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JASON: Dr. Fauci’s talking about booster shots and double mask wearing, as though that’s gonna do a damn thing — the latter, anyway. This is the health of the state. It used to be “war is the health of the state.” The war on the virus is now the health of the state. Nothing, nothing could be a greater attribute to accumulating power than scaring the population.

H. L. Mencken used to say that all the time: The hobgoblins of government. If you scare people, they’ll do anything you want — and people are scared. They’re intimidated by the state. Now, of course, we’re destroying young people. Oh, we are infecting the elderly in nursing homes while we’re locking down the healthy and destroying those young people.

But pay no attention to that from Governor Walz, from Governor Cuomo, from Governor Newsom, from you name it — and then they violate their own restrictions. Pay no attention to that. This is about power and doing anything, anything to get power. That’s why Nancy Pelosi says she doesn’t want the covid hysteria to end. Take audio 3.

PELOSI: In fact, if you listen very closely to what he said, we’re at a place where we will begin to see — we will begin to see — and then he also cautions against, uh, a surge in the virus. If we’re going to grow the economy with confidence, we’ve got to crush the virus. They are definitely related.

JASON: (laughing) “Crush the virus.” Understand, friends, we have never, ever in our history handled a public health situation like this. Not the Spanish flu. Eisenhower had a horrible flu season in ’57. By the way — by the way, friends — if you want to know why no one trusts the so-called public health experts, A, they were wrong.

“Come to Chinatown! Don’t wear a mask. We don’t need any of the bans on travel.” Then it was a 180. “Oh, my God, the world is ending!” They’ve been wrong everywhere they’ve been. But in 2019 and 2020, there were 38 million cases of the flu — 38 million. (laughing) Do you know how many flu cases — that no one has been able to explain adequately — there have been this year?

Do you have any idea? Try 1,822. There were 38 million the previous winter. This winter, 1,800 cases. What the hell. Who are you kidding? You wonder why people are reluctant to latch on to, “Your vaccine passport, please”? No, I’m not against vaccines. In fact, I think we’re getting close to herd immunity, which is why Pelosi of course is wrong.

We can open up tomorrow, but they don’t want to do that because it destroys the stimulus package. It destroys infrastructure. By the way, did you talk to your friend Infrastructure, by the way? Great person. Infrastructure can be anything you want it to be. It destroys it all. So this has been… They’ve been able to circumvent election laws.

And too bad the Supreme Court didn’t bother to enforce the Constitution, because it was a violation of the Constitution. Only state legislatures may change election laws. There’s no pandemic exception to the Bill of Rights, to the Constitution, and yet they did it. Hey, great work if you can find it. This is what we’re in: A Kafkaesque, dystopian, Orwellian, not 1984, 2021. And this is where Rush figured out that we may have already cured the flu. Cue audio 4.

RUSH: I was talking about the flu earlier. I think that it’s worth noting here that we may have cured it. We may have cured the flu. Well, let me ‘splain what I mean. we’ve gone from 7,703 positive flu tests to 36 flu tests in either one or two years. That sounds like a cure to me. Why do you think that is? What could possibly be the explanation for this? Have you heard of a new flu vaccine? Have you seen people lining up to get their flu shots and vaccines in record numbers?

Have you seen any news reports about the new successful treatment for the flu? Look, there’s no greater student of, quote-unquote, “the news” than I am. Even when there isn’t any news anymore, I know where to go to find the news, and I’m telling you, until the CDC announced this, I hadn’t seen anything like it. There’s even a little blurb here.

“CDC reports record low positive flu tests as coronavirus cases surge nationwide, the flu has seen a remarkable dip. Reported cases of influenza reached record lows.” It’s in the Washington Examiner. It’s a miracle. We’ve cured the infections called the flu! They’ve been plaguing mankind for hundreds of years. Did COVID do it? Maybe so. Maybe so.

JASON: Or maybe not. (laughing) I mean, as Rush points out sarcastically, who in their right mind believes that the covid restrictions have taken flu cases from 38 million…? (laughing) It’s been as high as 60 million in many, many seasons past. You know, ’68 was a horrible year, and H1N1 in 2009. We never shut down the economy. We never took away people’s civil liberties. We never changed election law.

We never let the lawless run the streets while you were locked in your home or nursing home infected with the flu. We never done that before. And we never had flu cases go from 38 million to 1,800 and yet, they have explanation except, “Oh, it must have been Dr. Fauci’s mask.” That was it. Who believes this crap? This is why no one believes the experts, no one believes the media, nor should they.

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