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KEN: You have probably seen the memes out there (many of the Joe Biden memes are being banned ’cause they’re so true) about the earpiece and former President Obama being in Mr. Biden’s ear — and that’s kind of scary. So we have this level of incompetence and delusion.

And then, we almost have a puppet government ’cause we’ve brought back John Kerry and Susan Rice and many others. President Obama is an adviser to Mr. Biden, and he lives just a couple blocks from the White House — no kidding — and a lot of people believe that Biden is going to work to bring back Obama’s foreign policy. Here’s Rush.

RUSH: One of Obama’s signature policies was this deal with Iran which, remember, one of Obama’s purposes here was to make Iran an even bigger power in the Middle East because Obama and his type believe that Israel, as the dominant power in the Middle East, is a destabilizing force because, once again, the United States is not the good guys, our allies are not the good guys, Israel’s not the good guys.

As a superpower, what are we? We are discriminating bigots. We’re discriminating racists. We’re discriminating homophobes or whatever the cliches are. As the gigantic superpower, we cannot be good. We cannot be benevolent. Everybody smaller than we is a victim. So the Iranians are victims, and Obama wanted to build ’em back up in his convoluted view of stabilizing the region.

The Obama administration looked at Iran as needing to be built up in order to stabilize the region because in their view Israel, as the dominant power, destabilized the Middle East just as in their view the United States — as a lone superpower — destabilized the world.

Look, folks, you can doubt me all you want, but it was Obama himself that began talking about how the United States was in a necessary era of decline, economically and otherwise. It was time to pay the piper, time to pay dues. We had benefited, become a superpower — maybe in some unjust ways. And that’s what the Democrats and the Americans left of today have now decided they have to protect.

If they let the Obama legacy get properly defined and if it ends up in tatters, what have they got? They’ve got very little as it is now because the Obama legacy as far as average Americans are concerned is blowing up and destroying health care, a putrid economy, and a promise that it was not gonna get better.

KEN: And that’s why “Jobama” or Mr. Biden is talking with Iran right now.

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