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TODD: Joe Biden’s dementia has announced that it wants to reignite the corrupt Iran deal, which was, of course, a pathway for Iran to have legitimized nuclear weapons. It was Joe Biden’s boss (and still Joe Biden’s boss), Barack Obama, who authored that and shipped the money illegally at night, these ransom payments to Iran.

It was Joe Biden’s boss and current boss, Barack Obama, who allowed one of the satellite organizations of Iran, Hamas, to ship — well, to smuggle — across our southern border cocaine using some of the same coyotes that Joe Biden’s dementia is allowing to drop little kids off of 14-foot fences into our country. So, they want reignite this deal. Now, this. Even as he’s in heaven, Rush Limbaugh’s accuracy rating just went up again.

RUSH: I worry that Biden is gonna reverse this. I think Biden’s gonna come up with a way to reinvigorate the Iran deal, and I think it’s gonna result in the United States losing its energy independence. But, believe me, the United States becoming energy independent, that was not on the drawing board for globalists, the Obama crowd.

I’ll guarantee you this: The Biden administration, or Obama 2, is gonna do everything they can to reignite the Iran deal, which will get Iran nuclear weapons. They’re gonna do everything they can to unwind what Trump did with Iran, including these remarkable relationships with Middle Eastern Arab states and Israel.

TODD: And it has come to pass. From heaven, Rush’s accuracy rating goes up! The official ratings aren’t out yet. I’m just a guide host. I don’t get to see the Sullivan Group ratings, but I’ve heard rumors through EIB circles that they come out on Monday and anticipate at least a full percentage point, maybe up to 101% correct now, Rush in the Sullivan Group.

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