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KEN: Branding. Rebranding. Rush let us know about this with the classic gravitas montage, which started a whole industry of many of us on air across the country that listen to Rush or just were listeners. The montage was the thing, and you would go, “Oh, my gosh. I just flipped from CBS to NBC to MSNBC to Fox News to NPR to PBR to blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, and everybody is saying the same thing.”

The exact same thing! That should scare the heck out of you. It’s crazy. They just make things up, and if they’re talking about “income inequality,” everybody’s talking about income inequality. If they’re talking about the Great Reset, everybody’s talking about the Great Reset, except the American people. So the news media entertains the news media. And everything originates from the news media, whether it’s jealousy, divisiveness, envy.

Here’s Rush.

RUSH: Remember Dick Gephardt? Little Dick Gephardt. He was a congressman from Missouri, and he actually tried to say one day during a period of time that we’re going through this usual promise of cutting taxes that very rarely happens… Gephardt, he was famous. He always had these “friends” that he quoted that nobody had ever met.

It was one of his rhetorical devices, the I-have-a-friend rhetorical device. “I have a friend who told me…” “I have a friend who said to me…” And one of Gephardt’s little friends, he said, “I have a friend — a rich man. He told me, ‘If you really want to make me rich, you’ll raise my taxes!'” He literally said that.

Gephardt, when he had to give Newt the gavel in 1995, he just practically had a cow. But it was Gephardt that kept running around talking about winners of life’s lottery, and what it conveyed was that success is random and accidental, and it’s not fair, because success has nothing to do with work. It’s the Lucky Sperm Club, or you stepped into an accidental discovery or some such thing.

But Democrats attempted (and they still do) to stigmatize success by delegitimizing it, which is what Obama did. Obama is the one who is throwing in the word “lottery” when talking about America’s winners. It’s how we’ve evolved to this sick situation now where middle-class people are told to be happy when the rich have their taxes increased.


It doesn’t change the middle-class person’s life at all, but they’re supposed to sit there and be happy that the rich are somehow getting’ screwed. In fact, when the rich get screwed, the middle class does, too, because where does the middle class go to get hired?

The Democrats have run around for I don’t know how many years before Obama, trying to tell the middle class and even the upper middle class that they were worse off than they were and it was getting worse. I remember in the height of the Bush economy, 4.7% unemployment. I mean, practically everybody wanted a job had one. We were coming out of two recessions and 9/11. We’re going gangbusters

Before the housing thing hit, the Democrats are out every day and the media trying to convince people we’re really in a recession and we’re losing ground fast. I remember getting calls from people on this program, “Yeah, I’m doing fine, but the news! I guess my neighbor’s not, ’cause I look at the news and they say everybody’s in dire straits.

But I’m doing great and I feel bad.” Callers were calling and they felt guilty admitting they were doing okay, because they believed everybody else was not. The Democrat Party and the media were working to convince people the economy was in the tank when it wasn’t, and furthermore there was another component. The Democrats actually — and they still do this — told people that the rich got rich by taking money from the middle class and the poor and then not giving it back.

That’s how they distorted the whole definition of trickle-down, supply-side economics. They totally distorted it. And they apparently have succeeded in making people believe that the 1% are the 1% because they have stolen money or found a way to get the money belonging to everybody else.

They’ve rigged the game, and they’re hoarding it. They’re not giving it back or sharing it or trickling it down. Accordingly, people are becoming bleak about their future, at which point socialism is beginning to look good to them. That is wrong.

KEN: Everything Rush just said is accurate, and if the news media didn’t promote the false narrative, there would not be a false narrative because people in the real world do not behave the way that the news media pigeonholes us in. They don’t behave that way. People don’t get up in the morning and go, “I envy everybody; I’m jealous.” But if you watch enough of The View, you start to sound like Joy Behar.


KEN: So many people miss Rush. So many people grew up with Rush. I’ve explained it to different people over the years, the fact that it’s common sense and you find yourself shaking your head in agreement when Rush speaks. You go, “Yeah! Exactly! I know. That’s what I said. Yeah, that’s exactly what my dad said,” whatever, because it’s common sense.

If you are listening to someone that uses their brain, you use your brain… But how much longer can we listen to people who say, “Uh, okay. Girls are boys, trees are rocks, and planes are cars”? “Yeah, okay. All righty!” (laughing) What? What are you talking about?” That’s like saying, “Things are a lot safer under Joe Biden; there’s no problem at the border.”

This is what people are saying in the Biden administration, and this is what the news is repeating. That’s why the news is so dangerous. One of the dirtiest secrets of Democrat, progressive, leftist-run cities in many blue states is the exodus of men and women who planned to dedicate their life to law enforcement, but since Barack Obama (and then Biden and Kamala) started to demonize law enforcement and they started to tilt the advantage the other way…

Who would have thought that we’d ever be at this point in America where your knee-jerk reaction is to side with the rioter, to side with the criminal? Your knee-jerk reaction is, “Well (muttering).” That’s a shame. You can imagine how discouraging that is for police, and Rush knew this. Here he is.

RUSH: What do you think “defunding the police” is about? The answer to inner city crime is: Why, let’s get rid of the cops! If we get rid of the cops there won’t be any arrests and therefore there won’t be any crime. And so we’ll get rid of crime and we’ll have our utopia, and we’ll get rid of all these people that our citizens hate, we’re gonna get rid of the cops. And this is actually happening. It’s going to happen in California, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York.

These idiots are actually serious about this. Yeah, we’ll just decriminalize all this stuff the cops chase people for and therefore there won’t be any more crime. This is how liberals think. But it is nothing more than an acknowledgment of the failure of liberalism and the failure of the Democrat Party to deliver on its panacea. The same crimes, the same degree of crime, the same complaints, the same stuff continues to happen, despite every liberal solution and promise being implemented in these blue states by these blue state leaders. How in the world this is not seen for exactly what it is is a testament to the propagandized power of the Drive-By Media. Because, my friends, the Democrat Party is broadcasting, is chronicling, is demonstrating its abject failure to deliver, the failure of its ideas, the failure of its promises every day, and their voters are a testament to it by how angry they are and ripping the country apart.

KEN: My goodness. That could be five minutes ago, that information, and when you think about it, this is what the left was afraid of. Imagine you are a leftist or you are a Democrat, and you… It’s addictive. I know, ’cause I used to listen all the time. It’s addictive. You’re listening to Rush Limbaugh, and in the back of your mind you’re saying, “God. Thank God we don’t have a president that thinks that way.”

(laughing) So imagine how you felt when Donald J. Trump came down the escalator and he said, “What’s with all this garbage coming over the border? We gonna shut this down.” (laughing) You must have been like, “W-w-w-what?” But think about it. For so many years, that level of common sense and reflecting the views, the ideology, the passions of “we the people” that Rush Limbaugh did on this show.

All of a sudden, President Donald J. Trump shows up, and all heck breaks loose.

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