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TODD: So Joe Biden’s dementia is looking at $4 trillion in what they want us to believe is gonna be infrastructure, and we know how unshovel-ready all this stuff always turns out to be, and we know the hooks that exist within this. And again, an opportunity: Information that we have is an opportunity to speak with your friends, because there are… We’ve talked to them on this program. There are people who have changed their mind about the left in the last three months.

Question to them: ” Is it okay that the federal government hands out money to people based upon their race? Is it okay that they take from one race and openly hand to another? Is that okay with you?” ‘Cause that is exactly what happened in this so-called stimulus plan. Another thing. If you have friends who work in any realm of journalism, ask them, “Why did you call that a ‘stimulus plan’? Why did you call it ‘a covid relief bill,’ when 6% of it had to do with covid, perhaps?”

The answer is, “Well, that’s what Joe Biden called it.” That’s the literal answer. Ask in journalism: “Is your true job to act as a marketing arm for the Democrat Party? Is that your job? Have you looked in the mirror recently and said, ‘What am I doing? Why am I doing this?’ Is it really worth your job?'”

There are things worse than switching careers, such as watching my country spent into oblivion, which is, in my judgment, what we’re watching. Now, Rush pointed out that the same Democrats who want to borrow and spend into oblivion were baffled by President Trump’s desire to find ways for big companies to want to help with actual infrastructure.

RUSH: What do the Democrats love to do as much as (maybe not more than, but as much as) anything? They love spending money! They just love spending, and if Trump comes out and proposes a $1 trillion, $1.5 trillion, $2 trillion, whatever, infrastructure program, they’re gonna be salivating to be part of it. But they won’t be able to, because they’ve gotta stop it. They’ve got block Trump. They can’t let Trump have any credit for this. If there’s gonna be any infrastructure spending and if there’s gonna be infrastructure improvements, it cannot be with Donald Trump having anything to do with it.

So Trump coming out and proposing… Remember, part of Trump’s idea is a combination of public and private money. That’s got them flummoxed, too, because they can’t figure out how in the world that would work. But you know, the Warren F. Buffett Interstate 55 through Nebraska or whatever? Have Warren Buffett pay for it. That’s how you do it. I’m just, you know, pulling an idea off top of my head. But, I mean, how do you get wings to hospitals built? You get rich people to pay for it, put their name on it. Ergo, it’s the private sector helping the public sector. Anyway, it’s a great idea.

TODD: And it was a great idea. What is Biden’s dementia doing? He wants to take your money from you, distribute it based upon race, and then — along the way — build a charging station for electric vehicles that you don’t want because very few people can afford the things. There’s the dirty little secret that they actually are not that green at all. Elon Musk himself, CEO of the company that sells the most of these things, says there’s not enough electric power to do this.

I will tell you, in their plans, the Democrats… I fully believe they do intend to start banning gas-powered cars. Why? Because the new generation of cars will come convenient with software by which to charge you money at an increasingly absurd rate for every mile you drive. We talked about that yesterday on the show. Great question for your friends who are still sane. Are you okay being tracked every mile you drive? And with the government being able to crank up the rates every single day until you break? Information is potential power.

Let’s use this information, right?

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