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KEN: Raleigh, North Carolina, where I graduated from college. Yeah, I did. No, seriously. This is Doug. Doug, you’re on… (laughing) You’re on the Rush Limbaugh Show. Thanks for calling.

CALLER: I tell you what, Ken, it’s a real pleasure to be talking to you today, and I am proud of you for getting through N.C. State.

KEN: (laughing)

CALLER: It takes a lot of money to get through there.

KEN: (laughing) I’m glad my parents heard that.

CALLER: (laughing) No, listen, it’s a wonderful college, and proud of you and proud of everybody at the EIB Network for doing what you’re doing. And all my best to Kathryn and everybody, ’cause he means a lot to most of us — and means an awful lot to all of us, that’s for sure. But, yeah, what I wanted to just touch on about Rush was that I was listening one day.

A caller called in, and they were talking about their children had read the children’s books, and the dad at the time — talking to the kids about it — had realized that you know what Rush had become to him was a Treasure Map to the Truth. So I heard that phone call, and after that and the EIB Network and Rush, he picked that up as one of his hashtags, one of his call tags was he is “the Treasure Map to the Truth. (crosstalk)

KEN: Mmm-hmm. Yep.

CALLER: Yeah, and I’ll tell you what, in today’s society and even 15 or 20 years ago, we all needed a Treasure Map to the Truth. And I just wanted to say that and know that Rush means a lot to us all.

KEN: Well, Doug, that’s a beautiful sentiment. And I’m glad you called because when we spoke to Kathryn last week, or maybe it was the week before, she said that they’re gonna continue those books, the Rush Revere series, historical series. I was so thrilled because my kids were little when they came out.

They’re 16 and 19 now, but they were little. And we had these little kids. And to put them into books, it was so refreshing that somebody in the media — a media icon — was doing the books for kids where they can learn history. And I can’t say how much those books meant to me.

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