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KEN: We’re gonna go back to the phones with Phil in Palm Harbor, Florida. Hi, Phil you’re on the EIB Network.

CALLER: Hi, Ken. First, God bless Rush. I’m a 33-year friend of Rush. I’m gonna be 70 this year, and I’ve never seen what’s going on in D.C. like what’s going on in my lifetime. Nancy Pelosi’s fences going around the Capitol are a daily affront to We the People and everything we stand for, and what really bothers me?

Where are these conservative march organizers putting democracy in action by rooting rallies — without Trump, definitely without Trump — to go to D.C. and stand in front of these fences yelling, “Tear down these fences. We the People own this property.” I can’t believe they stand there idly. No one goes and stands there and marches and demands those fences come down! It’s been four months now? I just can’t understand any other generation letting those fences stand.

KEN: Well, we definitely are from slightly different generations, Phil, but let me bring up another angle to this, okay? I think it’s obvious that under a Biden regime, we have lost our First Amendment. Now, we learned a tough lesson on January 6th. We learned that wherever we go, we’re gonna get framed up. Wherever we go, the news media’s gonna mischaracterize it.

They’re gonna try to bait us into a trap. I actually just interviewed someone that FBI tried to set him up. So I was thinking, ’cause I like your idea. However, I think there’s a time and a place for that. I would like to see that effort on a more local and state level where we can move the needle with election issues and where we can get some of these people out.

What I would hate to see is a bunch of people get locked up on a bunch of trumped-up charges and have their small business or their savings account bled dry by charges by an FBI we can’t trust, Capitol Police that we can’t trust, and a DHS that we can’t trust. So please don’t mistake that as backing down, but do you understand where I’m coming from?

CALLER: All I know is that there are generations of heroes who have bled and died and been maimed and injured. To have that Capitol surrounded by that fence is an affront to everything the United States and free people stand for, and to let it stand… Across the free world, they see that.

It’s just against everything that our democracy stands for, and I know what you’re saying. But we just cannot let that thing stand like that indefinitely while Nancy Pelosi sits there and laughs at the 10 million people that voted for Trump — and that’s exactly what she does every day that that fence stands there.

KEN: Great. It is a great point, and I hear what you’re saying. And, you know, I have relatives and grandparents and uncles, and my dad who veterans, all veterans. But I gotta admit: The first time I felt that Washington, D.C., was an occupied city was the way the news media and the FBI and the rest of the Biden administration covered the post-January 6 events.

After January 6th there’s the fencing and Biden administration comes in and then they’re monitoring people. They actually rewrote not the definition of terrorist, but there’s a whole… I hate the term “guidance,” but that’s what they use. They’re now saying that some political ideologies can be dangerous. You know, like MAGA. Now, that should scare heck out of Democrats.

Maybe it does.

I would love to see more Democrats awaken in the near future before we plan our next peaceful march, and the only reason I bring that up is if the FBI and the CIA and the DHS and the DOJ can frame a sitting president, and then Republican — Republican — senators can vote on a fake impeachment, I’m thinking, imagine what they do to a bunch of us that show up in a truck and we’re yelling or we’re chanting something.

It’s a shame, but — I never thought I’d say this — New York City and Washington, D.C., are occupied by what I believe are people with ideologies that go against you and me and most of America. That’s the reality. I know it sounds dramatic if I say, “We’re at war,” but we have been in an ideological war and a cultural war for the last five or six decades.

And it was the conservative movement that was shaking people by the collar, trying to wake them up. “You know, if we keep doing this, guys will be girls, and we’ll have men dressed as women on girls’ teams and you’re gonna lose your guns, and you won’t be able to go to church.” Well, here we are. Here we are. “They’re gonna fence in the Capitol,” which they did.

I can’t believe it. Most people can’t believe it. Now, you throw in the news media and their slanted coverage of it. You know, I think about how many people in the news media think that some of the people that were attacked in the Trump administration, and then it turned out they were framed, not just Mike Flynn and Carter Page and others.

But the fact that the FBI was framing people up, the fact that we still do not know the name of the man who shot the Air Force veteran, the woman in her mid-thirties. He shot her in the throat. She was unarmed. She was far enough away. She was not a threat. The fact that we do not know his name, that reminds me of the Stasi. That reminds me of Germany, 1935.

We have a right to know all that information. But if they’re hiding that information — and then there’s a lot of things that happened on January 6th that people don’t know about, like escalators being turned off on subway entrances and stores and shops being closed because the anti-MAGA fervor had already started. I think you wait until you have a better, peaceful plan that will work.

But right now, I don’t trust anybody in Washington. I trust about six people. That’s about it. But how can we trust people in Washington? How could we trust that we’d even have a place to stay when we go there? It’s so fraud with woke people. Some people get to paint on the street, some people get to break windows, and others? You’re not allowed to go into a Porta John.

You have to go into the bushes. This is Washington, D.C., now, and this is major blue cities. Thousands of law enforcement officers are leaving blue cities. But I here what you’re saying. I think there’s a part of the left that is hoping that people like you and I get so jacked up, we just say, “All right, this is it! We’re going,” and then they can take us out of the game. Then they can lock us up. They can say we incited something, or we made Jim Acosta cry, or Chuck Schumer was embarrassed, whatever.

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