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TODD: I am just thrilled to announce something that we can all ground ourselves in as EIB family. So this Friday, EIB’s gonna debut a very special program. It’s a video tribute. It’s titled, “A Tribute to Radio’s Greatest of All Time — Rush Hudson Limbaugh III,” our beloved Maha Rushie, and it’s an opportunity for us to see and share his extraordinary life from his youngest age to the triumphs of his life.

This is all told through the words of his family members and close friends and business partners. It’s not on TV. You won’t find it there. It’s online at RushLimbaugh.com. It’s gonna be available this Friday. So just coming up, right after this program on this Friday. So it’s a special tribute. It will be on demand for you to see and be reminded of the greatness of Rush. And here with a clip from that tribute, none other than President Donald Trump.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: So I just want to say that it was a great honor to know him. You know, I did something very unusual. It’s never been done like this before or in this location. I gave Rush the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and it was an evening like we haven’t seen in Washington. It was an evening that was very, very special, and everyone knows what I’m talking about. You had half of the wonderful politicians in Washington loving it, and you had the other half, they weren’t so happy that night. It was the State of the Union. And I decided to do it then because that was the ultimate location, and that was the ultimate time and place. That was the ultimate everything, and it was an evening like few people have ever seen before. And I will say that while one side was applauding like crazy, the other side was dead silent. But the one thing they had in common is that both sides respect and truly respected Rush Limbaugh.

TODD: Thank you, Mr. President. Underline that. There’s a reason the Democrats were furious: Because they’re attacking free speech, because they’re attacking logic. They’re attacking common sense in every realm.


TODD: Make a note of this. Please schedule this. Make a note to watch the forthcoming tribute to radio’s greatest host of all time, our El Rushbo. It debuts this Friday afternoon online at RushLimbaugh.com right after this program. It’s an hourlong tribute. It includes words from Rush’s brother, David Limbaugh, as well as President Trump, Vice President Pence, and others close to Rush. It’s a must-watch program it’s available starting this Friday afternoon right after this show.

Here’s a brief except from the tribute with Justice Clarence Thomas’s own words for Rush.

Remember, the entire tribute debuts this Friday at RushLimbaugh.com.

JUSTICE THOMAS: Over the years, Virginia and I got to know Rush quite well. We would visit him there in Florida, and from time to time he would visit us here in D.C. The high point, though, was his wedding and his marriage to Kathryn. That was an event and a time to just be — to behold, a good man marrying a wonderful woman. And, Kathryn, you have been, obviously, a centerpiece and a joy in his life.

TODD: And there’s more of this to follow today on the EIB Network.


TODD: Man, is there something cool coming up Friday right after this program. Really, honestly, do yourself a favor. Plug this into your phone, whatever you use for a reminder to tell yourself to put aside some time this weekend or Friday to see a special tribute to our beloved Rush Limbaugh.

Like I say, it debuts this Friday at RushLimbaugh.com right after this program. You’re gonna hear amazing stories. There’s behind the scenes photos and videos that have never been publicly aired. So many individuals have contributed to making this special and just contributing their time. Hear the words of Rush’s family and friends, including these words from Donald Trump Jr.

TRUMP JR.: I remember being on the air, and it was supposed to be one segment, and as soon as that segment ended, Bo Snerdley gets on the phone, and James says, “Don, that was incredible. Rush wants you to stay on for another segment. Would you be willing to do that?” And, you know, that was an obvious. But to have that kind of acknowledgment, like, maybe there is some talent within you.

To hear that from a voice — from the great Rush Limbaugh — it was truly one of the great honors of my lifetime. It’s what feeds me to keep going and to keep being, you know, that messenger, albeit at a much smaller level. But with all of us taking that great legacy and continuing it, there’s no doubt that the future of conservatism is bright because of Rush Limbaugh.

TODD: We attempt to keep that legacy here, to use the information that he gave us as power. Remember, that entire debut airs this Friday at RushLimbaugh.com right after this program.

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