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TODD: There was this partnership, and I think it was… Maybe it was a partnership from afar. It was Rush Limbaugh and you, this audience. I have no doubt that it was this audience and Rush who pushed Donald Trump over the top into becoming president of the United States and for too short of a term. There were people like me who couldn’t get over the personality.

I had to learn, and I had to learn to be able to say, “I got this wrong” with Donald Trump. But it was a quick process. It was a very quick process of looking at what he did and realizing something — and I want you to know this — that across the country there are people to this day — we’ve had ’em in the last 90 days — who are joining this program as a result of Rush’s work and as a result of seeing the media go full force to destroy a man, to destroy Donald Trump.

And it’s not Trump that they’re going after. It’s you, and Rush has made this point. But I believe there was this partnership. I think that Rush helping push Donald Trump over the finish line was fundamental to making us aware of who we are being fought by. It’s a fumbling way to say it, but who’s fighting us? The mockingbird media is fighting us.

The deep state’s fighting us. It certainly exists. The talk that it doesn’t exist is madness. We’ve seen it. But the fight. Donald Trump fought the mockingbirds. Now, you can say they won. But did they? They have no longer any pretense, mockingbird media outlets — any pretense — of even needing to care about fairness. Lester Holt has said that hearing both sides of the argument is unnecessary.

You had CNN announce that biological sex is debatable. They’re not even trying anymore to have any pretense of fairness, which is good for us. Because it means we can finally jettison this leftover belief that Republicans held that if they’re extra nice, they’ll get the media to like them. That was a belief, I lived it, I watched it.

You know, having someone come and beg me to apologize to Katie Couric because of a tweet, or to apologize to Wolf Blitzer because of a tweet. Beg me! “Well, we need these people, and you’d love Katie if you met her.” I’ve met her. She’s a celebrity. I didn’t love her. Didn’t have any negative reaction, but I know what she is. She’s a liberal. This was the hard-core political types who were saying, “The media’s not our enemy.”

Well, if you are a believer that we do not want to be pushed over the cliff into this bizarre China model of authoritarianism, corporate authoritarianism, statism, well, then, they are in fact — mockingbird outlets — our enemy, and there’s those that are not mockingbirds. And there’s fewer and fewer of them. This partnership got something to happen that had to happen for us to have a chance to save our country.

It showed Republicans that you can fight the media and win. Now, President Trump didn’t get a second term, but they showed their hand. They were forced to admit they gamed the system. The TIME magazine article where they said (summarized), “We fortified the election.” They admit, “Yes, we lied to the American people. Yes, we hid information. Yes, we worked with a domestic terror organization.

Yes! We, in fact, changed the voting rules. Yes, we did this in the last 30 days. Yes, this was all to, quote, ‘fortify’ an election, but we never touched the voting machines. We didn’t do that. That’d be a step too far!” So what do we see now the result of this partnership at least as I say it? Ron DeSantis says he’s gonna sign an executive order: No vaccine passports in the state of Florida.

What did Rush say yesterday? The precursor to the vaccine passports, immunity cards, were a bad idea. Think what the Maha would think of a vaccine passport that could have the government decide what you shoot into your body at any moment and be tied to your finances. Thank you, Governor DeSantis! Kristi Noem on so many levels has been terrific fighting back, particularly against the covid panic and the covid lies.

It’s been dynamic to watch in so many ways. I believe this is a result of the partnership, as I see it, between Rush and President Trump. I’m not saying it was formal at all. I’m saying I believe it was a friendship. They’ve said as much. I believe it gave us the opportunity to see who’s coming for us. In Texas, a Texas state lawmaker has introduced a bill to ban racism being taught us in the schools.

Critical race theory is racism. It’s teaching you to hate white people or hate yourself and learn that all problems come from white people, and the problem with white people is they’re white. Now, how do you do away with a problem like that? Well, you join an intersectional partnership or, well, I guess there’s another alternative. This is Representative James White.

(laughs) Well, there you go. He introduced this bill. That’s in Texas. President Trump fought this. Other Republicans would be afraid to fight this. In fact, I’m proud that a guy from Washington state, Christopher Rutho, alerted the president to this. Epoch Times reports that Texas state senate has passed an election integrity bill targeting mail-in ballots.

This is also new fights that they wouldn’t do before prior to this partnership, and Rush told us that only Donald Trump understood how to fight. And I suggest because of that, because of Rush’s help, Trump got to show that fight. So now there’s these GOP officeholders who seem to finally get it. Of course, the best explanation of this came from the Maha himself.

RUSH: The message, my friends, is keep the faith. You’ve got to keep the faith. We wanted Donald Trump. He was a fighter for America-first policies. He wanted to make America great again, and he did. He was off and running: 3-12 years of an economic rebound the likes of which this country hadn’t seen, and then the coronavirus hits, and everything falls apart. Well, not falls apart.

But everything is just (sigh) rendered into mass, total confusion. But he fought and he is still fighting to uplift all Americans. This is the thing that everybody’s got to understand. You know, Biden’s out there running around talking about he’s gonna be president for everybody. No, he won’t! This is the most partisan political party I have ever seen it constituted as in my lifetime, the Democrat Party.

They are not a party for all the people. He will not be president of all the people. Nancy Pelosi is not Speaker of the House for all people, and they never intend to be. Donald Trump is president for all Americans. He wants every American to experience the greatness of this country. He’s opening his arms and welcoming anybody and everybody to join him in the effort to reconstitute and remake this country. He is the president of every American.

He got more votes in this election than he got in 2016. He ended up getting more minority votes than any Republican has in 60 years. He is not the racist and bigot that he was portrayed as throughout four years of lying, distorting media. We have been so distorted, all for the sake of creating false expectations of doom and gloom within us.

They’re not used to the intensity of the way Trump fights back. They are not used to a Republican not giving up. They’re not used to Republicans not caving. They simply have been hit with things that they don’t have any experience with. They have been hit with behavior by Trump they have no reservoir of experience to call on. They don’t know how to deal with it.

These are not people that deal with adversity, folks. The media doesn’t give them any adversity. The media never challenges them. They never have to explain what they’re doing. Donald Trump represents a form of adversity that they literally have no experience in dealing with, and it’s obvious that they don’t know how to deal with it — and that frustrates them.

They already think Trump is barely above the level of scum on the life chart.

And we’ve had it. We’ve had it for a long time. It is why Donald Trump was elected. Yeah, he’s unorthodox. But that’s, again, why he was elected. He’s the only president in recent memory that has put hardworking, middle-class people and American families first. This idea that Joe Biden is going to be president of all Americans, he’s not gonna be a Republican or Democrat? It’s not possible. There is no such thing as that kind of Democrat.

Do not doubt me. They are the most partisan people in America today. I know it gets harder and harder to keep the faith, because it seems like it’s an overwhelming task. Donald Trump’s done it! He has done what you traditional House Republicans have been unable to do for 60 years.

In terms of bringing in minorities, bringing in women, Donald Trump did it. Not the Never Trumpers. Not the Republican Party itself, because he is the Republican Party. So when he’s gone, when he leaves, is anybody in the Republican Party been taking notes? Do they know what they have to do to keep this trend going?

TODD: I hope that I’m right when I say I think Ron DeSantis and Governor Abbott and Kristi Noem, Governor Noem… Maybe it’s not taking notes. Maybe it’s instinctual. But I think the fight is there. Rush said many important things there.

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