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KEN: We thought after yesterday, after it came out clearly what was in the voter bill in Georgia, a lot of people — I know I did — thought that people would see the light in the sense of… Not you. You’ve already looked; you know what’s in it. I’m talking about, you know, maybe Coca-Cola will think twice or Delta or United and the seven other companies that are going after Georgia’s new voting law and playing word games like, “It’s Jim Crow and this is an outrage!”

Who is making those decisions, and can they read English? ‘Cause I know the law is in English. I’m sure if it’s a woke community, it’s probably in 38 languages, but it should be in English. The version I have is in English. The problem with most people on the left is they don’t know why or what they’re protesting. They cannot explain it to you.

They can only explain it to you with a talking point. So, if you said, “Hey, why are you protesting, boycotting, marching, kneeling, striking?” you get the same garbage. You notice that? There’s never a definitive clarity. You say to a person taking a knee at the NFL game…

“Injustice, man!”

“Yeah, but can you be more specific? Why would you be leaving Georgia? Why are you boycotting?”

“Because we should not be taking the right of people to vote away.”

But that’s wrong. And this is the core piece of the puzzle with the left. Because once you get someone brainwashed, you can plug anything into their brain. That’s the beauty of brainwashing. That’s why it’s done in public schools. These people don’t even know what they’re doing. And that’s every single leftist — not every one but most leftists — are the same way. The sheeple.

“Why are you protesting?”

“Well, you know, Trump, he’s orange.”

“Well, you gotta do better than that.”

“We’re boycotting your company because…”

“Because of what? ‘Cause you heard something on The View?”

I don’t know if people need to wake up or grow up. The people on the left just do what they’re told. And the woke ones are the worst. Woke is a joke. It’s better to be awake than woke. So when you find out what just happened with the Georgia voter law and what just happened with the Major League Baseball, check this out. Here’s Tom Cotton.

COTTON: I’ve got some shocking — in fact, terrible — news for all of your viewers, especially for all the social justice warriors at Major League Baseball, Colorado appears to require photo identification to vote in person. Yes, Colorado also has fewer days of in-person voting than Georgia. So I guess if Joe Biden and Stacey Abrams think that Georgia is Jim Crow 2.0, then maybe Colorado is Jim Crow 3.0 — or perhaps the area is Jim Crow 3.0 or 4.0. I’m losing count here of the Democrats slanderous claims against our states because they don’t have any early voting and they have many fewer drop boxes than Georgia does.

KEN: So isn’t that interesting? So let’s review. Major League Baseball moved the All-Star Game out of Georgia because, “Jim Crow! Jim Crow! Stacey Abrams! Voter suppression!” They moved it out of Georgia to Colorado. Colorado has voter ID, which is what they want in Georgia. Colorado has fewer early voting days than Georgia.

Colorado has fewer, not more.

So do you see the stupid, hypocritical, crazy behavior that’s taking place? And this is what is exposing the left. This is why I call 2020-2021 the American Awakening, because now we’re seeing deep state gone wild, the Democratic Party gone wild. We’ve given all these people their own bulldozer, and none of them have ever been on a construction site.

I might stick with the building metaphor, so look out. It may end up later in the show. You’ll hear about backhoes and cement mixers. I just love that even to this day. (laughing) I could sit and watch a construction site — and it’s not a Trump thing, either. You know, Rush detailed so wonderfully — and, of course, it’s sad. But the left manages to…

I don’t want to say, “poison everything,” but they just can’t leave well enough alone, and everything a leftist touches becomes more divisive. Have you noticed that? No matter what it is, if it’s a bathroom policy, if it’s a mask policy, if it’s an NBA game. One of the last things on the planet that brought people together was sports. Here’s Rush.

RUSH: Professional sports in general in this country, what has it always been? It’s an escape. It’s an escape from what? The rigors of life elsewhere. It’s an escape from the humdrum of the daily life that everybody has. It’s an escape from a rotten boss. It’s an escape from wishing you had more money. Whatever. It’s an escape from the things that you have to do every day in your life because of responsibility or commitment or what have you.

So an NFL game or a Sunday afternoon — or spending some time watching Major League Baseball, the NBA, college football, whatever — it’s a respite. It’s a place you go to escape all of this, including controversy, the controversy of politics, corruption, you name it. Now the sports leagues are embracing all that you use sports to escape from, and they are incorporating all of it into their daily presentation of their business — football games, baseball games, what have you.

And I just don’t think that this has a life span that anybody can see because it’s gonna totally change the way people perceive sports. Sports was, as far as everybody was concerned — and this is surface stuff. But you’re watching an NFL game on Sunday, let’s say, as an example, and you know (because you have eyes) that the majority of players are African-American, on both teams.

You know that the population of the league is 70% African-American, 30% white — and yet, in that, we all see the teams apparently all unified about one thing: Winning. If there is trouble in the locker room, we don’t know about it. There aren’t any cameras in there, and nobody was talking about it. So it appears that, “Look what sports can do! Sports can unify!

“All these things roiling the rest of society are not happening on the field during the games in the NFL or Major League Baseball.” Well, bye-bye all of that now. Indeed, not just bye-bye all of that, welcome the controversy! Welcome the fact that there isn’t unity! Welcome the fact that the diversity in these teams doesn’t mean that people can get along like we thought it meant.

We thought all this time that an NFL team made up of 70% African-Americans and 30% whites — and, of course, some others, too — can all come together and become a champion — a unified, single-entity team champion, best in the league — all the way to the Super Bowl. And we think, “See? It can be done. People can get along.”

Now we’re learning, “No, no, and it’s never been that way,” and we’re about to have it beat up the side of our heads every Sunday, every Monday, every Thursday in the NFL. I just don’t see how this extends the life of the National Football League or professional sports in general as we’ve always known it. Now, things change. Change is a constant, and I agree with that.

But this is the kind of change that’s gonna take a while for people to adapt to, and not because people are racist. It’s because these sports, particularly football, became such gigantic businesses because they were an escape. They were a refuge. In addition to everything else they are, they’re people who are demonstrably the best at what they do doing it. You get to watch it.

You get to see the best of the best being the best. You get to see it matter. You get to marvel at it. You get to wonder what it’s like to be on a championship team — something most of us will never, ever know. So you get to live vicariously through all of this greatness, hoping and dreaming someday you might get to experience a day of it or a little bit of it.

All of that’s gonna be gone now, or a lot of it is gonna be gone, and it’s gonna be replaced (and you’re not gonna be allowed to forget it) by a constant reminder that what you’re seeing here is not the reality. I just… I don’t know how this promotes healing. I think it does the exact opposite. “But, Rush! But, Rush! What are these leagues supposed to do? They’re being threatened and they’re being…” Yeah, I know. It’s the age-old question. At what point do adults push back. I don’t know that it’s ever gonna happen

KEN: I think we’re closer now than ever before as far as pushing back, but Rush nailed it, and it’s a shame that’s the last environment, the last arena that has been poisoned by leftist politics, and it should have never been.


KEN: This is Tony from Minnesota, and is it pronounced…? I’ll let you pronounce it first, the city.

CALLER: Nisswa.

KEN: Nisswa! Okay. It looked that simple, but every now and then I butcher a city’s name. But welcome to the EIB Network, Tony.

CALLER: (chuckles) Hey, thanks so much for taking my call, Ken. I just wanted to comment on the real tragedy involving pro sports in America — the NBA, the NFL, you name it. To me, the tragedy is that either way, the left is coming out on top of this, and it really, really irritates me because they either divide us by race and foment unrest and revolution and so on, or they simply destroy yet another institution that’s been near and dear to America in their quest to dismantle us.

It irritates me that these athletes are shooting themselves in the foot by being useful idiots. But they tried to shut football down, as you know, through the concussion route and all this and that and trying to emasculate America. And they’re succeeding in it. And it doesn’t matter which way it falls to them now, and I find that really, really sad.

KEN: That’s a great point. And if you add into the fact that every single one of the entities that you mentioned, including Major League Baseball, has some type of connection to China — either through products or merchandising or distribution or whatever. And when you look at the fact that Major League Baseball did a deal with China this week, the same week they left Georgia, you really have to scratch your head.

It is a shame, and, you know, I was just talking to Mike. He’s doing the sound today, and I said, “Well, look at the free time we’re gonna have.” I know that’s no consolation, but I’ve weaned myself off all network news. I haven’t watched network news — a full cast of network news — because it’s so ridiculous and I’ve saved hours of time.

Remember there was a time in this country with people would say, “Up! Hurry up. It’s 6 o’clock news is coming on,” and now we know that it’s a propaganda block, and it’s the same with a lot of entertainment, and that’s what the left did to sports. So, yeah, my family and I watched the Super Bowl this year. We had fun. We had finger food and popcorn and all the stuff, but that was it.

I couldn’t care less.

Now, I know that’s sad, and I know there’s a lot of families out there. But like Tony said: If you’re going to poison something that we hold dear, eventually it’s gonna come back, but it’s gonna come back on our terms. It’s kind of like this country. This country will come back. America is awakening. It will come back on the terms of “we the people.” It will not come back on the terms of Kamala Harris or Barack Obama, because we’ve already seen those terms.

We’re getting a taste of, quote, “their terms” every day at the border, every day at the bank, every day with our mask. We know what their terms are now. So, if going to the football game means wearing a mask and tolerating disrespect of our country, our flag — grown men on their knees at the beginning of every contest, absurdity — I don’t want any part of it.


KEN: Teresa, Kalamazoo, Michigan. Teresa, you’re on the EIB Network. Welcome.

CALLER: Thank you. So I just wanted to address the whole MLB pulling out of Atlanta for the All-Star Game. I just look at it more from a perspective of a small-business owner. I am a small-business owner, and I just think about how they’re hurting not only… I mean, Democrats and Republicans alike own small businesses in that city, and they’re anticipating and preparing and looking forward to this huge influx of all this money coming in, and then it gets pulled out from under them. I’m like, “Why? Why would you want to hurt…? You know, not only a small business owner especially during this time, but Democrats also own the small businesses!” So they’re hurting them as well. So I don’t understand it from a small business owner perspective.

KEN: Well, it’s interesting, Teresa, because as usual, you like many small business owners have better analysis than most of the news networks. One thing that the Democrat Party has been able to do is disconnect themselves from “we the people” better than any other political operation. Once they get the votes, “Thanks, bye-bye,” and then from that point on, they’re executing Tracy Teresa whatever it may be, whatever ism they’re shoving down people’s throats.

Once they don’t need you anymore, which is now — you know, Biden’s in, et cetera — they disconnect. That’s why they’re not listening. Someone said that no one’s answering the phone at Major League Baseball, and I know here Pennsylvania, it’s sometimes no one answers the phone at Governor Wolf’s office. And the question is, why? They don’t even need to.

So yes, they are hurting Americans. They’re hurting Democrats, Republicans, they’re hurting people that don’t even care about politics. They’re hurting, in many cases, their own constituency the most. However, they have this unique ability. I mean, look at someone like Chuck Schumer or Nancy Pelosi or Maxine Waters.

They have this unique ability to talk a wonderful game, and once they grab the power that they’re able to exploit from “we the people,” then it’s bye-bye. And what is the proof of that? Well, Joe Biden’s been in 47 years. What has he done? What has Maxine Waters done? What has Nancy Pelosi done? What has Chuck Schumer done?

These people have spent in many cases more than half their life in these positions. What have they done? Other than try to execute their own agenda. They’ve all gotten independently wealthy. But there’s your answer. I mean, the Democrats don’t care whether the MLB goes. They care about the next election.

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