive and occurs under the cloak of politeness and fairness and decency and all of that. If you’re not thinking right about gender diversity and race diversity, they will take you aside and retrain you.

He said, “This might sound crazy to a lot of your readers, but college students should understand, since it’s a similar culture.” This is not the guy that got fired. This is another employee. People have gone out and talked to Google employees and they’re talking to him anonymously. Folks, it’s exactly as I suspected.

What’s really happening is the erosion of free speech under the guise of promoting it. What’s really happening is the erosion of diversity under the guise of promoting it. Freedom is being killed off by virtue of censorship that is designed to be “helpful” and to “prevent people from being hurt or offended.”

It’s being done purposely — seductively, purposely done — to get people to willingly sacrifice and concede their liberty and freedom for some so-called common good. It’s hideous. It’s hideous and it’s happening on college campuses. It’s happening at high-tech places like Google.

JASON: Yeah, it’s so true. It’s the difference between “equity” and “equality” — and, by the way, the only difference now is, instead of government being overt about it like universities are and discriminating against Asians — which they do routinely, and the Supreme Court’s gonna have to settle that at some point. Then again, if Biden packs the court, you will have quotas as the law of the land and the 14th Amendment of equal protection be damned.

But the “equity” — and that’s why they’re using that buzzword now — means, “We get to discriminate until we get the outcome we want.” Equality says that people similarly situated shall be treated alike, and that’s really the difference now. The only big the difference is the corporations are the enforcers of the government policy now.


JASON: Ever since Georgia tried to move toward honest elections, corporate America has been going nuts over this. Remember, these are the same big businesses that backed and funded BLM, made no mention of Antifa, made billions off of covid restrictions, censored people on the internet, support open borders and slave labor abroad.

How ironic is it these big businesses demand a minimum wage, Democrats demand a minimum wage, but they don’t have any restrictions employing slave labor in China or anyplace else? Sure, that’s a great deal! If you can farm out your manufacturing facility to a country that’s paying people 50 cents a day, why wouldn’t you be in favor of a minimum wage here at home?

It’s total fraud by Democrats and their corporate enforcers. I tell you, it’s high time Republicans stop carrying the water for Big Business in corporate America. They’ll never give their support. They are enforcers of the welfare state. This is not communism where government owns the means of production. This is corporatism.

It’s almost a fascistic example of where corporations do the bidding of government in exchange for — oh, I don’t know — stadium subsidies, in exchange for open borders, in exchange for no Section 230 for Apple and Big Tech. That’s how corrupt the swamp is right now, and that’s why Trump was such a threat to it all and why Rush was such a threat to it all.

They’re just using racism and voter ID. I’m gonna tell you where it’s gonna end. It’s gonna end with pure, legalized quotas. United Airlines has already said they plan 50% of the next 5,000 pilots they train in the next decade to be “women or people of color.” Well, obviously they’re racist. They forgot about transgender.

I clearly think that somebody ought to protest United over this. Delta led the charge. Delta led the charge over boycotting Georgia for a voting law that was less restrictive than Delaware. This is the insanity which we face, and it’s high time that people start looking these corporations and start looking at their fiduciary responsibility to maximize shareholder profit, not run a woke seminar.

That means that if you’re endorsing carbon footprinting, if you’re following the lead of BlackRock or these hedge funds and you are minimizing your return for your shareholders instead of maximizing it, it’s lawsuit time, baby! That’s what it means, and it’s long overdue, because this is insanity — total insanity — and the charge of race is just a ruse to keep the swamp going. Here how Rush put it, audio 14.

RUSH: This is a tweet. NBC News. Minneapolis city council vice president Andrea Jenkins: “I’m asking my colleagues… to declare a state of emergency declaring racism as a public health issue,” Jenkins said. “Until we name this virus, this disease that has infected America for the past 400 years, we will never, ever resolve this issue.”

Now, what do you think this babe’s doing? This babe is absolving herself of any of her responsibilities as a failed leader by deflecting this off on the country — and what is this 400-years business? Four hundred years? The United States is not 400 years old. So now they’re buying into this New York Times bogus story that the actual founding of America was in 1619 with the first arrival of slave ships?

“I’m asking my colleagues… to declare a state of emergency declaring racism as a public health issue. Until we name this virus, this disease that has infected America for the past 400 years, we will never, ever resolve this issue.” So now racism is a virus. It’s a disease. When do we work on the vaccine? What would the vaccine be? What would the treatment be? This is simply her trying to let herself and her fellow leaders off the hook as having no culpability, no responsibility whatsoever for any of this.

JASON: And it’s exactly right. That’s precisely what happened in the Summer of Riots last year in Minnesota when you had leaders like Senator Tina Smith saying that we need to continue the righteous protests, that police are dangerously wrong — with the role police play in society, something dangerously wrong.

Where a city councilwoman from Minneapolis said it was “privilege” to call the police. And of course, they were all backing Kamala Harris’ Minnesota Freedom Fund to bail out the rioters and looters and the criminals because they were using race as a means to keep power. But none of it would go anywhere — none of it would mean anything — if it didn’t get the imprimatur of the institutional liberalism.

From churches. From nonprofits. From corporations. From the media. From government itself. From Big Tech who censor the opposition. So we’re not moving towards groupthink, we’re moving towards thought police, and they know how absurd this garbage is. So they’ve got to censor people for bringing up the obvious, the obvious being how do you get to equality if you blame people for being born with the wrong skin color?

That’s exactly what they plan to do with preferences and quotas.

That’s what United Airlines wants to do. That’s what universities do. That’s what the goal here is to do. You know, Thomas Sowell, the great economist, wrote a wonderful book, Migrations and Cultures, in which he wrote, “Skills have never been randomly or evenly distributed, but have been highly concentrated, though concentrated in different places in different centuries.”

What does he mean by that? There has never been a situation ever in the history of any place where the workforce reflects exactly the proportion of the population. Be it gender, be it race, ethnicity, you name it, it doesn’t matter, and the only way to arrive at that quota is to discriminate. So that is why they’re using the term “equity” and not “equality.”

If you want racial healing, you treat people the same regardless of their background or their race. They have no intention of doing that. They have the intention — the clear intention now — of having two standards of justice depending where or what your background is, what your skin color is.

Again, when Justice Roberts had a little bit more of a backbone in the Seattle-busing case, the school district case, he said, “The best way to stop discriminating by race is to stop discriminating by race.” Boy, it’d be nice to get back to that colorblind society. But these people on the Democrat left and the media left and the corporate wokeism left have zero intention of getting back to unity or a colorblind society.

They want more and more tribalism and division.

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