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KEN: Mike, go ahead and play cut 3. Thank you.

RUSH: Now, what we’re hearing every day is the number of cases running a record every day. (impression) “Oh, my God, it’s getting worse! We’re back to peak COVID-19! Oh, my God! People gotta wear masks! Oh, my God. “We gotta stay home! Oh, my God. It’s worse! Oh, my God.” And you are being led to believe that the death rate is skyrocketing, and you’re being led to believe that it’s only a matter of time.

We’re gonna have to shut down again. We’re gonna have to go back inside again, gonna have to shut down economy, gonna… They still focus on the number of cases, right? That’s because they want you to think cases equal sickness, equal irreversible sickness, equal death.

KEN: So interesting.

RUSH: They don’t actually say it. They want you to conclude it.

KEN: So interesting, because that could be any day of the week. Now, here’s the thing — and if we don’t have time this second to finish the covid update, I have some stats for you; they’re gonna blow you away. Let me give you one. I have it here. I printed it out from the CDC. The risk from contaminated surfaces, now they’re saying, is much less severe than they first said. It’s one in 10,000 chance that you might get it. You see what’s happening here?

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