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TODD: A virus with an overall survival rate of 99.87%. If you’re below the age of 65, it’s further up into 99.7%, 99.9%. For this virus, we are being told that we must applaud companies deciding to launch vaccine passports by which technocrats will get to decide which portions of life you get to engage in depending on what drug you’ve had injected into your body, starting with the vaccines for covid, ‘kay? That’s what we’re facing.

To me, it’s a very serious issue, and Rush Limbaugh knew the threat to our liberties often come packaged in appeal to our compassion. And while the Maha was in heaven before these vaccine passports started taking hold, he absolutely saw their precursors, the immunity cards, as the terrible idea they are, as you hear Rush in this clip. You’ll hear him tell us what would happen with these, and it is literally happening in states around the country.

RUSH: There’s another idea that Dr. Fauci has had. Which, ladies and gentlemen, again I want to stress that I’m not challenging the medical qualifications or the achievements or the accomplishments or the reputation of Dr. Fauci. Far be it from me. That’s not it. But now Dr. Fauci is out there recommending all kinds of things. One of the things that Dr. Fauci that he says are being discussed are immunity cards. Can you say George Orwell, folks?

Do you know what an immunity card is? It is federal permission to leave your home. It is federal permission to leave your home and go to work and interact with others who are immune. You may not remember this, but back during the apartheid days of South Africa they had “pass laws.” You remember? You had to have permission from the government to pass here, go there — and it was racist, and it was bigoted. The primary problem with immunity cards is everybody’s gonna want one.

If immunity cards are what turns you loose — if immunity cards, instead of the Constitution, is what becomes the source of your freedom — oh, my. Phrased that way, this is doubly scary. If immunity cards… Well, they’ve been saying that for a while. The news media have been saying for a while that if you get the disease and recover, you could get it again. Some people are contracting it again.

Oh, those stories are all over the place, that it’s on the bottom of your shoes. The coronavirus is everywhere, ladies and gentlemen. We are powerless against it. We can’t reopen until there’s a vaccine! Hey, do you know how few vaccines for viruses we actually have? That can’t be the measure. But back to these immunity cards. If immunity cards replace the Constitution as our source of freedom, everybody’s gonna want one.

You know what you’re gonna have to do to get one? You’re gonna have to get infected. You’re going to have to get infected. You’re gonna have to run the risk of getting infected, and then you’re gonna have to run the risk of surviving — which apparently is not that great a risk — and then after you have your precious immunity, then you can get your immunity card.

But aside from the dangers of people trying to get infected, the very idea that we’re gonna have in the United States of America checkpoints where you have to produce your papers? We’ve all seen… Well, most of us have seen these World War II movies where anywhere in the Soviet/Eastern German bloc you get to some checkpoint somewhere in Germany or Eastern Europe, “Papers, please. Your papers.”

And people get nervous, search around for their papers. If they don’t have their papers, it’s the last you’ve ever seen of ’em. Do we really want that in the United States of America, “Papers, please,” at checkpoints throughout American cities? Dr. Fauci said this is entirely possible. He unloaded a lot of things on CNN yesterday. “Asked whether he could imagine a time when people would carry such forms of identification, he said, ‘Well, it’s one of those things that we talk about when we want to make sure that we know who the vulnerable people are and not.'”

Ho-ho-ho. Immunity cards are not to tell you who’s vulnerable. In a way they could be. But immunity cards — and if you can get it a second time, if they say this is true — in other words, if you really don’t build up immunity. Dr. Fauci said, “This is something being discussed. I think it might actually have some merit under certain circumstances.”

So, again, Dr. Fauci is turned to as the world’s foremost authority on the politics of this. Immunity certificates, by the way, have been implemented by researchers in Germany. It stands to reason. They have experience with, “Papers, please,” in Germany. Immunity certificates are being implemented by researchers in the U.K. and in Italy. In parts China, citizens are required to display colored codes on their smartphones indicating their contagion risk.

Apple and Google are working on contacting using Bluetooth as a means of tracing, contact tracing, tracing your steps to find out if you have interacted with infected people. This is all under the guise of protecting everybody. The controversial surveillance measure in China, the colored codes on smartphones, was tried or is being tried in Wuhan, which is the source city for this.

See, so Dr. Fauci is being asked a bunch of political policy questions, and he runs the National Institute of Health. Now, do not misunderstand. I don’t think it’d be unreasonable for medical people to be consulted by the policy people. But the medical people are not the final arbiters, not to mention we didn’t elect Dr. Fauci. It’s a bad idea, these immunity certificates — antibody passes. “Yeah, I have the antibiotics. Here are my papers.”

It’s a bad idea. We don’t want to go down that road. And surveillance is gonna tick up. It’s gonna be a part of reopening. It’s gonna be a part — it already is — but it’s just gonna increase with the belief that the American people are gonna be all-in on it. The American people are gonna want to know who the lepers are. They’re gonna want to know who the infected are and the government is counting on surveillance policy being supported. And who could blame the government. Because they portrayed the virus as something that’s a killer for which there is no cure or treatment. They never talk about the recovery rates.

You gotta understand, to the very people that you have known your whole life are the political opposition, the Democrats, they’re not looking at this a health issue. This is a political opportunity like they haven’t had in who knows how long to implement so much of their agenda, the Green New Deal, get people to stay at home, stop pollution, show that shutting down capitalism saves the planet. They’re doing it. They think they’re doing it right now. Shutting down capitalism is saving the planet. They got their charts and graphs. Here it is. Hold it up.

They got their charts and graphs here showing less pollution in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut by people not going to work. They’re already on the march here. Green New Deal works. People not working can save the planet. We can keep them fed, massive government spending, i.e., socialism, we can keep ’em fed, we can keep ’em home, we can save the planet, we can bring down the price of oil. We can get rid of oil ’cause we don’t need it, people aren’t driving anymore. We can get rid of fossil fuels. They’re salivating over it.

This virus is a godsend to some people. You know that as well as I do. You just haven’t gotten to that point, Mr. Snerdley, because to you it’s a health issue, and you’re looking at it as a health issue to overcome and to conquer so that we can resume normalcy. You gotta understand, there are countless millions of Americans who don’t want to return to that normalcy, and this is a golden opportunity for them to succeed at that.

TODD: You can tell by the context Rush was talking prior to contact tracing apps. He saw this early on. That’s the Big Voice on the Right. He’ll always be The Big Voice on the Right. Joining him in opposition to technologies like this, although it’s back to passports, Dr. Naomi Wolf, a full-fledged woman of the left, a former adviser to Bill Clinton.

I believe that she was the consultant brought on to make Algore appear more masculine. She still said that the vaccine passports which are being contemplated not just for the covid vaccines but to have your financial information tied to them. But this could all tie together into one thing. She’s called this the end of liberty. That’s a woman on the left with great influence.

And here’s Rush talking about these immunity cards. And he is still The Big Voice on the Right. And something else he said has come to pass. The World Economic Forum and others are floating the idea of we might need to have selective lockdowns of small businesses, churches, and schools every couple years — you know, because of the weather.

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