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TODD: By the way, lest you doubt that Team EIB views us as family — that is, you, me, all the fans of Rush — Michelle is gonna join us here from Grapevine, Texas. She was on hold for 2-1/2 hours yesterday, and this team decided to take her number and call her back today. So here we have Michelle from Grapevine, Texas, on the Rush Limbaugh program. Todd Herman, your guide host. Michelle, it’s great to have you here. Welcome.

CALLER: Thank you so much, and I do appreciate the team for calling me back. I wanted to discuss with you sort of this insidious march toward socialism and how at the very, very top of this administration and the Democrats in charge, how they are lying to us. And as an example of this, when the president two days ago was pitching his $1.9 trillion, quote-unquote, “infrastructure package,” he was talking about Made in America and bringing jobs and goods back to America. In almost the next breath, incongruously, he was saying, “But I’m going to raise the corporate tax rate from 21% to 28% —

TODD: Ha! Ha! Ha!

CALLER: — and China’s corporate tax rate is 25%. It’s a complete disincentive for any corporation who has to respond to their shareholders to bring jobs back to America from China. It’s an incentive for them to expand their corporations, their corporate work in China. And it will affect all of us because we will lose jobs here in America, and we will take more for consumer goods coming from China than we would if they had been made in the United States. But we have to become, as the Democrats say, “woke” to this, that we are being scammed by this administration — at the border, at the CDC — with our loss of liberties and being told what to do and not to believe our ears and our eyes.

TODD: That’s brilliant.

CALLER: I just… It is very, very terrifying to me that they believe, truthfully, they can look us in the eye or speak to us on television, and we are just being absolutely compliant. I was scammed a week ago. I was the victim, and I was very compliant.

TODD: Yeah, but not —

CALLER: And this seems to be what’s happening to all of us at the highest level.

TODD: Yeah, but not to you. Not in this case. Not to you. I want you to know something. You’ve just now typified where the Democrats were so afraid of Rush because of the information — 33 years of information — that you can turn into power, all of us by pushing back against these things. Michelle, what you just said, there’s not a host on the joke called CNN that would be able to as succinctly explain the scam of what’s going on.

So, look, take this to people who have these jobs now that were brought back — the Rust Belt jobs, the heartland jobs. Take the information Michelle just shared with us to your friends. So glad we got you back on the show, Michelle. Thanks very much for calling Rush’s program. By the way, if you know people who have been through what Michelle’s describing, the ultimate conclusion of all this is, of course, this weird China model that the Democrats are clearly working this country towards where government and Big Business become one preying on us.

If you know people who escaped countries like that to come here, please, please make sure that your kids meet them, that they come to schools to speak and to your churches to speak, to talk about what this looks like. It’s another way to take information that’s potential power and make it powerful. Now, you want to hear…? We had Rush’s visionary statement earlier. You want another one? Listen to the Maha use a brilliant example of how socialism destroys. But he doesn’t cite the Soviet Union or Cuba. Rush’s example has proven perfectly correct.

RUSH: “Rush, when you and I were growing up, there was a living embodiment of the disaster of socialism and communism, and it was called the Soviet Union.” Well, young people today do not have a Soviet Union. There isn’t an example of failed socialism, communism, as prevalent as the Soviet Union was for us. The Soviet Union was a 50- to 70-year existence, a 50- to 70-year teachable moment.

All we’ve got now is Venezuela and Venezuela’s not big enough, not powerful enough, never has been a threat to the United States. It’s some little tinhorn down there. And it’s not enough. Its abject failure in socialism is documented. It’s a hundred percent true, but it’s not big enough to convince young people. They look at it and say, “Well, it’s the wrong people running it, didn’t have enough money, depended on oil too long,” or whatever. They can come up with any kind of excuse.

Do you know what the closest — and I’m gonna maybe step in it here. Do you know what the closest example today we have to the abject disaster we think is awaiting us? What’s the closest example? I’m not talking about China because that will never work. People’s tech gear comes from China, so they don’t want to blame China. And don’t say North Korea because nobody takes them seriously, little pot-bellied dictator.

And it’s not that big an exhibit yet. But it’s getting there. What is the nearest example we have of the eventual implosion? California. Now, Europe, as a whole, yeah. But, see, the news coming out of Europe is not truthful enough. Europe is not being reported on as failing. Europe’s not being reported on as imploding. It’s not being reported on as being overrun by immigrants.

But California — and it’s not bottom up yet. But there is no Republican Party. It’s a one-party state. They have been overrun by illegal immigration, and California used to be a dominant Republican state, and not that long ago. It was the state of Ronaldus Magnus, George Deukmejian, Pete Wilson.

The Republican Party used to be dominant in that state. It’s gone, and for one reason: illegal immigration and the rise of the radical, uber-left. Do you know in the California assembly there are seven Republicans? What must that be like for them? They are looked at as a total joke by the Democrats in the assembly. They’re probably not invited to any meetings. They’re probably not on any committees — and if they are, they’re for comic relief.

California is all these sanctuary cities. California is… Aside from the coastal areas, California is a state that is close to abject poverty. The divide, the income gap, the wage gap, the wealth gap in California is stark! The people who live inland in the valleys and live up north and in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada can’t compare to the wealth in Hollywood, Silicon Valley, San Francisco on the way up and then you go down to San Diego for a little bit.

But it has clearly got the ingredients of a state that is, at some point, not going to be able to sustain itself. But it doesn’t look like that now. The lure of socialism. What is it? When we were growing up there was the Soviet Union for all of our lives as a testament to what communism is. It kills people. Communism kills people. There is no prosperity. There is no plenty. There’s no abundance. There’s nothing but fear every day of your life.

We had that. There was no magic allure to socialism. We did have the sixties and the leftist radicals who hated America and actually were enthralled with the idea of a Castro, Che Guevara, Soviet Union, because they were jealous of the power. But young people today, there is no equivalent of the Soviet Union. Venezuela doesn’t work, the ChiComs don’t work, because the face of China is not what the face of the Soviet Union was.

My only point was that California is trending in a direction that will someday be an example of the failures of socialism and liberalism for one and all to see. Look, it’s beginning now. People are leaving the state. Not in droves, but it’s been a trickle, and it’s continuing. But it isn’t there yet. For those of you who live there and understand, yeah, it is. But for people outside of California looking at it as the land of fruit and opportunity and hope, it still is that. It’s gonna be a while.

That was my only point is that young people today don’t have a living example of the horror. So it’s left to their imaginations to dream of this utopia that they are going to build and create even though it hasn’t ever been done. It hasn’t been done because they haven’t been alive when it has been tried, but now they are alive and people like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar are going to lead the way over the carcasses of brontosauruses like Schumer and Pelosi and take your pick of the rest of them.

TODD: Rush nailed it, as always. Now, information into power. If you lived in California, in San Francisco, safely lock all the doors; go down and film the Tenderloin. Film the people living under the freeways in the states run by Democrats. In Oregon, do the same. In Portland, Seattle, you know where to go. Film it, be safe, send it to your friends in the red states and say, “Protect your votes.”

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