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TODD: There are big businesses that are run by people… It’s tempting to believe that because you are a CEO or you’re a star and you’ve got all sorts of money, that that means that you have enough money to tell the world, “You know, forget it, I’m not gonna do what you say.” There’s a phrase for that. It’s the blank-blank money — the blank, blank, blank money. This is what we call it in tech. You get a big enough exit; it’s blank-blank money to the world. “I’ll do what I want.”

Elon Musk does that. He acts that way. But that’s not the case ’cause a lot of people, they never get over peer pressure. And they never get over allowing that to affect them. And that’s happening with Major League Baseball and sports. You know, Drew Brees ended his great NFL career last year he played actively with an apparent rapist’s name on his helmet, Jacob Blake. He was accused of rape and was trying to rape those women again the night that he was shot by the police.

Joe Biden is wanting to see the Major League Baseball game moved out of Atlanta. He wants to just see everything go woke. And he came in about this, and we’ll play the clip of him later in the show of Biden saying it himself. Now, Rush went just directly to the point about pro sports needing to take the knee to the wokihadists. He said it’s cowardice.

RUSH: You want to know what my opinion is? I think professional sports needs to man up. You’ve got the Reverend Jackson demanding that Bud Selig cancel an All-Star Game in Arizona because of the immigration law. Al Sharpton’s on the way. Now you’ve got the owner of the Phoenix Suns running around saying, “We’re not going to do this!” You got a bunch of liberal sportswriters suggesting the D-Backs, the baseball team, be boycotted wherever they go. I think sports needs to man up.

Get liberalism out of it! For crying out loud, take a look: 70% of the people of Arizona support the law. Does professional sports want to be associated siding with illegals, lawbreakers? This is no different than the Republicans supporting amnesty back in 2007 because they don’t want to offend anybody, and they hope to get these votes. So you have the ownership of the Phoenix Suns, the “Los Suns,” and whoever (muttering), “We don’t want to offend a portion of our fan base. We don’t want to appear to be politically correct. We want to appear to be all inclusive and so forth.”

Well, fine and dandy but what happens when that contributes to the overall deterioration of the culture of the society? I just think it’s cowardice. I’m sorry. I think it’s cowardice, pure and simple. Ozzie Guillen, the manager of the Chicago White Sox, from Venezuela, said he will not go and participate in the All-Star Game as a manager or coach if it’s in Arizona. Well, okay. So we’re supposed to change everything? We’re supposed to deal with American law by reacting to what Ozzie Guillen of the Chicago White Sox says?

No. If he doesn’t like it, let him not go. Don’t go! Fine and dandy. Don’t go! It’s fine if you don’t want to go, but we’re not going to change federal law or state law just so you can show up at an All-Star Game. It is an interesting thing about the intersection of politics and sports, which I thought was not supposed to happen, but it obviously is. The bottom line here is it’s just cowardice that’s running this: Cowardice disguised as supremacy, cowardice disguised as “I’m better than you.”

Cowardice disguised as “I’m more open-minded than you.” Cowardice disguised as, “Uh, uh, I’m more worldly than you are. I — I — I’m a better person. I’m more tolerant than you are.” It’s just cowardice, pure and simple — and if it isn’t cowardice, it’s pure ideology. Nothing other than political liberalism that’s guiding the opinions on this, which is common and okay in politics. But tell us that!

You know, don’t give us this superior, “I’m better than you are,” multicultural garbage. Just tell us you’re a liberal, you disagree with the law, and you don’t think that the jerseys ought to say Suns because it offends you! Don’t hide behind holier-than-thou, you’re-better-than-everybody-else stuff. That’s the thing about liberals: They just can’t be honest about who they are. They have to always denigrate everybody else. “Well, we have to wear these ‘Los Suns’ jerseys because there are so many racists in our state that we have to battle it.” Sorry. It doesn’t fly here on the EIB Network.

I really thought, my experience with the St. Louis Rams was that sports cannot be politicized. Ozzie Guillen and all these other people, if you don’t like playing in the United States, if you don’t like playing in Arizona, go back and play for Hugo Chavez and try to make the millions of dollars there that you make here! You notice how everybody, folks, they’re all for diversity as long as everybody thinks alike. Liberals love diversity as long as everybody thinks the same thing!

TODD: If you work in a corporate environment… Look, I have. I have radio station in Seattle, KTTH. It’s kind of a corporate environment. You can speak up and lose your job or we could not speak up and lose our country. It really is time to start to ask questions in these meetings where we’re pressured — and I’m not saying this happened to your work. Gladly, it hasn’t. But I know people who are pressured. It is really time for us to speak up and say, “Wait, I’m sorry. I am not willing to pretend to be racist just because I’m white. I’m just not. Is anyone else in this room unwilling to do that?”

People are waiting for folks to lead them, and we’re gonna have to do hard things ’cause I think it was also Walter Williams who said that freedom is not the natural state of things.

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