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TODD: Let’s talk to Johnny in Houston, Texas. Johnny, you are on the Rush Limbaugh program. Todd Herman, your guide host. I’m glad you called, Johnny. Hi.

CALLER: Yes, Mr. Herman. I appreciate everything you’re doing to keep the Rush Limbaugh message alive and going.

TODD: It’s an honor. Thank you.

CALLER: Another thing that I think the left and all of the politicians — or most all of ’em — up in there of the establishment want, is they want to make sure that the point is driven home to the common man that just because a common man won the presidency one time, they want to make sure and throw some intimidation on any other common man to make them think twice about trying to become president.

TODD: Listen —

CALLER: How many times did you hear when you were a kid and how many times did you even think, “I could grow up to be president.” Well, Trump did it, and they want to make sure no other common man does it.

TODD: Johnny, put that on a coffee mug and I’ll buy it from you. I’m not kidding. This is exactly right. That is from Houston, Texas. Johnny, put that on T-shirts, on coffee mugs. This is exactly right. This is, “If you want to cry, I’ll give you something to cry about.” “Oh, you like smoking cigarettes? Let me back you up a table and have you smoke a carton! How do you like me now?” This is “Oh, you want to take us on? We’ll show you what happens.”

This is “Let’s give us an example.” That’s what this is about. This is… Johnny, that is a brilliant phone call, and this leads us… Maybe you’re a plant; I don’t know. But Johnny, you just led us brilliantly in this discussion of Mitt Romney. I thank you for the phone call. This audience! Johnny just puts this up as a set-put for me.

Mitt Romney has been given, by Caroline Kennedy, the (laughing) Profiles in Courage Award. Conrad Black from the Epoch Times points out, “President John Kennedy’s daughter, Ambassador Caroline Kennedy, said in announcing the award, ‘Senator Romney’s commitment to our Constitution makes him a worthy successor to senators who inspired my father to write Profiles in Courage.'” Conrad Black says (laughing), “Well, Kennedy did not write Profiles in Courage. The well-known historian Jebs MacGregor Burns did,” and he goes on similarly to point out something that I believe.

Listen. I don’t do conspiracy theories. I’m always grounded in fact. But I will tell you something: There is no Mitt Romney. I mean, there’s a father and there’s a businessman, but there’s no Mitt Romney. There’s a series of positions that he will take when it suits him such as marching in a Black Lives Matter, Inc., event in Washington, D.C., the same summer as one of the leaders of that (What’d they call themselves?) trained Marxists said, “We’ll burn America down if we don’t get what we want.”

Romney marched with them. But when President Trump told people to proceed “peacefully and patriotically” on January 6th, Romney voted to impeach President Trump for inciting an insurrection, wherein the people who allegedly performed the insurrection forgot to bring guns. Romney… Romney is a guy who people challenged his conservative credentials. He said this. “Well, I’m a severe conservative.”

Do you ever call yourself that? “What do you think of yourself on the political spectrum?” “Oh, I’m a severe conservative! I’m a harsh conservative! I’m a torturous conservative.” Severe? This is courage. Mitt Romney wanted something. Mitt Romney’s getting something. So look. Here’s the fact, K? And this is vital. Rush knew what Mitt Romney was about from way back when Mitt was pretending he was a, quote, “severe conservative.” Rush also knew who Mitt was trying to impress.

RUSH: Romney’s one of these RINOs, a mainstream Republican who’s almost afraid to be a Republican and thinks he’s gotta apologize for Republicans and who they are and conservatives and who they are. He’s one of these guys that wants to go out and try to make sure that whenever the Democrats want to attack Republicans, they leave him alone ’cause he’s actually reasonable and all.

This is the guy — and I want everybody to remember this — this is the guy that Harry Reid said in 2012 that a friend told him Romney hadn’t paid his taxes in 10 years. The media said to Harry Reid, “Well, what who’s your friend? We need to ask somebody about this, where’s your proof?” And Harry Reid said, “You’re asking the wrong guy. You need to go ask Romney why he hasn’t paid his taxes in 10 years.”

So they did. And so it became an ongoing part of Romney’s presidential campaign that he is alleged to not have paid taxes in 10 years. Everybody knew it was bogus but they ran with it anyway. Romney’s cozying up to these people? Mitt Romney was also the target of dirty Democrat ads claiming that an employee of his wife died because Romney was so cold-hearted he didn’t extend health care to the guy’s wife. And so the guy’s wife died and Romney didn’t care. And Romney is cozying up to these guys?

And can we forget, they said Mitt Romney hates animals. Family vacation, put the dog on the top of the station wagon. Then when Romney was trying to prove that he was not involved in a War on Women, he produced a notebook that was filled with resumes of potential female employees. That was twisted and turned into Romney is some kind of a pervert! Look at all these women in this notebook that Romney been collecting, they said. And he’s out cozying up to them?

TODD: That’s a profile in courage, right? I mean, at least Romney had that binder and Andy Cuomo has a binder. What does he call women? What did he say recently? (impression) “I ain’t going anywhere, sweet pants.” Was it sweet pants or…? Not sweet pants. Okay, got it. I didn’t know we were allowed to say that — and, in fact, I don’t say that. Profile in courage! To vote to impeach a man for not doing what Joe Biden in fact did. (Snort!)

To march in a parade — or, pardon me, a protest — by a domestic terror group, Black Lives Matter, Inc., a group that has gotten more black people, including black cops, killed than they’ve helped! Incredible courage of Mitt Romney. This is why I say, there is no Mitt Romney. There are a series of positions that Romney will take in order to get to be this, like, “productized” Mitt Romney, the shell of Mitt Romney, there’s a shell of a man.

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